What Is The Best Shape for French Tip Nails? Tutorial for Beginners!

by Gabby

We often go for the French manicure, because it is timeless, super chic, it goes with all of our outfits and it is easy to adapt. There are a lot of varieties at the moment and nail artist keep coming up with new ones every single month. You have probably heard about the double French manicure, the moon or reverse French nails, the micro French tip, etc. However, one question keeps going around for so long… What is the best shape for French tip nails? Today, we are going to explain everything to you, so next time you run to the salon you will know exactly what to ask for!

best shape for french tip nails manicure trends 2023

What Is The Best Shape for French Tip Nails?

Is it a cliché that French tip nails suit everyone? No! It is safe to say that anyone can adapt the classic French manicure, however there are certain shapes that simply look better than others. The almond shape and the short square nails will always be the trendiest way to wear the French manicure. It looks elegant and subtle and definitely timeless!

what is the best shape for french tip nails manicure diy


How to Do a French Tip Nails at Home? Easy Manicure for Beginners!

Have you ever tried doing French tip nails at home? You can easily achieve this classic manicure by watching this easy tutorial that will explain everything. However, first things first! Make sure that your nails are absolutely clean and remove any old nail polish. The French manicure requires for you to be precise, so if there are any bumps on the nail, it might look weird. Also, think about what nail shape you want and check out how to make it. I am going to make it even easier for you and tell you what are the main steps!

  • Clean your nails by using nail polish remover. Clean your cuticles as well!
  • Apply your base coat and let it dry. For the base, you can use milky white, nude, clear or even pink nail polish. If you are going to use gel, make sure you have your UV nail lamp ready.
  • Make sure you clean any excess nail polish if you messed up somewhere.
  • Now, for the tips you can either use the ones that are premade, or apply the method shown on the video. You don’t have to use white color for the tips. You can choose a nice shade for the Spring or you can even make them different.
  • If you are doing the method shown on the video, make sure you clean the French tips, if needed.
  • Apply the top coat.

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The Best Nail Shape for French Manicure: Tutorial

When it comes to doing your nails at home, French manicure is one of the easiest one to adapt. However, you have to know the right nail shape for the particular designs. As we already mentioned the best shape for French tip nails are the almond and the short square. Today, you can check out how to achieve the ideal almond shape with this tutorial for beginners. You are going to need cuticles pusher, nail file and nail scissors. Start by cleaning your nails and pushing the cuticles. Then check the tutorial on how to shape them exactly. Finish by doing French manicure or any color that you want. You can check out what are the best May nails 2023 to try out!

What Nail Colors Look Best on French Tip?

There are no strict rules when it comes to colors and French tip nails! Especially now during Spring time, you can adapt them in any shade that you like and it will look absolutely stunning. The most trendy colors for the Spring months are green, yellow, pink, red, blue and purple. If you are going to Prom or you have some special occasion planned, you can try wearing black French tips. They look sophisticated on any nail shape just like the white French tips. Don’t hesitate to mix and match the colors, as shown on the photo, for the perfect Spring manicure in 2023. You can even do some decorations on the top.

what is the best color for french tip nails manicure trends 2023

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