Micro French manicure: the super chic 2023 nail trend in 10+ sexy ideas!

by Kremy

The new year has already started with a bang and old beloved trends are reappearing from the fashion trenches. Have you heard of the micro French manicure? Well, get ready, because you’ll see it on everyone this year! This lovely design has so many variations and its beautiful simplicity makes it suitable for any type of occasion. But what exactly is this design? Well, it’s your usual French manicure, but… Micro. Well yes, that’s pretty much it! Simply a very thin line on the tip of the nail. However, the variations are countless. If you’re curious, let’s see some wonderfully trendy ideas to inspire you!

nail art micro french

Nail trends 2023: Micro French manicure in photos

Here are six of my favorite micro French nail ideas and more original ones in the photo gallery! If you want simplicity, but you want to be unique… If you like to be discreet, but also original… Then this design is made for you! There are many wonderful nail art designs such as Italian manicure or rock nail art. But personally, I think this style we have today is a true winner! So, let’s have a small chat between girls!

Valentine’s Day nail idea 2023

double french manicure


Do you know what’s just around the corner? February 14th! Love is in the air and we, the DeaVita team, are frantically searching for the best Valentine’s Day 2023 nail art. My colleagues really like colorful styles, but me, give me simplicity! This wonderful double French manicure with micro effect has pink and red. The combination of these two pretty colors will flatter any woman with a love for romance and fiery sunset shades!

Original mini French manicure

micro French manicure

The original mini French manicure does not have a very specific technique behind its creation. However, it is more suitable for women with short nails. What you need is clear nail polish and a micro white line on the tip of the nail to complete the style.

It’s written in black and white!

valentines day nail art 2023

Black French manicure style is a classic beauty. If you’re on the dark side and don’t think white flatters your skin… then why not get an alternative French manicure? It’s simple, it’s formal and above all, it’s minimalist! Whether you wear it with a leather biker jacket or a business blazer, you’ll look absolutely stunning!

The golden age of the French manicure

original french manicure


Yes, Christmas is over and so are glitter manicures … Or are they? Gold nail polish is and will never go out of style! If you are in desperate need of a glamorous update to your manicure, then these glitter tip French nails are for you!

An array of colors

mini french manicure

Let’s be real… The majority of winter is already over. So, to prepare for spring and summer, why not turn to more colorful ideas? Make your nail tips colorful and fun and dip them into the rainbow palette! Stop hibernating like a big bear and get out of your comfort zone with some much needed colorful shades!

The Devil is in the details

modern french manicure

Finally, if you personally find the micro French manicure too boring, why not add some details? These delicate white flowers will blend seamlessly into the style and make it more unique and cute than ever.

Micro French manicure: other ideas

nail polish color 2023 trend

How about this French manicure in green? I just love it!

2023 nail art trends

Which February 2023 nail trend is your favorite?

trendy gel nails 2023

This double French manicure is a dream!

valentines day nails

Well, yes… Green is my favorite color! I love this style!

nail art trends 2023

Mini French manicure in gold and a twist! What do you think of this abstract nail art?

original colorful french manicure

Gold doesn’t enchant just pirates! Look how beautiful it is!

nail color trend 2023

The DeaVita team wishes you a stylish week!




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