7 Show-Stopping Coachella Makeup Looks to Try in 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

One of the most anticipated music events of the year, Coachella, is only a week away! If you’re one of the lucky ones who secured their spots for the festival you’ve probably already started planning your outfits. But what’s a good outfit worth when you don’t have awe-inducing makeup to go with it? It’s safe to say that Coachella is the free-spirited equivalent of the MET Gala, so every little detail all the way from your hair accessories to the color of your toes matters! Now, we do understand that makeup isn’t a top priority when you’re spending the weekend amongst hundreds of thousands of sweaty, dancing, and singing people in the desert. This is why we will show you the most simple and effective sweat-proof makeup ideas that will give you all the glam and 0 of the trouble during this 2023 Coachella season!

gemstone star shape eyelid design smudged lipstick pink cheeks coachella makeup

What are the Biggest Makeup Trends of 2023?

Do you remember the good old Tumblr days when every other girl had that perfect smudged smokey eye look with light cheek blush and a perfect effortless nude lip? Well, the messy grunge look that currently goes by the name of “indie sleaze” is back! Messy eyebrows, bold colors, defined thick eyeliners, and dramatic dark eyeshadow and lipstick colors are becoming the latest glam obsession that’s slowly starting to rub off on all of us.

Coachella Makeup Ideas That Are Worth Trying

colorful smokey eye face gems eyeliner coachella makeup 2023


Humidity is a huge, inevitable factor in the desert that will affect not only your funky fresh Coachella hairstyle but also your festive makeup. Lucky for you, the latest makeup trends of 2023 are all about smudged, messy eye looks and dewy skin – it’s like they know we’ve given up on the full face beat at this point. Here are some of the trendiest and easiest makeup looks to try this upcoming week guaranteed to make your face look Instagram-worthy from every angle!

Wet Bold Smokey Eye

wet dark vibrant bold purple smokey eyeshadow nude lip coachella makeup

Nothing screams grunge louder than smokey eyes. This look incorporates deep, heavily pigmented shades of purple eyeshadow that are blended together without following a specific brush stroke which helps create this messy look. To open up the eye a little apply lighter shades on the lid and darker ones underneath the eye. Since you’re going to be in the desert and your skin is probably going to get dewy anyway, a good way to both conceal your eyeshadow and also turn the ”defect” into an ”effect”, you can apply some clear lip gloss with a dense makeup brush generously on top of your eyelid in order to achieve this trendy wet eyeshadow look.

Blue Nymph

mermaid look blue tinted lip wet overdone blue smokey eye coachella makeup 2023

The messy glam doesn’t necessarily have to incorporate dark colors. Another way to do the wet eyeshadow look in the vibrant spirit of Coachella is by creating a coherent monochromatic look. Use a bold, preferably neon color so your glam look can be seen even after the sun goes down! In order to create that blue tint for the lips simply mix in a small container or on your hand some of the eyeshadow that you used on your eyelids with Vaseline or any other clear lipgloss.

The Euphoria Effect

overdone glitter eyeshadow euphoria effect coachella makeup

The so-called ”Euphoria” makeup became an instant hit amongst Gen Z after the airing of the HBO show of the same name. Essentially what this makeup look represents is an explosion of colorful glitter splattered onto and around the eyelids which undeniably creates a euphoric look. When you have such bold eye makeup you really don’t need much else to compliment your Coachella glam, so you can simply finish off by applying a clear or nude lipgloss and you’re good to go!

Studio 54 ”Draping” Blush

overdone pink blush high cheeks dewy skin coachella makeup

Reminiscent of the iconic Rihanna 2017 MET Gala makeup, this is a super fun, easy and absolutely showstopping look that you should definitely try to recreate during this 2023 Coachella festival! It’s colorful, glam, vibrant and most importantly – it will last all day! Depending on your complexion choose a blush in either a peachy or hot pink shade and simply ”drape” it all river your eyelid, checks and temples. We can’t do Coachella without at least a hint of sparkle to make us glow in the dark, so make sure you add some pigmented eyeshadows on your eyelids and under the eyes for a framing glittery look!

Minimalist Coachella Makeup Look Using Face Gems

minimalist white gemstone eye coachella makeup

Steering away from the messy goth glam look, we’re moving towards a Coachella classic – the face gems! In this case, they are used pretty scarcely to simply highlight the shape of the eye, but the effect is still absolutely mesmerizing! Sometimes less is more and this makeup look is a clear example of how you can achieve an effective minimalist festival look without going overboard.

Minimalist Black Graphic Eyeliner

simple minimalist black graphic eyeliner bleached eyebrows dewy skin nude lip coachella makeup 2023

You’re not big on makeup, yet you still want to create a festive look that’s fitting for the Coachella atmosphere? Here’s how to achieve maximum results with minimum effort – graphic eyeliner! Sure, it takes a couple of tries until you make it even on both eyes, but 9/10 times it does look pretty amazing! Why not take it a step further (since it’s a music festival) and add a little pizzazz by creating a shimmery eyeliner around your eyes using face gems?

Colorful Eyeshadow and Neon Eyeliner

colorful double eyeliner glossy lip coachella makeup 2023

I must admit – I am obsessed with this makeup look. Partially because colorful eyeliner holds a very special place in my heart, but also because of the coherence between the eye makeup and the colors of the outfit! Worst case scenario, if you can’t think of any other makeup look to recreate, simply seek inspiration within your wardrobe – chances are you’ll probably find something groundbreaking like this stunning matte purple eyeshadow in combination with neon eyeliner! And last but not least – a stunning glossy lip!

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