Astrology: What is the lucky plant according to the zodiac sign?

by Kremy

Are you passionate about astrology and houseplants? If your answer is yes, I have a proposal you couldn’t resist. How about combining your two passions? Do you know that the specific needs of plants correspond to the personality traits of each astrological sign to bring them luck? Today I reveal to you the lucky plant according to the zodiac sign that you absolutely must have at home!

Which lucky plant for which zodiac sign?

lucky plant according to the zodiac sign astrology must have species

Interesting and captivating, astrology has reached its peak during the last decade. There are many trends related to it, but among the most popular are nail art and makeup according to the astrological sign. Since plants also play an important role in people’s lives, why not combine them with astrology? Read on to find out which houseplant matches your zodiac sign.


Which lucky plant for which zodiac sign cactus for Aries


Optimistic, energetic and magnetic, Aries natives are also dominated by Mars, which also makes them fierce. No surprise therefore that the plants that correspond to them have thorns. I am talking about cacti that can survive the scorching heat of summer. These species are as strong as Aries.

Lucky plant for Taurus

lucky plant of the Taurus fern

Ruled by Venus, the planet of romantics, Taurus admire beauty, they are very ambitious, compassionate and strong. Their character pairs perfectly with the fern, especially its messy, yet adorable appearance.

Lucky plant for the Gemini zodiac sign

the plant that brings luck to Gemini rhododendron

Everyone will tell you: Geminis are eloquent, unpredictable and have a lively and adventurous spirit. The ideal plant for them is one that strengthens the respiratory system and calms the nervous system. Place a Philodendron in your home and you will not regret your choice.

What is the plant that brings happiness to Cancer?

lucky plant astrological sign Cancer Spathiphyllum

An aquatic sign ruled by the Moon, Cancer is distinguished by its emotional, imaginative and sympathetic nature. The plants that match it perfectly have white flowers and grow near water. The winner is the Spathiphyllum. I would like to note that the cultivation and maintenance of the Spathiphyllum are very easy to master and you should buy one without hesitation!


which plant brings luck sign of the zodiac Leo palm tree Areca

Fire, Sun, strong will, loyalty, positive aura: these are the characteristics of Leo that perfectly match the Areca Palm. This tropical plant also represents fire and will offer an unparalleled green touch to your interior.


Sansevieria lucky plant according to the zodiac sign Virgo

Virgos are wise, intelligent, competent, and pay great attention to detail. They also have a humble and devoted character. Virgo is therefore best represented by the Sansevieria plant also known as the snake plant.

Lucky plant according to the zodiac sign: Libra

plant that brings luck according to the zodiac sign Libra Dracaena

Just like Taurus, Libras admire beauty and comfort, they are gentle, kind and friendly. Soothing and cool, the subtropical Dracaena plant is the best option for Libras.

Scorpio’s lucky plant

spider plant lucky plant scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpio’s personality is intelligent, enigmatic and stubborn, but also ambitious, complex and passionate. The lucky plant for this zodiac sign is called Chlorophytum comosum or simply spider plant.


ficus bonsai lucky plant astrological sign Sagittarius

A true fire sign, Sagittarius enjoys a vibrant, exciting and curious nature, always ready to explore new things in life. But these representatives are also passionate and social, which makes Ficus bonsai their lucky plant.

What is the lucky plant for Capricorn?

what lucky plant capricorn Aglaonema

The lush foliage of the Aglaonema, available in white and green or red, perfectly embodies the earth sign Capricorn.

Lucky plant according to the zodiac sign: Aquarius

chinese money plant lucky plant astrological sign Aquarius

Air sign with the planet Uranus as a ruler, Aquarians are honest, curious, direct and affectionate. Their lucky plants are orchids and the Chinese money plant or the so-called pilea. Both provide a feeling of relaxation and improve blood circulation.


lucky plant according to the zodiac sign Pisces Lucky Bamboo

Finally, the lucky plant for the Pisces zodiac sign is indoor bamboo, also known as Lucky Bamboo. Representatives of this zodiac sign are altruistic, emotional, and they always show empathy.


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