40 Outstanding Boho chic living room decor ideas in natural colors

by Kremy

Is it possible to create a Boho interior without using bright colors? Yes, it is, if you know the principles and the philosophy of the style. Find out a selection of outstanding Boho chic living room decorating ideas in natural colors which can be your inspiration if you are attracted to the style, yet you prefer a calmer palette.

stylish boho chic living room ideas in natural colors home design

Boho style is easier to feel than understand. It is the opposite of minimalism, as the style decorating the house with a variety of accessories. They may not be in the same style, or even have any special aesthetic or material value. The main thing is that you sincerely like these things and they have a special meaning to you. Mixing furniture pieces and accessories from different styles is unlikely to ruin the integrity of the style because the concept of eclecticism is one of the main characteristics of the style. It is even difficult to call boho chic a style. It is rather a philosophy that unites several stylistic concepts. It is not uncommon for people to decorate their home by simply choosing things that they like and in the end they realize that they live in a Boho chic interior.

Boho chic living room decorating ideas in calm, muted tones

white beige boho chic interior in living room


Historically, the Boho style is close to nature. Therefore, try to include as much wood, stone, leather and other natural and environmentally friendly materials as possible among the finishing materials. The ideal boho palette includes natural, earthy colors or unusual combinations of rich colors. Textile, patterns, textures and handicrafts are important. In a boho interior there is a place for plants, which, along with the use of natural materials, reminds of the love for the world, which was promoted by hippies. It is no coincidence that this style is associated with them.

Modern Boho chic interiors design techniques and tips

If you want to add a touch of creativity to the house but excessive colors annoy you, Boho chic living room decorating ideas in calm, muted tones are just for you! Most often the basis of Boho chic is a light wood floor and white walls. It is not a problem to create a more discreet interior without losing the feeling of freedom, airiness and artistic chaos. Choose one or two main colors and make sure that the objects painted in them harmoniously work with each other. Color accents can be added with plants, cushions, rugs, decorative elements and accessories. Lamps can also be from natural materials. Such lighting fixtures are typical for Industrial, rustic, French country style, etc. Ropes and twigs, straw, rattan and, of course, fringe will perfectly fit into a boho chic living room design.

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Modern Boho chic interiors – design techniques and tips

bright light and airy boho living room interior design

Bohemian chic (or Boho-chic) style is artistic, creative, and, most importantly, free. There are no strict rules for colors, shapes, patterns or furniture. It is an opportunity to express yourself and show your individuality. The style provides great opportunities especially for those who love small details in the interior and who like to handmade items. Even if several styles are mixed in the interior of one room at the same time, the choice of one color palette helps creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere by combining different shades.

throw pillows add texture and depth to interior design

Think of environmentally friendly and natural finishing materials. Pay attention to ethnic and vintage furniture and accessories. In a Boho chic living room interior you can combine a comfortable leather sofa, a couple of rattan armchairs and a small glass table, ottoman or a rustic coffee table. Decorate the sofa with a large number of pillows in different colors and styles. Use the decorative pillows to add a variety of textures, patterns and color accents. Rugs, curtains, all kinds of covers for ottomans and chairs, as well as other accessories create that special and amazing artistic flair in the room.

natural materials and light colors in boho chic living room

Boho chic design difficulties

The most difficult thing when decorating a Boho interior is not to overdo it and create a mess instead of artistic chaos. When choosing a decor, look inside yourself – does this item match your aesthetic tastes, does it reflect your individuality? If so, then there will definitely be a place for it in your Boho chic living room interior.


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Boho chic living room decorating ideas in calm muted tones

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