Tiramisu Blonde hair color: The most popular hair trend for the holiday season!

by Kremy

Are you ready for the end of year celebrations? You’ve probably picked out outfits for Christmas and New Year’s Eve already. But what about the hair? You have enough time until then, but not if you plan to go to a hairdresser or colorist. So go ahead and make an appointment. In the meantime, we will help you find inspiration for the hair color you can choose. Below, you’ll find all the details about the new Hollywood obsession called “tiramisu blonde hair color.” Wondering what that looks like? Scroll down the page to learn more.

What is tiramisu blonde hair color?

hair color trend 2022 Emma Roberts

After the mushroom, chocolate, strawberry and caramel blondes, it’s time to add another color to the menu – the tiramisu blonde. It’s amazing how the culinary world inspires colorists like Nikki Lee. And the result is truly amazing.

As already mentioned above, the trend comes from Hollywood and more precisely from the Nine Zero One salon and Emma Roberts who was the first to embrace this new hair color. This is a cooler blonde shade with bleached highlights in a money piece style. The bangs are slightly lighter which perfectly frames the face giving it a softer look. For a harmonious and natural blend, Emma’s roots have been kept in her natural brown color. In short, it’s a real game of lights! Elegant, right?!

But why is it called “tiramisu blonde”?

tiramisu blonde hair color Emma Roberts trend 2022 2023 fall winter


Just like the layers of a tiramisu cake, this coloring has darker and lighter layers. For one thing, the light blond and lowlights resemble the color difference between the layers of lady finger and mascarpone cheese. On the other hand, the dark roots are reminiscent of the espresso layer of the tiramisu cake. They create a perfect contrast, ideal for the winter period.

How to wear the trendy color?

tiramisu blonde hair the new trend among trendy girls

The best way to wear this amazing color palette is to go for a natural style. Yes, you heard right. The natural, slightly wavy look complements this mix of shades perfectly so you can look exactly like Emma Roberts. It’s called ‘bedroom hair’, which has recently gone viral on social media.

You can also try doing two symmetrical mini braids like Margo Robbie. This hairstyle creates a boho-chic look that is perfect for a party and a day at the office as well.

If you want something more glamorous, try hair accessories. A hairband with embellishments for example is the perfect complement to your satin dress.

What hair color 2022 2023

What hair color for 2022-2023?

There are 5 shades that are going to dominate the beauty scene this winter and here they are: bronde hair, the Mousy Hair, caramel, red and honey hazelnut color. Now we add tiramisu blonde to the list. It’s the perfect party look! To find out more about how to wear them, check out our article on trending hair colors 2022-2023.

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