Functional and modern attic bathroom design ideas

by Kremy

The space under the roof provides additional living space. It is a very interesting area with unusual configuration. There are many options for attic transformation – a playroom, bedroom, walk-in closet, kids’ room, but we want to pay special attention to modern attic bathroom design ideas.

modern attic bathroom with skylight above bathtub and walk in shower

How to plan, design and decorate an attic bathroom? Every bathroom, even the one in the attic, should be comfortable and functional. Transforming an attic into a modern and functional bathroom is definitely not easy. The design must take into account many factors – water supply, drainage, insulation, electricity, lighting and last but not least, furniture and equipment. The key to an interesting and comfortable attic bathroom design is to carefully plan all the functions that it should perform. Remember that large or small bathroom in the attic should be designed in such a way that you can use all the equipment without any problems.

Modern attic bathroom design with skylights – the importance of natural light

how to plan bathroom in the attic design and decor ideas


There is no doubt that lighting is important. Bathroom design should include windows so that whether large or small, the bathroom will receive natural light. Actually, for small spaces natural light is essential. It makes the interior look more spacious and, from practical point of view, allows you to save on electricity bills.

contemporary attic bathroom with skylight and pendant chandeliers

Skylights let in much more light than vertical ones. If you have such windows in the bathroom, then it almost automatically seems larger. The main advantage of a roof window is the ability to place it almost anywhere on the roof, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Skylights provide 30-40 percent more natural light and that is one of the main reasons why architects and designers of ultra-modern spaces are using them. It is worth noting that if your roof window is exposed to strong sunlight, especially from the south or west you need to think of suitable protection so that the bathroom does not overheat in the summer. The market offers many options – Venetian blinds, roller blinds with remote control, etc. Modern roof windows offer automatic air inlet that provides the optimum level of fresh air and this is essential for bathroom ventilation. You can find a variety of skylight options as well as accessories on and choose according to your needs.

Modern attic bathroom design, furniture and decor ideas

white attic bathroom with freestanding bathtub

When it comes to decorating an attic bathroom, it can be a real challenge. How to choose furniture and equipment in accordance with modern trends so that the bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable and functional? It is true that design trends are changing dynamically yet there are fashionable styles that offer chic appearance and functionality at the same time. Modern interior does not mean lack of convenience. Contemporary or minimalist style bathroom interior designs are based on strict geometry, straight lines and carefully chosen materials, finishes, furniture and color palette. Geometric shapes and simplicity dominate.

modern bathroom interior design in neutral colors with teal vanity cabinet

Closeness to nature, the search for harmony and balance, energy saving and the use of modern innovations – these are the main trends in the design of modern bathrooms. Nowadays, designers combine visual aesthetics, ecology and technology, creating a truly comfortable, functional and safe interior. Innovative materials created using modern technologies are constantly appearing on the market. These finishing materials do not have a harmful effect on the environment and human health. One of the most popular trends in bathroom decoration is the combination of materials which allows creating not only interesting surfaces but also protect the interior from factors such as high humidity and temperature changes.

Functional and modern attic bathroom design lighting and furniture ideas

A light bathroom will always be fashionable. Light colors create a clean, light and fresh appearance. White bathrooms are amazingly beautiful and you can break the monotonous look by using different textures and accent colors. Do not forget mirrors! They help to expand the room visually and create a light and relaxing atmosphere. When choosing the furniture and equipment, make sure they are suitable for your modern interior. Nowadays there is a huge choice and many brands offer exceptional designs so there is something for every taste.

rectangular bath under attic window lighting ideas

Despite the fact that the trend for a minimalist bathroom environment is based on limited decoration, it is impossible to do without accessories. There are fantastic ideas that complement a modern bathroom design, just make sure that whatever you choose is suitable for your interior. Remember that a great design is always the result of combining bold decisions and the latest innovations.


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