Wine storage ideas: Why is it important to store our wine properly?

by Gabby

It is always “wine o’clock” somewhere around the world, just remember that! I love drinking wine, especially now when it’s winter, I always find myself having a glass with red wine in my hand. For the wine lovers like me out there, my question to you today is how do you store it? Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford a wine seller these days. So, with that being said, what are the best wine storage ideas? Grab a glass of Merlot, and let’s find out!

Wine storage ideas: Why do you need to store it properly?

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Those who really appreciate good alcohol know that special conditions are needed to store it. Only in this case will the drink mature properly and, in the end, only improve. Furniture designed specifically for alcohol storage differs from ordinary cabinets. Wine, according to experts, should be stored in a horizontal position. After all, in this position the cork does not dry out, there is no loss of oxygen. It is very important that the cabinet and the room where it is located have an appropriate humidity level. This criterion also affects the safety of the jams. By the way, some wine connoisseurs maintain an appropriate level of humidity with the help of a container of water that is placed in the cabinet. As for the temperature – inside the cabinet should not be higher than fifteen degrees. Otherwise, the drink will quickly lose its taste.

How to store wine properly?

Do you want to learn how to store your wine like a pro? This video will show you 7 easy tips from a true professional that will help you out. The rules of wine storage are well known to everyone, even if they are not involved in its production or consumption. “Wine should be stored in a cold and dark place” “Best in a cellar”. Actually, it is important to store it to preserve its optimal qualities and to allow the aromas in the bottle to unfold, it is not enough just to be in the dark, and nowadays “cool” can be interpreted in many different ways. Another often overlooked requirement, but extremely important for proper wine storage, is humidity. It must be above 55%. Not many places can recreate these characteristics in a natural way, unless you live in a cave. So, let’s see some of the best suggestions on where you can store the wine at home!

How to store the wine in the kitchen?

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If you have a small enough apartment, then it is quite possible to store wine in the kitchen. In this case, you can use built-in wine cabinets that will look quite organic in the kitchen. Among the presented cabinet options, you can choose exactly the one that best fits inside your kitchen. A wine cabinet is not a necessity. However, if you like good wine and want to collect it, you should make sure that it is stored in good conditions. As shown on the photo, you can build wine cabinets in your kitchen island. It looks very chic with the entire interior design and it will make your kitchen look cozier.

How to store your wine in the living room?

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Most often decorates the living room window. It is quite massive, so it should be located in a spacious room. It is most suitable for this room. This room can also have a minibar or a few comfortable which you can sit well with a glass of wine. A wine cabinet can be a good addition to almost any room – especially if you choose an interesting and stylish design option. It’s worth looking at the most convenient places to install a wine cabinet. Depending on the characteristics of the room in which you plan to install the wine storage, you can determine its size yourself. You can choose the optimal number of shelves. Yes, and externally the design will suit your needs perfectly, because you will decorate the base and paint or cover the surface with varnish yourself.

Under the stairs

wineroom under the stairs of your house how to store wine properly ideas interior design tips

Do you want me to give you a slightly offbeat idea? If you have the stairs in your home to allow for this design, you can build a wine room to maintain the right temperature. Not only does it look very stylish, but it’s also very comfortable. You won’t have to run to the cellar for a new bottle every time, instead it will be within close range. You can also choose the right lighting to make the setting more romantic. Check out these ideas for wine cellar design to create at home.

Other wine storage ideas

wine bar at home ideas storage interior design

Wine room at home 

wine room at home ideas how to make it and create it interior design

DIY wine racks 

wine racks cabinets to store your wine properly

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