Biophilic Design 2022 – How Nature Contributes to Our Harmony

by Kremy

Biophilic design started in 1980s, when biologist Edward O. Wilson outlined his philosophy of biophilia – the innate biological connection of people with nature. The term “biophilic design” was popularized by a group of researches to describe the connection of people with nature within the environment that they created. Biophilic design 2022 continues to explore the effect of light, plants and interior on our mental well-being, performance and health.

How Biophilic Design Is Beneficial To Our Health?

Biophilic Design 2022 How Nature Contributes to Our Harmony

Most of us feel best in nature. However, the modern lifestyle is quite hectic, we live and work in an urban environment and it is not always possible to spend a lot of time in nature. Biophilic design 2022 trend can help bring nature closer by incorporating natural forms in interior spaces and architecture.

Biophilic Design Is Beneficial To Our Health


Biophilic architecture and biophilic office design solutions are becoming more and more popular due to their positive impact on people. Understanding and implementing the philosophy and principles of biophilia is essential to create the conditions of existence that we want to see around us. All this sounds very good, but how biophilic design is actually beneficial to our health?

Physical Health

the main principles of biophilia in interior designs

Houseplants improve indoor air quality by absorbing mold spores, pollutants and toxins. They humidify the air, reducing our vulnerability to allergens and respiratory pathogens, as well as have a calming effect on us and lower blood pressure.

Mental health

Biophilic design reduces stress levels

Biophilic design reduces stress levels, putting us in a peaceful state. It promotes faster recovery, good mood and overall well-being.


what is biophilic design

Natural light regulates sleep and boosts energy levels, performance and productivity. Integrating the principles of biophilia in interior designs improves creativity, memory and learning abilities.

What Are The Principles Of Biophilic Architecture?

Principles Of Biophilic Architecture

Following the trend for eco-friendly lifestyle, Biophilic architecture is aimed at designing spaces focused at human health and well-being by incorporating nature into the interiors so that people can feel connected to it. Biophilic design 2022 will continue the trend of integration of natural elements into urban environment by greening all possible spaces and surfaces of buildings, hence improve the quality of life. Biophilic architecture remains focused at creating a direct and indirect connection with nature by using plants, trees, water, fresh air, natural materials, colors, textures, etc.

Biophilic Office Design Ideas

Biophilic Office Design Ideas

The best Biophilic office design ideas are based on interiors that make people feel indoors as well as outdoors. It is wrongly believed that creating such interiors means a large number of plants in the office. biophilic design is much more complex and multifaceted. It includes careful planning of wall decoration, ceilings, natural light, materials, plants, water – all the elements that we see in nature.

Biophilic design 2022 main task is to increase productivity and creativity of employees. As per researches, the productivity in a Biophilic office interior that included natural elements is increased by 8% and creativity by 15%. It will hardly come as a surprise that giants as Amazon and Google embraced Biophilic office design ideas. While Amazon have equipped greenhouses in their offices, Google experiments with skylights to let in more natural light and an abundance of plants in the offices.

Biophilic Design 2022 Home Interior Ideas

Home Interior Ideas Biophilic Design 2022

Biophilic designs are growing in popularity not only in offices but in residential areas. Biophilic design 2022 features stunning home interior ideas that successfully incorporate biophilic principles in living rooms, bedrooms, even bathrooms. How do designers use biophilic design in practice? Here are some of the most important design techniques:

Natural Light in Biophilic Home Interior Design Ideas

Natural Light in Biophilic Home Interior Designs

Enhance natural lighting is essential in Biophilic home interiors. This is achieved by skylights and floor to ceiling windows. Biophilic design 2022 features large mirrors and reflective surfaces used in creative ways so that natural light reaches every corner of the room.

Natural Materials

vertical garden home interiors ideas

Natural materials play an important role in biophilic designs. Wood, stone, cork and marble, wool, cotton, leather and silk are used as finishes and interior elements to create a warm and peaceful space with a sense of comfort and tranquility. Accessories made of natural materials are also typical for such interiors.

Natural Shapes and Organic Lines

plants in bathroom green wall modern interiors

In biophilic home interiors strict lines and angles are replaced by curves and smooth transitions. For example, oval sinks or curved bathtubs look organic in such interiors and allow designers experiment with shapes in order to create an atmosphere of closeness to nature.

Natural shades

benefits of biophilia to human health

Biophilic interior designs feature neutral and natural tones combined with accent colors like blue, green and yellow.

Abundance of plants

Natural materials play an important role in biophilic designs

One of the main features of biophilic design is the abundance of greenery – living walls, potted plants, etc. Large and small plants in pots as well as hanging planters help create a nature-oriented environment.



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