Trendy kimono cardigan fashion ideas for the summer

by Kremy

boho chic style white blouse and shorts

Kimono cardigan fashion ideas offer so many amazing models that anyone will find a suitable one. These cardigans are really fashionable and very comfortable as well. As the name suggests, a kimono cardigan combines the basic features of the classic cardigan and the Japanese national kimono. This light and airy garment is the perfect complement to a simple summer outfit or an elegant outfit. Whether short, long, medium, fringed, made of chiffon or silk, with floral or geometric patterns, there is a matching design for every taste on the market. Those who are skilled at sewing and even the ones that are not so skilled, can sew a beautiful one by themselves in a couple of hours, as the project requires only basic skills in sewing and you can choose the fabric, color and pattern by yourself and match it with the rest of your garments.


Kimono cardigan fashion ideas – what are the most popular models


lace jacket stylish outfit spring summer


Kimono cardigan fashion ideas offer different models of clothing which are developed on the basis of the Japanese national costume. A kimono cardigan has several names and is also called jacket, coat, etc. but whatever you wish to call it, it is perfect for warmer weather because it is both light and airy yet you will have something on your shoulders if you are chilly.

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This style of kimono resembles a female jacket and is distinguished by angular lines and loose cut. Depending on the season, the length can vary and reach almost to the knees and you can choose a model with a long sleeve, a three-quarter sleeve or without sleeves. Materials differ from thin fabrics to cotton, polyester, silk, wool, etc. Very often the models are decorated and fringed and similar finishing can be seen both on the sleeves, and on the hem.


 How to combine a kimono cardigan with different outfits

shorts white top

We selected some kimono cardigan fashion ideas to show you how you can combine it in different ways and with different outfits as well as styles. Typically, it is always worn in combination with blouses or tops, a dress or jeans but not as an independent piece of clothing, although many people find it universal.

Although considered as a universal piece of clothing, there are some rules that you need to observe when combining your kimono cardigan with your outfit. These are generally rules of good taste and can be applied to any type of garment.

When you choose a model with large prints, geometrical or floral, the rest of your items should be in one color, preferably not too bright. The size of the prints matters greatly for the final look. Slim girls can afford to choose any size of print while those who wear plus sizes should choose smaller prints due to the fact that a large print can create an additional volume effect.

An excellent option for the summer – shorts, top and silk kimono. The colors of the outfit should be chosen as per the color of the print. A more elegant outfit will be a simple black dress and a colorful kimono cardigan. Those who are fascinated by the boho chic fashion can combine it with a cotton dress.


summer outfit ideas jacket jeans

spring summer outfit in blue white

medium length jacket lace fringe

long jacket black white print

trendy summer clothing ideas

jacket fray jeans pink top

floral print black blouse

summer style outfit

 cool outfit ideas jeans sandals

boho chic outfit black blouse

boho chic style outfit spring summer


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