10 fall winter 2020 2021 fashion trends that every fashionista must follow!

by Kremy

Although more than half of the year has already passed, some of its fashion surprises are still to come. And since we are used to anticipating them, so that we can make them our own, we unveil 10 of the fall winter 2020 2021 fashion trends that you should try. Women’s suit in bright colors, leather look, nude style, Wide leg trousers tucked into ankle boots… here are the fashion predictions for the impatient fashionistas!

10 fall winter 2020 2021 fashion trends you absolutely must embrace

top 10 fashion fall winter 2020 2021 trends

As you know, Fashion Week is not just an opportunity for designers to show off their work. Flagship colors, strong outfits and trendy accessories also parade there. But the best part about this is that we can prepare in advance. We are aware of all the trends that will mark the end of the year without having set foot in the fall.

The pop color suit

fashion trends looks spotted during fashion week


Yes, you are quite right! The pantsuit is nothing new and the fact that working girls have been wearing it for quite a long time is the proof of that. However, this does not prevent it from reinventing itself, even metamorphosing and adapting to current trends. It can be seen in a chic, sporty, glittery and even pop color variation! There are various models that we select according to our silhouette and our taste. In terms of color, the choice is quite wide, from black and gray to red and green, including floral prints.

This year bold and bright colors are the trend. Green, blue, pink or yellow, the pop color pantsuit can be worn with heels as well as with sneakers. For an even trendier look and right in the trends of 2020 add an original belt, oversized sunglasses, necklace or a clutch bag.

Faux leather trench coat

trench coat faux leather trend fashion fall winter 2020 how to wear mid season jacket

Indispensable for rainy days, the faux leather trench coat will make a comeback during the fall of 2020. And just like the pantsuit, the mid-season jacket knows how to reinvent itself and adapt to different eras. Exit the beige and well belted models! The fluid, unbuttoned PU coat will dominate this year. Regarding its color, you can choose between black, gray, blue or khaki. The most knowledgeable fashionistas can dare color without any problem. A model in yellow, red or orange will be ideal to give a boost to your mid-season outfit. Combine it with slim pants or a mini-skirt and your PU coat will definitely become your favorite piece once the beautiful days are over!

The nude color

trend fashion fall winter 2020 2021 natural colors

How to wear nude color? Star of the last catwalks during fashion week, the nude style has become known as Kim Kardashian’s favorite color! If you also fall for light beige, the looks of the American star will be an inexhaustible source of fashion inspiration for you. Oversized jacket with matching straight pants, flared skirt with an XL sweater and accessories in the same range, there are many variations to adopt the nude trend this fall without looking like “a queen of the desert”.

Wide leg pants tucked into ankle boots

womens fashion trend fall winter trousers tucked boots

After socks and sandals nothing surprises us! If you think that the habit of tucking pants into boots is gone, think again quickly, because it is returning to the fashion scene, for better or for worse. To be right on top of the trends, it’s time to take a little more interest in them. Marking the return of the 70s, the wide leg pants tucked into the semi-high black ankle boots promise to twist every classic or too basic outfit. What’s more, your 7/8 pants will subtly become wearable again.

Blue combined with natural tones

blue combined with natural tones fashion fall winter 2020

After being announced by Pantone as the color of this year, blue quickly became a part of every woman’s wardrobe. To make it even trendier, we combine it with a natural color such as beige, terracotta and brown. A winning combo, blue combined with natural tones will be all the rage this winter. You can very easily combine your beige trenchcoat with a small blue bag or even try a total blue look with a pair of brown leather pumps.

Long coats

long yellow coat fashion fall winter 2020

Last year, the oversized women’s jacket quickly established itself as a must-have in the winter wardrobes. And since we love its XL look, we don’t hesitate to adopt it during the fall winter 2020 2021. The only condition? Let it be yellow! Paired with a nude maxi dress or a white turtleneck and animal print heeled boots, the yellow coat will not only turn heads wherever you go, but also chase away every bad mood.

Fall winter 2020, the “Slouch Boots” season

slouch boots woman fashion fall winter 2020 2021

Slouch Boots are the new trend of fall winter 2020 2021 fashion. But what exactly does “slouch” means? For non-English speakers, this word is used to describe something flexible or crumpled. The Slouch Boots are then boots with heels whose length stops below the knee. They are distinguished by a slightly airy and inflated structure. Straight from the 90s, the soft boots are adorned with leather, in different colors and prints to satisfy every taste. Some fashion designers have even adorned them with sparkling sequins and crystals. In short, slouch boots promise to become your new go-to pair of back-to-school shoes by pairing with just about anything, as shown above!

Tiger print

tiger print trend fashion fall winter 2020

Often underestimated because of its leopard alter-ego, the tiger print has been widely seen in Spring-Summer 2020 trends and seems to want to set the tone for fall winter 2020 2021 fashion. The print comes in white as well as electric, earthy and pastel tones. How to wear it? Like every animal print, we combine it with minimalist pieces. The new trendy print pairs easily with a trench coat and a black dress. For lovers of a total animal look, a 2-piece set in black and white (or yellow and white) vinyl combined with a white t-shirt will do the job perfectly.

Fall winter 2020 2021 fashion trends: The chain pouch

the chain pouch bottega veneta fashion accessory fall winter 2020

The chain pouch by Bottega Veneta is the new trendy handbag that made all fashionistas go crazy during the last fashion week. Available in several colors, such as beige, black, coral, khaki and mustard, the bag can be worn on the shoulder, in the hand or under the arm like a clutch. Its design is strongly reminiscent of the Slouch Boots and contrasts wonderfully with the gold chain in rock style. The only disadvantage of a chain pouch signed Bottega? Its price, of course! We don’t all have 2,700 euros to invest in it! However, several other brands are already offering similar models in faux leather and at an affordable price. So, shop around the internet stores and find yours!

Thick chain necklace

trend fashion 2020 jewelry chain necklace

The reign of fine and delicate accessories is drawing to a close! This fall, the oversize trend is taking on jewelry as well! The chain invades all the accessories – necklaces, belts and bracelets. But how do you embrace this jewelry trend without overdoing it? In order not to overdose, we only opt for two chunky pieces – a bracelet and a necklace, or a bracelet and a pair of earrings. In gold or silver, chain jewelry is already offered by several brands. To get one at a reasonable price, head to Zara or Mango.




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