May Nails 2023: What are the Current Trends + Amazing May Nail Designs Worth Trying!

by Anjelina

Warm weather inspires us to try new things and change our appearance. And what better way than to get a new trendy manicure? Luckily, May 2023 brings us countless spring trends to take inspiration from for our looks. Let’s now see what the top May nails designs will be! Keep reading!

May nails: Current Trends and Inspiration

colorful nail design spring trends 2023

Floral prints and all kinds of plant motifs, bright colors, pastel shades, stickers, experiments with textures and finishes and much more. This May promises to be colorful, diverse and full of nail design choices. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and style, for sure.

Trendy French Manicure

trendy french manicure ideas to try in may 2023


The timeless classic that never goes out of fashion – the French manicure. Along with the traditional version, you can also try some new ones – experiments with different colors and lines are welcome. Also, modern French nails can include various embellishments such as rhinestones, glitter or sequins, which effortlessly give a more luxurious look to the manicure.

Pastel Nails for May 2023

pastel colors nail design trends may 2023

Just as spring and summer bring us freshness and lightness, pastel nails manage to bring the same associations. The lovely soft shades look good on any nail shape and the ideas on how they can be combined are endless. Plus, no matter what age you are, a pastel manicure will pair perfectly with any outfit and is certainly suitable for everyday wear as well as more special occasions!

Bright Colors for the Most Daring Ladies

bright nails spring summer nail design idea

If you love bright colors, it’s definitely the right time to give them a chance. Bright manicures are always appropriate for spring and the approaching summer. Modern designs delight with a variety of styles and techniques. For example, you can choose a few bright colors and paint some flowers, berries or other cute.

Dark Saturated Colors

burgundy nails and floral design may nails 2023 idea

Dark saturated colors (burgundy, brown, gray, blue or black) are definitely on trend in May 2023, so if that’s your choice, feel free to be yourself. In fact, dark manicures have been favored by women of all ages for years and look extremely elegant. What is more, they are suitable for nails of any length.

Spring Nails 2023: Stickers

spring nails may nails stickers floral design pink colors

Luckily, the choice of nail stickers is huge, and there are plenty of spring options. Let your imagination run wild and create a fresh spring design for your nails that will delight you and those around you. The most popular in May will of course be stickers with flowers and other floral elements that are in tune with the mood and the season in general.

Foil Accents

gold foil accents may nails 2023

Wonderful nail designs are also obtained with foil. If you’ve already got your eye on a particular one, it’s time to ask your manicurist to do it for you. In May, gold foils on clear, nude or white base will be especially popular – minimalistic and elegant nails that go with any outfit. In any case, it’s advisable to use foils sparingly.

Nail Stamping

nail stamping idea to try in spring 2023

Stamping is definitely worth a try in May 2023, as it’s a much better option than stickers, as well as trying to paint by hand (especially lacking the skills). This technique can also be combined with others, for example, adding foil or rhinestones to achieve even more uniqueness. If all these are used in moderation, very modern and delicate designs can be obtained.

Manicures in Nude Colors

nude nails and stamping nail art idea

May definitely has something for lovers of naturalness and minimalism. Gorgeous manicures in nude tones will also be at the peak of popularity in late spring 2023. On a walk in the city, meeting friends for coffee, going to the movies, working at the office or attending a romantic dinner – nude nails are all you need to shine and will perfectly complement your look!

Abstract Nail Designs

abstract nails may nails designs for 2023

Bring some of the beauty of abstract art into your everyday life. Abstract nail designs are always interesting and catch the eyes of others. They are especially suitable for creative individuals who love art and are dreamers. Mix your favorite colors, but don’t aim for symmetry, instead indulge your inner feeling and let the brush do the work.

Animal Prints

animal prints nail art for may 2023

Animal prints will also be preferred in May 2023. There are so many ways to incorporate them into nail designs. For example, you can choose just a few nails on which to add animalistic accent while the rest are painted in a single color. You can also try and do a different manicure on your left and right hand – that is, go for leopard prints on one and snake prints on the other. It turns out great!

May Nails 2023 – Photo Gallery

neon manicure trends 2023 orange and glitter

Manicure in pastel colors

manicure in pastel colors cute nail design idea

Beautiful French nails

beautiful french nails and flowers minimalistic manicure

Chrome and matte effect

chrome and matte effect nails 2023

Gradient nail design

gradient nail design nude colors may 2023 trends

Gorgeous minimalist design

may nails delicate design in light colors

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