Trends 2023: What hair color to slim the face at 50? Discover the answer in 5 ideas!

by Kremy

If you thought that only clothing colors have the power to make you slimmer, think again! Choosing your hair color according to the shape of your face guarantees to make you look younger. Especially after 50, when facial muscles lose their tone and fat in the tissues begins to move downward, making your face look round, even fat. But in this plethora of hair trends, it’s easy to get lost. So, what hair color to slim the face at 50 (or more)? The answer is in 5 ideas from our hair colorists!

Which hair color to slim the face of a woman aged 50 or over should you choose?

what color hair for slimming round face at 50 years

While hairstylists are trained to define the right hairstyle when you have round cheeks and a round face, hair colorists help you choose the best hair color to make your face slimmer. However, if you’re used to matching your new haircut to your face shape, it’s not so obvious that your face shape is an important factor when choosing your hair color. According to our hair pros, women in their 50s with round faces should choose light colors, which explains the decreasing number of brunettes after their fifties. However, dark shades are not to be avoided, as long as they are combined with blonde highlights: a pretty ash blonde with light highlights, a delicious chocolate brown with honey blonde highlights, a soft blonde with red highlights. All of these will soften your features, illuminate your hair and avoid root discoloration!

What hair color to slim the face? Chestnut brown!

which hair color for slimming face after 50 years chubby face


Whether light or dark, chestnut hair color is characterized by a rich and intense brown, with chocolate and shiny tones. It’s the ideal solution to slim the face and bring light to the mane after 50. Long, medium-length or short, straight, curly or wavy hair… in short, it will soon be on everyone’s mind. This is the bet of our colorist experts. In fact, several celebrities have already selected it. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it this year!

Light red to slim the face when you have cheeks

what color of hair to rejuvenate the face after 50 round face cheeks double chin

What hair color to slim the face when you are chubby? No, blond is not the only hair color that softens the features and slims the face. Contrary to popular belief, red hair ensures a fresh and rejuvenated look, while slimming the face. Yes, even after 50. The only downside? This is a relatively difficult color to maintain. In this case, it is better to avoid the total red look. Instead, go for the slimming color in the form of highlights.

Caramel blonde

what hair color to illuminate the face caramel blond for round chubby face

The right color to enhance your dark brown hair after 50? There’s nothing like a few strands of tiramisu or caramel blonde for a change from the salt-and-pepper look. Two or three shades lighter than the natural base, the gourmet highlights blend very well into the hair. The final result? A natural, radiant and perfect color to welcome 2023 in style. Thanks to its depth, it’s very suitable for fine, thinning hair after 50. At the risk of repeating ourselves, avoid the California balayage. Caramel brownie will also be on the agenda in 2023. Luscious and seductive, this color warms up features and light skin tones and is perfect for the winter season.

Hair contouring to slim the face after 50: Yes or no?

what hair color to soften the round face color trend 2023 hair contouring


You shall not be surprised that Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid and many other young beautistas dared the hair trend. Today, we go from one age group to another to show you how to sculpt your face with this innovative coloring technique. The idea? Work the mane tone on tone to soften the facial features and slim the face with light or dark highlights. In short, hair contouring is perfect for those who want to look younger and slimmer at the same time. If you have a round or even chubby face, choose light shades up to the level of the ears, then dark shades for the rest of the hair. To deepen the slimming effect, do not hesitate to play with the different shades of blond.

The beige blond to slim the face

what hair color to brighten soften slim round face women 50 years old

Sure, blond hair brings light, but is going blond after 50 years old mandatory? Yes and no! According to our experts, blond is a very good idea to conceal the first white or gray hair after a certain age. However, not all shades are good when you are 50 years old. The safe bet? The beige blond or the sandy blond which guarantees a more natural look after 50. It’s the ideal choice to give life to mature hair without going for white that ages. We therefore leave aside the blondes that are a little too extreme, such as ash blonde, Kim Kardashian’s platinum blonde and Californian blonde.

what hair color for pale face after 50 round face blonde beige color


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