Fun Summer Nails Ideas: Try These Hot Trends for The Best Season!

by Gabby

What is one of the best feelings in the world? Walking out of the salon with a fresh manicure is one of the top 3 for us ladies! The trouble is only at the beginning, when we are still wondering what trendy design to adapt this time. The current trends are not making it easy for us, because there are many different ones to choose from. Now, this is where our nail experts come in! Today we are talking about fun Summer nails ideas! Summer is just around the corner, so you better stay prepared with some fabulous nail designs to choose from!

Fun Summer Nails Ideas: Hot Trends for The Best Season!

spring summer nails 2023 ideas flowers fun manicure designs

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What manicure to try out this Summer? This is a question that many of my friends ask me and not only. It is hard to choose a manicure that goes with everything and that will match the season easily. That is why I always have one answer: Just have fun! Going to the nail salon should be something enjoyable and your nails should make you happy at the end. This is what the latest trend represents! I am going to show you some of the fun Summer nails ideas that will inspire you!

Starting with a cute nail design for the Summer with flowers in the girliest colors of them all – pink! You cannot go wrong with a manicure like that, because it is super elegant and feminine!

Bright Summer Nails Ideas

bright fun summer nails 2023


Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Are bright colors in style 2023? Many people are avoiding them, because they draw attention to your hands. Especially for mature ladies, these type of neon colors have become a taboo. But should it be that way? Absolutely not! The trends for Summer 2023 can show you otherwise! These neon bright colors are not only back in style, but you can achieve the best manicure designs with them. You can see on the picture, our nail experts have added a cherry, which makes the nail art even better, because it compliments the bright pink color!

Summer Nail Ideas Almond Shape

summer nail ideas almond shape

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

What is the best nail shape in 2023? No matter the nails length, according to many experts the best shape to adapt this year and the most wanted one is the almond shape. It goes very well with a short manicure and it looks sophisticated. How to make it extra fun though? Choose a bright trendy color and add a cute decoration. This type of “wet” look and the fake drops of water will be a hit among fashionistas this Summer!

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Fun Summer Nails Designs

fun easy summer naail designs

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Glitters nail can be quite controversial when we talk about trends. Many people believe that they have been out of style for a long time now. Yes, but we are here to prove you wrong. The trends are quite liberal this year and you can see everything on the Internet. Depending on what you prefer, you can mix and match glitter nail polishes as shown on the picture. One of the most popular nail color combination is blue and elephant bone shade. If you want to learn more on how to match different hues, check out best nail color combinations for Spring/Summer 2023!

Cute Fun Summer Nails

fun summer nails designs butterfly manicure white and blue

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White nails and French manicure are certainly classics that we love to adapt. But sometimes we just need to spice things up and make them appear fun, cute and fashionable. Butterflies can also be considered some of the most fun nail designs out there currently. Nail experts make them in all kinds of different colors, but the most chosen one is blue. Even I couldn’t resist the butterfly nail trend and have adapted one quite recently.

Other Fun Summer Nails Ideas

simple summer nail ideas

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

What are the best fun Summer nail designs? Check this one out!

summer nails 2023 lavender manicure

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta. G

Summer nail designs 2023: Bright French manicure

bright summer nails ideas

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Cobalt blue nail ideas 2023

summer nail designs 2023 manicure color combinations cobalt blue

Deavita Photo Gallery/Marieta G.

If you want something fun for the Summer, you have to try cloud nails 2023!

cloud nails 2023 fun manicure ideas for the summer

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

Short nails ideas for women over 50 to try out this Summer 2023

short nail summer ideas

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

French Manicure ideas 2023 for Summer with flower decoration

fun summer gel nail ideas

Deavita Photo Gallery/Svetoslava Koeva

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