Layered Cuts For Women Over 50: Haircuts That Will Hide Your Age!

by Gabby

What is the compliment every woman wants to hear? It’s definitely not about makeup… We all hope that the hairstyle we’ve chosen suits us and makes us look super fashionable. When we pass a certain age, our haircut even plays a role in whether we look younger or more aged. How to avoid the mistake of looking 10 years older? Your hair should look super shiny and lively! With that being said, we can easily achieve this with layers! So, let’s now waste any more time and check out the layered cuts for women over 50 to try out in 2023!

Layered cuts for women over 50: Haircuts that will HIDE your age!

layered cuts for women over 50 blonde hair ideas hairstyle trends 2023

Ladies, we all want everything to look harmonious and well-thought when it comes to appearance. This goes not only for makeup and outfits, but for our hair as well. I am not going to stop repeating this, choosing the right hairstyle is essential, so a woman can look elegant. It is good that we live in a world, where women are not limited and there are a lot of trends to choose from. You can choose a classic, or something that will put you out of the shell. There is only one condition – the haircut should suit your face shape and highlight your face features! Now, let’s see what are the most trendy layered cuts for women over 50 in 2023!

Jennifer Aniston haircut

jennifer aniston haircut layered cut for women over 50 trends 2023


Do you honestly think that our girl is known for only one hairstyle? I know that “The Rachel” was a total hit on TikTok and everywhere on the internet, however Jennifer Aniston became an inspiration for many women to try out a layered cut. She has been wearing this hairstyle for many years now and it is a staple for her. Jen choose face-framing layers, which as you can see, highlight her face features and give them that subtle and soft look. If you have blonde hair and add lighter highlights, this will create the illusion of a thicker hair.

Layered cuts for women over 50: Stacked A line bob haircut

stacked a line bob haircut layered hairstyle for women over 50

Sometimes, it happens that a short haircut does not rejuvenate, but on the contrary! It can really show our face with all its flaws, wrinkles and loose skin, because of the opened structure of the hairstyle. In this case, you need to give up the short haircut and look, for example, at a bob haircut with longer hair in the front. There are many types of bob hairstyles that you can choose from, including the Stacked A line bob haircut. This haircut is longer in the back and shorter in the front and it has the perfect asymmetrical bangs. This bob is similar to the inverted bob haircut and it has almost the same structure. The only difference are the layers! They will add this movement and volume that we all want, especially after 50!

Waterfall haircut for women over 50

waterfall haircut for women over 50 layers cuts ideas 2023

Inspired from the waterfall fringe, the waterfall haircut is here to remind us what are flawless layers. Where is the name coming from? This hairstyle is famous because of its layers, that are seamlessly going shorter and they have different lengths (just like the waterfall). It is so beautiful and effortless, and it is also easy to maintain and style. If you need more inspiration, check out the waterfall fringe, that our favorite Anne Hathaway is currently rocking.

Layered cuts: Curtain bangs for women over 50

layered cuts curtain bangs for women over 50 hair trends 2023

Not all of us are fans of the good old regular bangs that are covering the forehead. Yes, it can really cover well the wrinkles, however it does not always look good on our face and some people even find it uncomfortable. Now, there is still hope for you to get that youthful look! Here comes the curtain bangs with layered hair that will frame your face and make you look good and rejuvenated! If you have natural wavy hair, then this look will be very easy to style for you. It will be the type of wash and wear haircuts that we all dream about. The curtain bangs are perfect if you have square or round face shape, since it does make your facial features softer.

Other layered cuts for women over 50

layered cuts with curtain bangs for women over 50

Waterfall haircut for straight hair

medium length hair with layers waterfall haircut 2023 women over 50

Long hair with layers and bangs for women over 50

long hairstyle with bangs and layeres for women over 50

Pixie bob haircut with choppy layers

hairstyle for women over 50 pixie bob with choppy layeres

Short hairstyles with layers for women over 50

blonde short hair with layers easy to maintain women over 50 hairstyles

Short haircuts for gray hair with layers

hairstyles for gray hair short haircuts for women over 50

How to style short haircut for women over 50?

layered cuts for women over 50 gray haircut ideas 2023

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