Do Peplum Tops Hide Belly – 17 Stylish and Flattering Outfits for Plus Size Women

by Kremy

Peplum tops are back! Yes, dear ladies, we have seen them on catwalks but what if we do not have the perfect figure? Do peplum tops hide belly? Are they suitable for plus size women? How to wear peplum tops and assemble flattering outfits for our oval body shape? If you are a curvy lady, look at these stylish and flattering peplum top outfits for plus size women!

Do Peplum Tops Hide Belly and Why Are They Flattering to Curvy Women?

do peplum tops hide belly 15 flattering outfits for curvy women

Do peplum tops hide belly? Yes, they do! Why are peplum tops flattering? Because they accent the waistline and cover the belly area. Of course, you need to combine a peplum top properly to create the best silhouette and we shall show you how to do that! Every curvy woman knows that you can hide the belly with the right clothes!

Are Peplum Tops Slimming?

are peplum tops slimming


There is no doubt that a well chosen peplum top can work miracles and hide your belly. In addition, it not only accents your waistline, but it can make it look smaller. So, yes – peplum tops can make you look slimmer.

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How to Choose Stylish Peplum Tops for Plus Size Girls with Oval Body Shape?

how to choose stylish peplum tops for plus size girls with oval body shape

Oval body shape is characterized with a pronounced tummy. When you choose a peplum top to hide your belly, make sure that the ruffle is placed at the narrowest place, usually the end line of the ribs. The length should cover the tummy. Asymmetrical tops are also a good idea because they always have a slimming effect.

how to choose peplum tops to hide the belly

When choosing a peplum top, think about colors and how you will combine it with the items that you already have. If you choose a multicolored top or prints, then make sure that you combine it with a monochrome bottom and vice versa.

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Do Peplum Tops Hide Belly? Look at These Stylish and Flattering Peplum Top Outfits for Curvy Women

stylish and flattering peplum top outfits for plus size women

Peplum top outfits are versatile and allow you to look stylish and feminine in any situation. You can wear such outfit in the office at work, to a cocktail party, for a dinner with friends, shopping with girlfriends, etc.

Peplum Top and Pencil Skirt Outfit for Curvy Women

peplum top and pencil skirt outfit for curvy women

This is a win-win – combination. The pencil skirt looks great with a peplum top and this outfit is perfect for the office or special occasions. For a chic and feminine look, complement your outfit with high heels which will also help you look taller and slimmer.

Peplum Top and Leggings Outfit for Plus Size Women

peplum top and leggings outfit for plus size women plus size office outfit ideas

Leggings are one of the most practical items in a woman’s closet, and most importantly, very fashionable and stylish. They are suitable not only for young girls but are great for assembling stylish outfits for women over 50. Thanks to their comfort and versatility, you can style a peplum top with faux leather leggings or in a casual style with jeggings.

Plus Size Casual Outfits with Jeans

jeans outfits for curvy women

Do peplum tops hide belly when combined with jeans? Absolutely! A peplum top and skinny jeans is another stylish combination. If you need a casual outfit – that’s the TOP combination to go out with friends, go to the cinema, go to a party, etc. One of the main advantages of jeans is that you can combine them with any color, print or pattern. Tops in bright colors or graphic prints will divert the attention from the belly area.

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Peplum Top and Pants Outfit To Hide the Tummy

peplum top and pants outfit to hide the tummy

One of the main rules when you want to hide a belly is to create the right silhouette. Yes, wide leg pants are a hot trend in 2023, but they are not a good choice for peplum top outfits for curvy women. Why you should avoid wide leg pants? As they may create the impression of a bulky and clumsy figure. To balance the proportions, stylists advise choosing narrow or straight cut pants for your outfit that do not add volume to your legs.

Can You Combine Peplum Tops with Shorts?

can you combine peplum tops with shorts

Now, shorts are the ultimate summer outfit but can curvy women combine them with peplum tops? There are many contradictory opinions about this look. What we think? It depends on you and your figure. It also depends on how much legs you want to show. If you feel comfortable, do not hesitate to wear a peplum top with shorts in the summer!


An Asymmetrical Peplum Top is Flattering to Curvy Ladies

asymmetrical peplum top plus size outfit to hide your belly

Casual Outfit with a Sleeveless Top and Jeans

belted sleevless top and jeans summer outfit for curvy girls

Zebra Print Top and Leggings – A Trendy Outfit for Any Occasion

black and white elegant zebra stripe peplum top and black leggins

Stylish One-Shoulder Top and Jeans Outfit

street fashion one shoulder peplum top and jeans for curvy girls

The V-neckline is Flattering to Women with Curves

v neck belted wrap peplum top

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