13 YouTube Channel Ideas with Low Competition

Written by Kremena Ruseva

Getting your niche right will get you closer to YouTube success. For this reason, there are many lists that explain which niches are the most popular. However, the fields with the most users are usually the most competitive ones. This means that there are a lot of active channels, and so, a new one will never grab the audience’s attention.

The solution to this problem is to pick a different niche or a sub-niche that is less competitive. In this article, you will find up-and-coming fields that have just started to grab the users’ attention. Be the first one to know how to get subscribers on YouTube and enjoy great success. Of course, your endeavors will be boosted by visiting Stormviews beforehand.

YouTube channel ideas that you can try

YouTube Channel ideas with Low Competition

#1 Toys and Games

man playing game on computer

You already know that the most popular niche on YouTube is gaming. However, the number of channels that stream games and post game reviews are enormous. For this reason, you can start uploading videos that focus on physical games. You can follow the example of Ryan’s World and post toys’ unboxing. However, you can also take one step further and post only about board games.

#2 Fashion and Beauty for Men

Beauty and fashion are traditionally some topics that interest women. Nevertheless, more and more channels have realized that men are also interested in them. This has led to many videos that focus on men’s clothing, grooming, and even makeup. Therefore, with the right strategy on how to get subscribers on YouTube and boosting from Stormviews, you can establish a trending channel.

#3 Personal Coaching

Nowadays, there are many people interested in learning how to love themselves and becoming better versions of themselves. This becomes possible with the help of personal coaches. Many of these specialists have discovered that YouTube is a space where their endeavors can prove fruitful. This is also a low competition niche that you can thrive on.

#4 Parenting

New parents don’t know what’s the best way of handling their children. Now that the lifestyle niche is at a decline, more and more sub-niches have emerged. Parenting is a great niche that can give you a big number of followers. However, before you do anything, you need to figure out how to get subscribers on YouTube by visiting Stormviews.

#5 DIY Projects

DIY and craft projects for kids and adults

Life hacks and DIY projects have become one of the hottest trends on YouTube. Yet, there is still a lot of potentials for you to create an eye-catching channel. For this niche, you can try DIY projects for the house or for gifts. Both are popular among creative users that are trying to spot new ways to decorate their houses.

#6 Learning a Language

learning a foreign language

Learning a new language can be a pain. If you speak other languages, or your native one isn’t English, then you can benefit from it. No matter your native language, you will find a large number of users interested in learning it. Make sure that you figure out how to get subscribers on YouTube from Stormviews before you establish your channel.

#7 Living in a Foreign Country

This particular sub-niche combines traveling survival tips and language learning. For this reason, it has the potential to bring you a lot of subscribers. In your videos, you can share your experiences, both bad and good, give useful tips to your viewers that want to visit the country, and explain more about this new culture, as you get to know it yourself.

#8 Cocktails

cooking at home youtube recipes

Cooking is another extremely popular niche. Luckily, it is one that has plenty of things that you can focus on. One sub-niche that you can find an audience is the cocktails one. Just like any other cooking channel, you are going to create recipes on how to make the most delicious drinks. Furthermore, you can also share recipes for finger food that tastes great with your cocktails.

#9 Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are very impressive when they are performed well. For this reason, if you decide on establishing a channel like this, you need to practice a lot. If you want to take another step, you can also create a channel where you share magic tricks’ tutorials and explanations. By discovering how to get subscribers on YouTube from Stormviews, you can attract a lot of users.

#10 Survival Tips

A niche that has recently been emerging is that of survival tips. There are channels that focus on survival in nature, in foreign countries, or in dangerous situations. No matter what you choose to focus on, this channel can become very successful. Even Bright Side has posted several videos on this topic with great success.

#11 Creating Art

art chanels on youtube

There is no denying that YouTube users love to watch the creation of art. There are plenty of channels that focus on different art forms, like drawing, animation, music, and even writing. So, depending on your passion, you can create a channel that showcases your art. This niche works perfectly with time-lapse videos. If you watch other channels like this, you can learn how to get subscribers on YouTube. After you do that, visit Stormviews to immediately start growing your channel.

#12 Miniature Arts

This niche is related to DIY as the creation of miniature arts requires a lot of creativity. There are even some channels on YouTube that combine this niche with cooking, by creating miniature food. Keep in mind that this particular type of video might require you to get some special equipment to film the miniatures in high quality.

#13 Cars

Another great low competition niche that you can explore is that of cars. There are many aspects of a car that will interest your potential audience. For example, some users want to find out all the new cars that have been released, while others want how-to guides for the repair of their cars. In any case, there is an audience that will bring you success.

The above YouTube channel ideas can lead you to the creation of a lucrative channel. Figure out how to get subscribers on YouTube by visiting Stormviews and getting subscribers, views, and likes.



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