Over the Toilet Storage Ideas: 7 Designs That Will Transform Your Bathroom in 2023

by Radost P.

Like any room in your house, the bathroom deserves your attention if you want to turn it into a comfortable and luxurious space. After all, this is the place where you take relaxing showers after a busy day at work. So, to get the best experience, you may want to make a few changes. Have you thought about whether you have enough space for all bathroom items? In this article, you will find practical over the toilet storage ideas. So, keep reading!

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How Do I Organize my Toilet Room?

If you want to improve the atmosphere in your bathroom, the first step is to organize all the items. Research shows that minimalism can help you lead a less stressful life. This is logical – you don’t have unnecessary items to worry about. If you happen to be a bit less organized person, you can follow our tips. The first step is to declutter the space – throw away everything that you no longer need or use. Afterward, divide the items into categories and start organizing them accordingly. If necessary, use dividers and labels in order to know where everything is. Below, you will find top ideas for over the toilet storage.

7 Over the Toilet Storage Design Ideas That’ll Make Your Bathroom Look Amazing

simple and chick mini closet for bathroom how to install a closet in my bathroom


If you don’t have DIY skills, we strongly recommend consulting a professional to help you install over the toiler storage. In this way, you can rest assured that the final result will be exactly as you have imagined it. Yet, if you still decide to do the renovation on your own, check these creative and useful ideas. After everything is done, don’t forget the essentials that every bathroom needs to have. For example, personal care products, tools, and things that your guests may need. To improve the scent, you could also put some floral candles. Now, let’s move on to our over the toilet storage design ideas:

Simple Storage with Drawers

how do i organize my toilet room how to organize bathroom shelves the right way

If you prefer drawers that can be closed, this simple idea might work for you. Also, if there are small kids in the house, you can easily keep items private so that they don’t find them and start playing. You can choose other colors as well, but the white one is super classy.

A Stylish Cabinet with Glass Shelves

simple storage with drawers stylish glass cabinet with shelves

You can use these shelves for body lotions, shampoos, and other personal care products. The advantage is that you can see the products through the glass and so you always know whether you need to buy anything. The cabinet in the picture has a traditional style, but you can choose modern ones too.

Over the Toilet Storage Ideas – Normal Shelves

how to install properly a closet how to install hanging shelves in my bathroom over the toilet storage ideas

If you are the kind of person who values simplicity and comfort, this might be the right over the toilet storage design for you. There is a place for your towels, lotions, toilet paper, and many other items. The disadvantage is that everyone will be able to see what you have.

A Simple and Chick Mini Closet

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This option might be the perfect one for people who prefer abundance and luxury. The closet is so spacious that you can put all the toiletries there. This chick storage idea provides great comfort for you and your guests. In case you are doing a whole bathroom renovation, check out these decoration color trends for 2023. Lastly, if you can afford a mini closet, we absolutely recommend it.

DIY Shelf System

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This over the toilet storage idea gives off a calm vibe and creates a nice atmosphere. The shelf system allows you to categorize toiletry items easily and label them the way you want. You can put some of the things into boxes to create more structure. Keep in mind, though, that the quality of your shelves also depends on their material.

Storage Design Idea – Classy and Stylish Option

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Here is another idea for those of you who are more into luxurious and modern items. This is an aesthetically pleasing storage that also provides you with comfort and privacy. Put a flower or floral candle and your bathroom will shine!

Quality Bathroom Storage Baskets

over the toilet storage decor ideas top ideas for over the toilet storage

This is a practical and easy option for people who don’t want to invest a lot of money in installing a mini closet or specialized drawers. At the same time, there is a place for all items, and you can divide them as you choose. So, you can’t go wrong with that option.

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In a nutshell, when it comes to organizing your home, you shouldn’t forget the bathroom space. This is the place where you can relax after a busy day. Besides, you probably want to create a great impression on visitors and potential house buyers, right? So, it is important that you create a structure and know where everything is. At the same time, you want the design to provide comfort and be aesthetically appealing. This is why we collected the best options in one guide. We hope that our over the toilet storage ideas gave you the inspiration that you needed!

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