Expert Tips on Blending Boho and Scandinavian Interior Design

by Anjelina

Bohemian and Scandinavian styles are two key trends in modern interior design. However, many people are beginning to wonder whether they can be combined together to create a calming yet characterful decor. To dispel any hesitation, today we have prepared an article entirely devoted to this intriguing subject related to the Boho-Scandinavian style.

Can You Mix Boho and Scandinavian?

mix of boho and scandinavian style in the interior layering

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Despite their obvious differences, the combination of Scandinavian and boho styles is increasingly common in interior design. The Scandinavian style is all about simplicity, minimalism, neutral colors, and clean lines, while the key elements of the Bohemian style include lots of patterns, textures, and colors. So it’s quite understandable to ask yourself questions like “Can the two styles be successfully combined?” and “How do we do that?”. These and many more questions are to be answered in the lines to follow. But for this purpose, we thought it’s best to turn to a professional in the field for an expert opinion. Read on to find out who they are and what they shared with us!

How to decorate a table in Boho-Scandinavian style?

how to decorate a table in the boho scandinavian style


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The kitchen and dining room are the heart of а home. It’s where we prepare our favorite dishes and spend quality time with family or guests. That’s why it’s worth paying special attention to decorating this part of our home to make it cozy and welcoming. And there’s probably no more appropriate style than the Boho-Scandinavian to achieve just that.

And in this line of thought, we can’t help but mention that the table is probably the most important element, and we should think about appropriate decoration for it to bring even more charm and coziness. Susanne shares her thoughts on the Boho-Scandinavian style table decorations: “A variety of objects come to my mind, like a large fruit bowl filled with fruit, or with dried moss/stones/shells. Then of course a vase with branches or tall grasses in it, perhaps some coffee table books or magazines, a table lamp… Alternatively, one can fill a bowl with succulents.

What is the most popular form of centerpiece in the Boho-Scandinavian style?

table decorations in boho scandinavian style large black vase candles

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Speaking of table decorations, we can not help but pay special attention to the centerpieces. They are definitely what attracts the most eyes and are worth making an effort when arranging them. The question is what our options are when we want to stick to the Boho-Scandinavian style. Susanne helps us by giving us a great idea that is definitely worth a try: “A vase with some large tree branches, preferable olive branches, but really any branch from a tree will do. Tall grasses are pretty as well, like pampas grass. The trick is to use really tall branches with respect to the size of the vase, many people make the mistake to use branches that are too short. I’d say my rule of thumb is to have branches that are at least as high as the height of the vase, preferably I even go for a size ratio of 3:1 with 1 being the vase…

Meet our Expert

susanne pumpluen associate professor at the university of nottingham

About Susanne Pumpluen

She is an Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics at the University of Nottingham, but also an influencer with over 70K followers on her Instagram account. Her passions are doing research and styling interiors, two seemingly unrelated occupations, but they both require imagination and creativity.
Find her on Instagram here:  Scandi bohemian interiors (@s.u.s.a.p)


To find out how to get the best out of Scandinavian design and boho style and how to combine them, we contacted Susanne Pumpluen. Susanne was kind enough to answer all of our questions and share her expert opinion on how to preserve the minimalism and functionality of Scandinavian style, but also give an artistic boho vibe to the interior.


Tips for Creating the Perfect Boho-Scandinavian Interior

can you mix boho and scandinavian in the interior

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Although based on two different philosophies, Bohemian and Scandinavian styles can definitely be combined to achieve a modern and functional yet cozy home that reflects personal preferences and style. We’ve put together a few tips you can stick to if you want to achieve a good symbiosis between the styles and enjoy a charming and welcoming home:

  1. Make simplicity and functionality your top priority: choose your decorations carefully, so they don’t take precedence over the comfort of your everyday life.
  2. Stick to natural materials like wood, stone, marble, leather, jute, bamboo, rattan, etc.
  3. A natural color palette is what you should aim for: apart from white (typical of Scandinavian style), you can also include more muted colors such as terracotta, gray, black, wine, sage or sand.
  4. A plethora of textiles and layers: rugs, bed throws, cushions, etc. soften the Scandinavian style and create functional accents.
  5. Add lots of live plants: they are very characteristic of the Boho-Scandinavian style and will make your home even cozier.
  6. Last but not least, add some details with history: the Scandinavian boho allows you to add favorite and sentimental items for you, as well as ethnic accents and ornaments.

Boho-Scandinavian Style – Inspiring Photo Gallery

boho scandinavian interior design trends 2023 cushions rugs natural materials

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Kitchen in Boho-Scandinavian style

kitchen in boho scandinavian style cozy nook

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Gorgeous living room idea

living room in boho scandinavian style natural colors and accents

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Cozy reading spot by the window

scandi bohemian interior design textile accents and patterns

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Layers, texture and natural materials

adding natural accents and materials stone rattan wood

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White as a predominant color in the interior

living room in boho scandinavian style predominant color white

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