Trending Mirror Nails 2023: How to Get the Mirror Effect + Amazing Chrome Designs to Try This Spring!

by Anjelina

In the world of fashion and beauty, we see that some trends quickly replace others, new ones emerge, old ones are forgotten, and so on. Recently, we have been witnessing a comeback of the so-called “mirror nails”, which were fashionable a few years ago. This can only make us happy as they look really spectacular regardless of the length of our nails or the color range. And the best part is that anyone can recreate them at home on their own without having to visit their manicurist because the design is extremely easy to do. To see for yourself that this is in fact the case, and to find inspiring ideas for a trendy mirror manicure, keep reading our article!

What are mirror nails?

short mirror nails stunning effect trending nail design

The mirror manicure is characterized by a chrome-style finish, which is why you may more often come across the term “mirror chrome nails”. What distinguishes it from all other nail designs is the remarkable mirror effect that is obtained on the nail plate. There is a bit of a misconception that you could see your reflection if you get this manicure because of the large amount of reflective particles, but that’s not quite the case. However, you are sure to get a unique effect that you will get many compliments on!

What is the best nail length for a mirror effect?

mirror nails on any length gorgeous nail design idea for everyone


We’d certainly be lying if we said that a particular nail length looks best with a mirror effect. That’s because the amazing mirror manicure looks spectacular on any length – short, medium or long. Therefore, you have no reason not to try this trending nail design. What we mean is that it doesn’t matter exactly how long your nails are, because you can definitely take advantage of the benefits of a mirror manicure, which will give them an incredibly interesting effect that you can tailor to your needs and the occasion.

How do you get mirror effect nails?

how to get mirror effect nails using powder

As we mentioned to you, getting a mirror manicure at home is not complicated. The easiest and quickest way is by using mirror effect nail polish in the color of your choice. The only thing you have to be careful about is applying it as evenly as possible without leaving any streaks (mirror is very smooth, right?).

short square mirror nails pink shade

But the most popular way to create a mirror effect is by using a special chrome powder. We’ll explain how it all happens in a few easy steps for you to follow:

  1. First, shape the nails and take care of the cuticles and the surface of the nail plate (which should be smooth). You can take a look at our dry manicure article to see lots of useful ideas related to this preparatory step.
  2. The next thing you need to do is to apply a degreaser (your nail polish remover will do a great job).
  3. Apply nail polish in the color of your choice and wait for it to dry. Then apply top coat and also dry it, but not completely (yet make sure it’s not sticky).
  4. Here comes the interesting part – using a sponge eyeshadow brush, take a small amount of the powder and spread it evenly on the nail plate starting from the cuticle and rubbing in well but being careful not to apply too much force. Do it gently.
  5. When you’re done, remove the excess powder around the nail with a soft brush.
  6. Finally, apply a top coat which is water based. Wait for it to dry and finish with a regular top coat.

If you need to see exactly how all the “magic” works, you can watch the following video:

Which colors should we go for?

which colors you we go for mirror manicure purple range

The best thing about mirror nails is that you have complete freedom of choice when it comes to your color preferences. To a large extent, the shade you create depends on your initial choice of nail polish. Some women like to experiment and make each nail a different color, and there’s nothing wrong with that – on the contrary, it makes the manicure even more spectacular. If we talk about trends, the most preferred colors are golden, silver and rose gold. But of course, the effect itself can be achieved in any shade, as you already guessed, so you can definitely match your beautiful nails with your outfit.

gradient effect black and silver nails design

Some manicurists choose to create a mirror effect on some of the nails, thus creating a certain accent in the overall design. In this line of thought, the mirror manicure can be complemented by various drawings, decorations, stickers, etc. Very often we also come across an original variant with a color gradient, where the mirror effect is positioned in a specific place (it does not occupy the entire nail plate).

Mirror chrome nails – Photo Gallery

long mirror chrome nails in blue shade

Adorable short nails in purple – matte and mirror finish

short square purple nails matte and chrome finish

Gold nails suitable for any occasion

short oval nails gold effect suitable for any occasion

Gorgeous rose gold stiletto nails

rose gold chrome stiletto nails mirror effect

Gold mirror effect and glitter

gold mirror nail design and glitter


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