Trouser Suits for Women That Every “Boss Lady” Needs in Her Closet in 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

The old notion that suits are men’s attire is long gone. Modern women have taken up the task of reshaping not only the way we wear suits but also the way we design them! The female suit revolution has made a groundbreaking social impact that’s only growing bigger and stronger. This once-considered formal wear is now an inseparable part of every other woman’s closet. From the office to lazy brunch Sundays, walks around the big city, and even red-carpet events – the suit fits every occasion regardless of the season. Over the years it has become a symbol of great confidence and refined style accessible to people from all walks of life. If you haven’t been able to find the right suit for yourself, don’t fret! Here’s a selection of the trendiest ways to style a trouser suit for women that are ready to step into their boss lady era!

oversized two piece baggy brown trouser suit for women red accessories street style

Are Women’s Pant Suits in Style?

With the return of many of the 80s and 90s fashion trends, the tailored suit is probably the one that has made it clear as day that it is here to stay! Women’s pant suits in both tailored and oversized silhouettes are an absolute street style must-have in every “it” girl’s closet in 2023!

Different Ways to Wear Trouser Suits for Women

brown trouser suit for women casual elegant look white cropped top sneakers


Credits: kristiana.kv

The versatility of the modern trouser suit is boundless! Forget every rule you’ve ever been taught and feel free to experiment with mixing and matching components in order to achieve a unique statement look! Browse through our top suit outfit picks and get some inspiration on how to elevate your street-style attire!

Two-Piece Trouser Suit with Underbust Corset

pastel blue two piece suit white underbust corset casual look street style

This pastel blue two-piece suit is super simple and chic and allows for many styling options. The tailored silhouette highlights perfectly your figure and the underbust corset adds a little edge to the overall classic look!

Elegant Red Velvet Baggy Suit

red velvet casual trouser suit for women dress down sneakers cropped top baseball cap

Dress down this fabulous red velvet baggy suit by combining it with a pair of chunky sneakers, a classic white crop top and a baseball cap. This is the perfect down-time, casual look that works for every occasion and setting. From running errands to attending a dinner with friends, this look will serve off-duty model vibes all day, every day!

Three-Piece Pinstripe Trouser Suit for Women

tina kunaley three piece trouser suit vest nude colors striped pattern white pointed high heels


Channel your inner diva and allow yourself to comfortably step into your masculine energy with a modern reimagination of the classic pistripe three-piece suit! This look is so powerful on its own that you don’ even need any other accessories other than a pair of chunky earrings to finish off the outfit.

Suited and Booted in Cobalt Blue

vibrant blue monochromatic trouser suit edgy look platform high heel black leather boots paris fashion week

I’m a huge fan of monochromatic looks, especially when we’re talking about suits! This vibrant cobalt blue two-piece will make you feel like the main character wherever you go. If you want to add a pinch of edge to your appearance, choose a chunky platform boot that will instantly change the tone of your outfit!

Old Money Baggy Suit in Neutral Colors

bolero wide brim hat dark brown oversized baggy trouser suit for women paris fashion week

At this point we’re probably all familiar with the old money aesthetic that has been going viral on all social media platforms. It’s characterized in wearing clothes made of high-quality fabrics, with clean classic silhouettes in neutral colors. This baggy dark brown suit is a prime example of what an old money suit would look like when it meets street fashion style. Don’t shy away from mixing up the fabrics, as long as they look luxurious. Add a touch of mystery by finishing off the look with a matching Bolero wide brim hat.

Mix and Match Bold Patterns

mix match patterns tartan two piece trouser suit blue white striped shirt black high heel shoes aviator sunglasses

Tartan is the star of 2023 and we’re yet to see more of this fabulous fabric pattern in the upcoming months! Just because you’ve decided to wear a two-piece matching suit in a bold pattern, doesn’t mean you can’t add another one to the mix! In fact, we encourage it! As long as you are staying withing the same color scheme, mismatch in peace, our fellow fashion gurus!

Hot Orange Canadian Tuxedo

hot orange two piece denim trouser suit canadian tuxedo casual everyday look

We simply can’t forget to mention one of the biggest 2023 fashion trends that has been revived in recent years thanks to fashion houses like Diesel – the Canadian tuxedo! If you are unfamiliar with this term, it simply means a combination of a denim jacket and a pair of denim jeans or tousers. This pairing had been frown upon for ages, until now! Have a look at this monochromatic hot orange denim look and take notes, because the denim suit is having a major moment in 2023 and you don’t want to miss it!

More Ways to Style Trouser Suits for Women

yellow sating two piece trouser suit for women pj inspired pattern london fashion week street style

Two-Piece Tartan Suit Paired with a Sheer Polka Dot Shirt and Newsboy Cap

two piece tartan suit sheer white polka dot shirt black leather clogs yellow lense sunglasses

Vibrant Orange Tailored Suit with Flared Pants

two piece monochromatic bright tailored trouser suit for women lily collins

Pinstripe Suit with High Waisted Pants and Cropped Wide-Shoulder Blazer

two piece gray striped trouser suit for women high waited pants cropped blazer sneakers mini bag baseball cap sunglasses casual look

Casual Thick Stripe Two-Piece Trouser Suit 

thick stripes two piece trouser suit for women street style casual look cross body bag colorful scarf sneakers tote bag

Oversized Tailored Suit Paired with a Baggy Shirt and Open Toe Slides 

structured oversized blazer two piece suit casual look black open toe slides blue long shirt flat top sunglasses

Rock & Roll Look with a Sequin Striped Baggy Trouser Suit and Band Tee

sequin striped two piece tailored suit for women street style band tee pointed leather boots

Street Style Beige Loose Fit “Boyfriend” Suit 

oversized beige wide leg pants matching green sneakers handbg casual street style for women

Satin Navy Blue Two-Piece Trouser Suit with a Belted Blazer

navy blue velvet trouser suit for women belted blazer casual look all white sneakers black leather shoulder bag

Slim Fit Green Velvet One Button Trouser Suit 

green velvet two piece trouser suit for women milan fashion week

Classic Gray Three-Piece Checkered Trouser Suit for Women 

classic checkered three piece trouser suit for women white shirt black tie zebra print bag high heel sandals milan fashion week

Baggy Burgundy Leather Suit for a Casual Street Style Look

burgundy leather two piece trouser suit for women white knitted turtleneck black leather handbag street style fashion week

All-Brown Tartan Three-Piece Trouser Suit for Women

all brown three piece trouser suit baggy fit high heel ankle leather boots street style


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