5 Cheap Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas 2023 to Refresh The Space! Bonus: What Colors to Avoid?

by Kremy

Which 2023 living room wall decoration would you choose to refresh your apartment or house? DeaVita team offers you 5 trendy ideas at mini prices that will transform your living room into a heavenly space in no time! And find out which colors to avoid!

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Which Living Room Wall Decoration 2023 Will You Choose?

When it comes to decorating, there’s a plethora of wonderful ideas. But in the end, it all depends on your preferences. Are you a maximalist or a minimalist? Do you like vintage trinkets or do you prefer bohemian decoration? Are you on a tight budget, but desperate to get your living room looking spectacular and trendy in no time? Don’t worry, we’re here to help, as always! Take a look at the hottest interior design trends without hurting your wallet. All these suggestions are achievable and can be reproduced at low cost. To quickly achieve the WOW effect, you will need a pinch of imagination, maybe a printer and a flea market nearby! Let’s go!

Wall Decoration with Posters or Photos

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Are your walls empty and boring? The best way to transform your living room in the blink of an eye is to decorate the walls with posters, photos or paintings. You can print beautiful reproductions in various sizes at home, and frame them. You can make frames yourself from paper, but if you want something that lasts longer, you can order online or search flea markets for inexpensive frames. It’s also the best way to get white walls without having to repaint them! Posters add personality and warmth to a space.

The Mirror as a Wall Decoration

living room wall decoration ideas 2023 large mirror

Mirrors are often overlooked While we strive to hang many decorations on the wall, we forget that a large mirror could be the best choice. Why? If you have a small living room and want to create the illusion of space, the mirror is your best friend. Not only does the mirror reflect light, making the room brighter, but it also visually enlarges the space! You can get a cheap mirror in the size you want, order a cheap frame online and paint it gold for a vintage effect.

Bohemian Living Room

boho style living room wall decorating ideas

The bohemian style is still a major interior design trend and it is very easy to recreate. Cotton, jute, clay, and other natural decorations can transform your space and gracefully adorn your walls. You can find them, of course, at flea markets. And the best part? In general, these wall decorations are fairly inexpensive and easy to find. Just make sure they are in the earthy palette and you will successfully invite the boho spirit into your home!

Plant Decoration

living room plant decoration 2023

Not only are plants fantastic for improving the air quality in your home, but they are the perfect natural decoration! If you are already a plant parent, you can place your plants on wall shelves to show them off. Choose hanging plants in particular if your walls are empty and rather boring. The way the leaves fall and naturally “color” the wall in green is more than enchanting! This type of decoration is also known as “plant decoration”, and there are many variations.

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Living Room Wall Paint Decor Ideas

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If you’re a big fan of the 70s, painting your walls with different patterns and colors will give you that groovy vibe. You don’t have to be a good painter to succeed! There are many nifty tutorials on the internet and especially on TikTok. You can create different shapes in warm colors to make your living room cozy and welcoming. It’s all about murals and more and more people are interested in this new trend. All you need is some paint in your favorite colors, some free time, and a vision!

What Colors to Avoid in the Living Room?

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Your living room can be both your workspace and your relaxation room. That’s why it’s best to choose colors that stimulate imagination and productivity or soothe your mind and relax you. Blue is an ideal color for concentration. A wall painted blue combined with white will transform your living room into a dream workplace. On the other hand, to feel more relaxed, experts say that light green is the best color of all. But overall, go for pastel colors and add small accents in brighter colors. Red, bright orange, and bright yellow should be avoided at all costs, as they stimulate your brain too much for you to relax properly. Choosing the right colors for your home is essential if you want to make it the perfect place to get inspired or relax after a long day at work. Color theory is real and you should take a closer look. When the colors are too bright, our brain is stimulated too much, which can be very harmful for our relaxation.

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Photo Gallery: Living Room Wall Decoration 2023

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Which Living Room Wall Decoration Do You Like The Most?

living room design and decor trends 2023

The 2023 Decoration Trends Are Booming!

living room wall decoration trends

Maps Are My Favorite Living Room Wall Decor!

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Green Is One Of The Trendy Colors In 2023 in Terms of Decoration!

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