Avant-garde styles in interior design and their main features

by Kremy

The easiest and most accessible way to tailor our home to a certain style is by using accessories and eccentric furniture pieces that will become the starting points for the feel we want to achieve. Are you fascinated by Avant-garde styles in interior design? Let’s look at the variations and their main features.

Avant-garde styles in interior design – how did they appear?

Avant garde styles in modern home interior design

Avant-garde styles in art appeared in the early 19th century and were the result of the desire of different generations to express their identity, to rebel against old rules and understandings and of course to enrich the history of art in a unique way, which in turn had an impact on architecture, fashion and interior design. As a result of different political situations, historical events, industrialization and reference to the past, each of them left a vivid mark on people’s perception of the world.

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The world we live in today in one way or another allows us not to be limited by certain fashion trends, but to choose the way we express ourselves. And since the home is the most vivid reflection of the personality, as the place that is most closely linked to people’s personal lives, we can choose from different avant-garde styles in interior design.

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Due to the fact that it has many directions, one can decide whether to make his home aristocratic and glamorous in Art Deco style, cold and free in Industrial Style or bold and playful representative of the Pop Art movement.

How to decorate your home in Avant-garde style?

wall painting and arches in contemporary home

The easiest and most affordable way to decorate our home in a particular style is by using accessories and eccentric furniture which will become the staring points for the feel we want to achieve. For example, if we want to completely change the look of our interiors, playing with colors and accents can easily turn a minimalist environment into an aristocratic backdrop for our new self.

contemporary design gray and gold colors


There is an endless variety of readily available furniture and home accessories on the market, some of them imitating the great designers of glorious eras, so as to be accessible to all people with style and character, regardless of budget.

Avant-garde styles in interior design – fabulous Art Deco home decor ideas

art decor elements in modern interior design

Gold, bronze, geometric patterns and organic, irregular shapes are the modern take on the magnificent Art Deco style. In recent years, this style has been hugely popular among designers and decorators as it is subtly replacing heavy, classical shapes without compromising the sense of luxury in more eccentric homes. One of the main features of the style is the variety of floral elements which is represented on fabrics, flooring and as exotic plants placed in the heaviest and most expensive vases and pots possible

Neoclassical interior design style

Neoclassical interior design style main features

When we talk about avant-garde styles in interior design, we have to mention neoclassical interiors. More refined, silvery, glossy and futuristic, Neo Classics will always be sought after by people who prefer a more moderate luxury, but still don’t want to give up its glamour completely. An integral part of this style are the large, rectangular, polished photo and picture frames, capitone sofas, armchairs or stools and of course the heavy-legged glass tables.

neoclassical interiors refined luxury bedroom design

Even if not all of these elements are a part of the interior, the feeling of luxury and artistic atmosphere can always be recreated, as the floorings, shapes and unobtrusive colors characteristic of the style can easily be combined with any more refined and modern interior. Heavy, crystal chandeliers are also an integral part of the interiors.

Pop art

Avant garde styles in interior design pop art decor bright colors

Pop art is designed for people with a young spirit, innovative thinking and a mischievous nature, which is the essence of this movement. Bright colors, ironic, iconic images and rounded shapes are part of the rich expressive diversity of this style. Its lovers are free to choose how much they will allow it in their home and whether it will be the main concept for the interior.

pop art elements modern home decor

Originating in the early 1950s in Great Britain, this style precedes the iconic fashions of the 1960s and 1970s and even nowadays we still use some of the techniques in almost every field of arts. Nothing is too much when it comes to Pop Art and here “the more the better” is in full force.

Bohemian style

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To create a modern, cozy and unpretentious home designed for explorers and travellers, you have no choice but to go for the boho style or bohemian style. The movement originated in Paris in the 1960s and is a reflection of the young and free-spirited travellers of Europe and America, who sought casual comfort and effortlessly mixed different ethnic elements inspired by their travels around the world. Elements of the boho style are extremely popular in contemporary interiors and we can easily recognize each of them. Massive old furniture, comfortable armchairs, plenty of knitted throws, ethnic rugs and of course lots of plants are just some of the accents that can make your home bohemian and eccentric. Comfort and coziness are leading the way and all other combinations are up to you and you alone.

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In their search for the ideal living environment and the best way to express themselves, people never stop looking for both inspiration and role models. The greatest treasure, both in art and in the dynamic and globalized world in which we live, is the identity and individuality of each one of us, which must be emphasized and in no way unified with mass standards. The home can become the first place where we stand out, show character and style, and where we can admit only those with whom we want to share them.

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