Living wall in the bathroom – decoration that brings us closer to nature

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Living wall in the bathroom easily becomes the main focus of the interior. A vertical garden can be an element of the design in any room because plants enliven any interior, and unlike traditional flower stands, a vertical garden will not steal from the usable area.

Living wall vertical gardens in bathrooms advantages disadvantages

Hardly anyone can deny that the eco trend in interior design is growing strong every year. In bathroom design, this trend is expressed in the openness of space to nature. We see spacious, bright rooms, with a large window providing a lot of natural light and allowing the bathroom to merge with the landscape, becoming its logical continuation. The designs are simple, with clean minimalistic lines that that do not distract attention from the main thing – the pleasure of taking water procedures.

What are the advantages of having a living wall in the bathroom?

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In places with a very mild climate, it is not uncommon to see an outdoor shower or even a fully open bathroom! Those who want to invite nature in their home interior can do it by incorporating living walls into the décor of the home. Vertical gardens are not a novelty. These are panels with plants growing vertically. The structure can be free-standing or connected to the wall. Hydroponics is widely used – an agricultural method of growing plants in artificial environments without soil using mineral solutions. What are the advantages of having a living wall in the bathroom?

Obviously, the walls of the bathroom often remain unused. However, you can hang as many plants vertically as possible. This leaves more floor space which is especially important for small bathrooms. Vertical gardens offer another huge advantage – they generate oxygen and at the same time create an accent in interior design, attracting the eye and bringing life into the environment. A living wall in the bathroom is beneficial to our physical and mental health, it is naturally beautiful and improves air quality. In addition, the natural humidity is a guarantee of freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

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What place is able to offer a feeling of relaxation and well-being than the bathroom? A living wall transforms your bathroom into a Zen relaxation space that relieves the everyday stress.

Another advantage of vertical garden in the bathroom is the possibility to add your personal touch. You can create an intimate space and express your individuality by combining natural materials, accessories, lighting, candles, etc.

Vertical garden in the bathroom – design ideas and techniques

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A vertical garden in the bathroom adds natural elements to the environment and allows us to experience a sense of harmony, tranquility, a surge of energy and positive attitude. When it comes to the actual design of a living wall, one needs to consider a number of factors and carefully choose materials that work together harmoniously. There is no need to say that choosing natural materials is the best option – wood, natural stone, pebbles, bamboo, linen or cotton, rattan, etc. You need to find the most suitable place for the living wall in terms of lighting and watering requirements for the plants and of course, select plants that will create the desired visual effect.

What are the best plants for bathroom living walls?

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Indoor plants can bring the interior of any room to life and the bathroom is no exception. A room with a window is an ideal place for many indoor flowers. However, in most modern apartments, the bathroom lacks windows and this is a serious concern if you want to create a living wall. Indeed, not a single plant will survive in absolute darkness, because without light, photosynthesis and carbon absorption are impossible. The good news is that many plants grow well under artificial light and feel great. When selecting plants for your vertical garden in the bathroom you should choose plants that love warmth and moisture, that are shade-tolerant and last, but not least, plants that are suitable for the design concept of the interior.

Remember, that the bathroom is a room that, first of all, must be comfortable and safe. You need to select plants that are not only undemanding and easy to care, but make sure that the species are 100% safe. Do not choose large plants for small bathrooms. Think of the place of your vertical garden. Drops of soapy water and splashes from cleaning agents are harmful to plants, causing stains and burns on leaves and stems. It is recommended not to place your living wall in the immediate vicinity of a bath or shower. So, what are the best plants for a vertical garden in the bathroom?

Living wall in the bathroom decoration that brings us closer to nature

Orchids love humid, hot and low-light environment. Their minimalistic grace and sophisticated lines are wonderfully combined with both modern and classic bathroom styles.

Aloe vera feels great in the bathroom, even with low light. This is an excellent choice, as it is very tenacious and difficult to ruin.

Sansevieria (Snake plant) is one of the more undemanding plants, making it an ideal choice for the bathroom. The plant does well in low light conditions. Moreover, sansevieria filters out formaldehyde found in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and even some cosmetics.

Spathiphyllum (Peace lily) is a surprisingly unpretentious plant that perfectly cleans the air from household impurities. The most acceptable growing conditions are minimal sunlight and high humidity.

Fern – the natural growing conditions for ferns are similar to what you can offer them in the bathroom – filtered low light and high humidity.

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Aspidistra is one of the most shade-loving plants and feels at home in the thick shade. Aspidistra loves humidity and tolerates sudden temperature changes. It can live even at 10 ° C.

Ivy has a special charm that never goes out of style, and also knows how to adapt to a variety of situations. Whether light, partial shade – plants of this type will be content with the conditions that you offer them. This plant has the ability to purify the air which makes it a perfect choice for bathroom living walls.

Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) is one of the best plants for cleaning the air from household chemical residues. It not only absorbs harmful substances from the atmosphere, but also feeds on them.

Selaginella is special type of fern, indispensable for green decor. It is undemanding to care for and prefers darkness, frequent spraying, abundant watering and a minimum of fertilizer.

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Moss is the only plant that can grow with little or no light. In the bathroom, you can create an original composition. Different types of moss differ in leaf shape and shades. They get along well with each other and are ideal for vertical living walls.

Begonias come in a wide variety of shades, shape and color of the leaves and are undemanding to lighting. The plant is very fond of moist air.

Dieffenbachia is a very decorative tropical plant with striped patterns on the leaves. Dieffenbachia loves light and moisture. Due to its ability to absorb toxic substances, dieffenbachia is recommended to be grown in an unfavorable environmental situation. However, you need to keep in mind that Dieffenbachia juice is poisonous. If it comes into contact with the skin, it causes edema and chemical burns, and if swallowed – paralysis of the larynx and vocal cords. Therefore, the plant must be isolated from small children and pets.

Prayer Plant (Maranta) is native to the tropics. This plant is easy to care for and the many varieties offer brilliant green foliage. Maranta loves indirect light, high humidity and moderate temperatures.

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A living wall in the bathroom will add charm and sophistication to the design, making the interior warmer and more comfortable, and the air cleaner and more fragrant. Look at the photo gallery for inspiration!



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