Coachella Hairstyles 2023: Get Your Hair Ready For The Music Festival Of The Year!

by Gabby

Are you ready for the biggest music festival that we are all have been waiting for? Coachella is just around the corner, since it is almost 14th of April! Preparations has already begun among the it-girls, celebrities and influencers. Widely known as one of the most popular festivals on the planet, Coachella is also the perfect excuse to show off an extravagant and on-trend dress style. Feathers, ruffles, sequins, fringes and flowers… these are just some of the keywords characterizing the hippie chic style reigning over the lawn of the famous American festival. But if you are planning on going, I have to inspire you with a few Coachella hairstyles 2023!

Coachella hairstyles 2023: Get your hair ready for the music festival of the year!

easy hairstyle for coachella 2023 ideas

Over the past few years, the Coachella festival has grown to become a social event. In addition, many celebrities rub shoulders with festival-goers and it is their Coachella outfits and hairstyles in particular that inspire us year after year. But that’s far from everything. This year, Coachella hairstyles 2023 will be all about glitter galore, face jewelry, neon colors, and more. In short, we will see ethereal looks on top of the trends. Let’s go ahead and explore the different hairstyles!

Coachella hairstyles 2023: Boxer braids

music festival braids how to style hair for coachella 2023


Boxer braids, which have become very fashionable in recent seasons, are unquestionably one of the trendiest hair trends right now. This festival hairdo is considerably simpler to braid than it appears, and it has been incorporated in various Coachella styles throughout the years. These braids can be embellished with bright accessories for a more girly look or with multiple small rings and hoops. They are a sure bet for any event in the summer. So, it’s up to you to decide which style you want to wear to have a Bohemian look!

Hailey Bieber: Coachella look from 2022

hailey bieber coachella look 2022 hairstyles ideas trends

Last year at Coachella, many celebrities choose a minimalistic look, instead of going all out with their outfits, hair and makeup. One of them was Hailey Bieber, who made an appearance at the festival with a stunning makeup that highlighted her eyes and lips and a few simple braids in the hair. Hailey really loves these beach waves and they have become her staple look. If you want something subtle for Coachella 2023, maybe you can copy Hailey’s style! For more inspiration, you can check out how to create scandi waves, which are the best beach curls out there!

How to style short hair for Coachella 2023?

how to style short hair for a music festival coachella hairstyles 2023

Coachella hairstyles that we normally see are for long hair. However, for the girlies with short hair, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look trendy for the festival. You have two options – go simple with some scandi waves, or add trendy accessories to make your hairstyle stand out. I call this year’s trends “The return of the 90s”, so make sure you add big hair clips, try to find the butterfly ones that we used to wear when we were kids. These hair clips will be a total hit again this year!

Pink Coachella hairstyle

pink hair for coachella 2023


We see a lot of great ideas for hairstyles at festivals. Would I wear it on daily basis? Probably not! However, if you are feeling brave and you want a brand-new look for Coachella, go and get a pink dye and try to recreate this look. And if you don’t feel like getting your hair colored, there are sprays that you can try out. The dye will disappear just in a few washes. For the hair accessories, you can do tiny hair clips or colorful beads.

Gypsy hairstyle: Should we wear bandanas at Coachella 2023?

gigi hadid bandana summer hair ideas coachella 2023

Have you heard of the new trend Gypsy hairstyle? It looks like a Boho classic. One of the essentials is a bandana, that will be a top pick for this summer 2023. Should you wear it at Coachella? If Gigi Hadid is wearing one proudly, so can you! How to style it? Try the classic way that we all love and turn yourself into a Boho goddess, which is kind of an essential for the festival! You can try to match the print on the scarf with your outfit and makeup. For more inspiration, check out the gypsy shag haircut, if you are feeling brave enough to cut your hair for Coachella!

Other Coachella hairstyles 2023

simple long hairstyle for coachella 2023

Golden hair accessories

how to style short hair for coachella 2023

Short hairstyles for Coachella 2023

short hairstyles for coachella 2023

Colorful wavy hairstyle: Coachella 2023

ideas for hairstyle coachella 2023 braids music festival colorful accessories

Hairstyles for blonde hair: Coachella 2023

coachella hairstyles 2023 ideas braids music festival hair

Side braid: Music festival hairstyles

hair braid on one side face framing hairstyle ideas

How to style my hair for Coachella 2023?

hairstyle ideas for long hair coachella 2023


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