Bright Summer Nails for Women Over 50: The Colors and Designs That You Must Try!

by Gabby

Do you really think that it is a taboo for women over 50 to wear bright colors? Say that to the nail experts who came up with incredible designs for this season! What are the top choices for bright Summer nails for women over 50? What are the colors to adapt? What is the best nail shape? 

Bright Summer Nails for Women Over 50: The Colors That You Must Try!

bright summer nails for women over 50 2023

What should be the next design for your nails? This is a common question in women’s heads, and when it pops up, it usually starts a big internet search to get inspired. I usually like things that are totally different from each other, and it confuses me. And as for colors… It’s even harder, because I have a lot of favorites. Don’t worry! We’re here to make your choices easier for women over 50. Most mature women think that wearing bold colors is not appropriate for their age. We are here to disprove you! The nail experts have focused on the bright colors that are perfect for nails in summer 2023!

Bright Summer French Tip Nails In Hot Pink and Orange

bright summer french tip nails in hot pink and orange


These two colors just scream Summer is here! This combination reminds me of the beautiful Summer sunsets I love to watch while at the beach. These are very bold colors at first glance, but actually very season appropriate for women over 50 and young women as well. I also have to mention the design which is abstract French tip nails, which are such a hit right now, that you can’t go wrong with them! And the most wanted shape, of course, remains the almond. Get yourself ready for this season and find out which are the best nail polish colors for Summer 2023!

Bright Summer Acrylic Nails Short: Women Over 50

bright summer acrylic nails short women over 50

Short nails are undoubtedly more comfortable for women of all ages. They are the ideal length if you have a lot of errands to run during the day. You can make your short nails look season-appropriate with bright colors like hot pink, grassy green, light blue, spicy red, etc. And if you are bold enough, why not adapt an abstract nail art with all the shades that we mentioned? The squoval nail shape is the perfect one for your shorties, since it will not look too harsh. The rounded edges will make your manicure look more elegant.

Bright Summer Nails for Dark Skin

bright summer nails for dark skin

I’m here to debunk another myth – “bright colors don’t look good on dark skin”. Actually it is the contrary, bright shades look amazing on dark skin tones, because they highlight it in the best way possible, since it brings out the undertones. These Summer colors will make your skin appear glowy and fresh. Don’t hesitate to adapt a trendy Summer manicure in 2023 with colors like purple, green, blue, coral, etc. For women over 50, the skin on your hands may start to look dull. The right creams can do wonders, but a bright manicure can really change everything!

Almond Shaped Summer Nails 2023

bright summer almond shaped nails over 50

What is the best nail shape for women over 50 in 2023? There are many opinions regarding that question, however, most of the nail experts say that the answer is almond shape. It’s logical, since it looks good on short and long nails and if you have short finger, the shape will elongate them and give the illusion of them being slimmer. In combination with bright colors, the almond nails will look even better (if that’s possible)!

Neon Summer Nails 2023 for Women Over 50

neon summer nails 2023 for women over 50 long square shape

Are neon colors back in style 2023? Not only that they are back, but you can wear them with pride on your nails! For the women over 50, the hot pink color should be on your list as one of the colors to try in Summer 2023. If you are not a fan of the long square nail shape, you can go back to something that you know it works – the almond! Speaking of hot pink, the Barbiecore trend is one of the main reason for this shade to be so popular right now. For my barbies over 50, don’t walk! Run to nail salon right now!

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Bright Summer Nails 2023

bright summer nails 2023 short almond

Blue Summer Nails 2023 for Women Over 50

bright summer nails blue for women over 50 square shape

Hot Pink Summer 2023 Nails: Long Square Shape

hot pink barbie nails bright colors women over 50

Ombre French Tip Nails Almond Shape

ombre french tip nails bright colors summer 2023

Yellow Summer Nails for Women Over 50 with Lemon Decoration

yellow nails with lemons summer 2023

Short Square Nails for Women Over 50

short round square nails for women over 50

Bright Summer Nails 2023 for Women Over 50: Long Round Square 

bright summer nails for women over 50 yellow and pink 2023

Blue Summer Nails 2023 Almond Shape

summer nail designs 2023 bright colors cobalt blue almond shape

Short Almond Abstract Nail Designs for Women Over 50

abstract nails for women over 50 with bright colors

Long Square Hot Pink Nails: Barbiecore Trend

long pink nails for women over 50

Half Moon French Tip Nails Yellow Color

half moon nail designs yellow french manicure

Bubblegum Pink Short Almond Nails

bubblegum pink short almond nails

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