What Slimming Dress to Wear This Summer 2023? Tips to Hide the Belly + 6 Breathtaking Fashion Ideas

by Kremy

Dear ladies, summer is already in full swing and it’s time to get the dresses out of the closet! This is the perfect garment that highlights femininity and the most beautiful feminine shapes and silhouettes. But, is finding the perfect slimming dress that elongates the figure and hides the belly and imperfections a simple task? With the right tips and knowledge of cutting, the task will become fun and successful! So ladies, are you ready to find out which slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 to refine your figure? Deavita’s editorial staff answers all your questions and a look at the fashion trends for summer 2023!

What Are the Tricks to Look Slimmer and Hide the Belly? Our Fashion Advice

slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 tricks hide the tummy top fashion trends

If you want to hide certain imperfections and accentuate the parts of your body that you like, it is quite possible with the right dress style. This year, flowing dresses take over, with floral patterns that will bring freshness and a very summery feel.

Choose dresses that emphasize your shoulders, so that your silhouette automatically takes on a fitted shape. Vertical lines on the dress are also an effective way to draw the eye to the dress and the relaxed neckline. Let’s take a closer look at the tricks you can use to look perfect while hiding your belly!

Choose the Right Fabrics for Dresses with a Slimming Effect

soft fabrics slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 tips to hide the belly


The pattern and fabric of the dress are important to achieve the slimming effect you’re looking for. Fabrics that are too tight, like stretch, are not particularly suitable; they will rather pinch you and your belly. How do you dress if you have a belly? Soft, flowing fabrics are preferable to thick, heavy ones. Matte fabrics are airy and beautiful, suitable for summer 2023, while fabrics that are too shiny, pompous and distinctive are likely to make imperfections stand out.

Use Slimming Underwear

shaping underwear slimming dress to hide the belly plus size summer fashion trends

Underwear with a slimming effect is increasingly available on the Internet and in specialized lingerie stores. It is very practical as it can be worn under the dress without worry, since there are special models that emphasize the waist and hide the abdomen. They come in different sizes and colors, from nude to black. You can find high-waisted panties as well as sets that include both a bra and a sculpting bodysuit.

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Choosing the Right Colors for Summer 2023 Dresses

slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 tips hide the belly a line tunicwrap empire trend

Color is one of the important elements that should not be underestimated when choosing a dress to accentuate the figure and make it more attractive. Even if it’s summer, don’t hesitate to opt for dark matte colors that strengthen the silhouette and hide the belly. Dark blue is one of the trendy colors for 2023, along with, of course, the classic black and graphite gray. Vertical stripes, prints and florals will be your first friends for elongation and elegance!

Choose Dresses That Accentuate Your Best Features

slimming dresses for curvy women summer dresses 2023


Well-defined shoulders, exposed ankles and feminine calves are some of the parts of your body that you can accentuate. For example, A-line dresses or trapeze dresses can help you show off your beautiful, slender legs. The embellished waist tie dress is one of women’s favorite summer trends. And, now, let’s see in detail which models of slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 to refine your figure and hide the belly!

What Slimming Dress to Wear This Summer 2023? 6 Stylish Ideas for All Women

what slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 to refine the silhouette tricks to hide the belly

To be beautiful without the discomfort of a bulging belly, ladies, you need to know a few things about lengthening your silhouette. The length of a dress is one of the keys to a woman’s height. Petite women are advised to wear shorter dresses to look taller. For women with a belly, empire-waist dresses are preferable, so that the waist is emphasized and the narrow part accentuates the space around and under the bust. Dresses with an empire waist are also a wonderful choice for summer 2023, as you will emphasize the neckline and the shoulders.

Tunic Dress for a Slimmer Look

tunic dress with slimming effect trendy summer outfits 2023

The tunic dress is comfortable, elegant and suitable for all body types. Petite women can also benefit from this summer proposal this year, as it will lengthen the legs and, from an optical point of view, the silhouette will be more fitted. This dress is ideal for beautiful summer nights and evenings by the sea, for a walk along the beach and for formal events. It is a model that is neither too wide nor too tight – the best way to feel comfortable and stylish. A tunic dress can be paired with platforms, heels or sandals, even sneakers.

The Wrap Dress of Summer 2023 Hiding the Belly with Style

wrap dress to hide the belly a line tunic empire trendy slimming summer dresses

The dream dress for every woman! The shape of the wrap dress accentuates the V-neckline, which draws the eye to the top of the dress. The knotted waist, which can be layered, hides the tummy and highlights the waist. You can choose a model with a slit on one side of the leg to give the dress a second accent. It will also emphasize the female legs, and the figure will be slimmer. This model is suitable for dresses with floral motifs.

Slimming Dress to Wear This Summer 2023: The Shirt Dress for Everyday Wear

slimming dress to wear this summer 2023 shirt dress tunic empire fashion trends

Sexy, simple and very attractive – that is the dress shirt. The possibilities of wearing this type of dress are numerous. Use a belt around the waist or above if you don’t want to create a bubble effect. Taller women can wear it as well, highlighting their slender and long legs. The choice of shoes to wear with a dress shirt is important.

If the dress is monochromatic and you will use it every day, opt for sneakers or sandals in a non-standard color to accentuate the outfit. What sneakers to wear with a dress this summer 2023? Is your dress too short? Then it is essential to wear low shoes or Birkenstocks for an aesthetic look.

A-Line Dress for a Slim Silhouette and Retro Style

slimming a line dress for curvy women trendy summer outfits 2023

The dress from the 60s is making a comeback this year for retro style and a perfect slim silhouette. A favorite of many women, this dress is known for its easy and comfortable fit. If you opt for a model with long sleeves, you can hide the imperfections of your arms in style while hiding your belly.

Whether it’s for a day or evening look, the slimming dress allows you to wear high shoes, especially if it is knee-length. Platform boots or heels will complement your evening outfit perfectly. If you want to add a touch of glamour, use semi-precious stone earrings and bracelets.

Floral Empire Waist Dress for an Opulent, Bohemian Look

long empire dress with floral pattern slimming dresses to wear this summer 2023

You want a dress for an event, but you are concerned about belly and imperfections? Here is a dress for princesses with a lot of style and femininity. It can be very long or up to the knee, which makes it suitable for tall women, elongating the silhouette. Want another accent on the dress? It could be, my dear ladies, the backless back. The empire waist dress is suitable even for pregnant women who will feel light and comfortable in it.

Long Dress with Short Sleeves and a Slit for a Slimmer Silhouette

long dress witha slit slimming dress to hide the belly summer 2023 tips

The word perfection comes naturally for this model of long dress that hides the belly, highlighting your shoulders, covering your tummy and revealing part of your legs! It gives a chic, summery and very elegant look. It looks great in solid colors like black, red or burgundy. Of a royal beauty, it is the dress for events, weddings and glamorous parties.




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