Swing Chair Ideas 2023: 20 Stylish Designs for Your Home and Garden

by Kristiyana

Looking for ways to make your home or garden space even more relaxing this spring 2023? Interested in looking through some swing chair ideas? A swing chair can provide you with your own personal safe haven for relaxation and peace. You can set up one at home by your living room window, or on your balcony, porch, and garden to enjoy the warm sunny days. Here at Deavita.net, we have picked 20 amazing designs for swing chairs perfect for your home and garden. Keep on reading to find your favourite one!

Swing chair ideas 2023 for the home & garden

indoor swing chair

When it comes to picking the best swing chair for your garden or home, there are some points that every homeowner must take into consideration. You must first pick the design you are going for. It must be a chair that will fit right in with the surrounding interior, be it that at your bedroom or balcony. Next, you must decide how much you are willing to spend on a swing chair. Of course, usually a quality chair can cost more, but that is not always the case. There are plenty of DIY tutorials for creating your own swing chair online, and there are cheaper options you can find at thrift stores for second hand furniture. What’s most important is that you pick a design that is comfortable for you and your family.

Can I put a swing chair in a living room?

Of course, you can! There are plenty of swing chair ideas suitable for a living room. Instead of purchasing large armchairs, you can set up two swing chairs. Not only will this make your living room look bigger than it actually is, but it will add a modern touch to your home interior. Make sure you choose a swing chair that complements the design of your living room.

Swing chair designs for the home and garden

can i put a swing chair in a living room


Told you, you can easily set up a swing chair in your living room! Wicker furniture is often used to add style and chic to an interior. Not only that, but the mere sighting of this material makes you think of nature, and gives you a sense of relaxation, warmth, and peace. A wicker swing chair would be a great choice for your own personal safe space. Don’t you think?

Hanging egg chair for living room

swing chair ideas

More stylish swing chair ideas for your living room? You just can’t escape them! A hanging egg chair is the perfect piece to complete your modern Boho style interior design. Layer it up with soft throw blankets and pillows for an even more relaxing experience. You can even set up string lights in your living room to create a serene atmosphere.

Transparent bubble chair idea

floating bubble chair for living room

Love the transparent bubble swing chair idea? I thought so! This see-through bubble chair would look amazing in your modern home design. It looks chic, but also has an edge to it. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the combination of colours in a room, as this chair can mix with any. Just curl up on it, relax and enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work.

Outdoor swing chair ideas 2023

swing chair designs 2023

In need of outdoor swing chair ideas? Why not set up this stylish woven wicker rattan swing egg chair in your backyard, garden or on your porch? Opt for contrasting soft cushions to highlight its appeal even more. This chair is the perfect mix between organic material and a modern design.

swing chair for porch ideas

Still on the topic of swing chairs for the outdoors, this cute design would be great for your porch. It’s a very simple swing chair that can be attached to the ceiling with the help of some rustic ropes or chains, which would add to its natural appeal. Layer up the space for relaxation with colourful and soft pillows. Enjoy a light read under the rays of the sun.

Macramé knotted hanging chair

knotted melati hanging chair design

If you are looking for more Boho-inspired swing chair designs, than you will surely appreciate this one. The knotted macramé hanging chair would be a great piece to add to your bedroom or living room. The macramé material creates a stunning pattern, which would complement the interior of your modern home.

Basket chair with stand for your garden

outdoor swing chairs 2023

More ideas for swing chairs for your garden? Why not go with this cool basket chair design with a stand? It’s a charming and elegant piece of furniture, which combines comfort and a unique style, perfect for your outdoor space for relaxation. The metal stand provides you with enough security for hours of swinging and leisure time.

Modern crystal clear swing chair

metal swing chairs

Okay, I really love this design! The modern crystal clear hanging bubble swing chair is yet another option fit for any modern interior. It can be combined with any colour palette, and layered with soft throws from natural materials.

Teardrop wicker chair for outside

egg swing chair ideas

The teardrop wicker chair design is a great option for your garden. This chair can even fit two people, so it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic evening, watching the stars and drinking wine by each other’s side. Can you already feel the love?

More swing chair ideas 2023 for the home & garden

pallet indoor swing chair

Boho macramé hanging swing chair idea 2023

hanging macrame chair

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hanging rattan chair

Stylish teardrop hanging swing chair for garden idea

where should a swing chair be placed

Relaxing wicker papasan swing chair design for backyard

swing chair ideas for home and garden

Create your private space with a hanging macramé egg chair

stylish swing chair designs 2023

Hanging stylish wireframe chair for porch

swing chairs outdoors ideas

Comfortable hammock swing chair ideas for the garden 

hammock swing chair ideas

Safe haven hanging rattan swing for your porch

outdoor swing chair ideas for porch balcony

Rainbow hanging chair for your home with a stand

rainbow hanging chair for living room

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