Acrylic nails summer 2020: Butterfly nail art is the trend of the year

Written by Kremena Ruseva

After we have chosen the right outfit and accessories, only one thing is missing, and that is – a beautiful manicure that adorns our hands. A cool and trendy nail polish completes every look and gives it the fine touch. From tie-dye nails, confetti nails and milk bath designs – the trends for acrylic nails summer 2020 are so diverse that all fashionable women and fashionistas can find their favorites! Butterfly Nails are a fun, colorful trend from the 90s that is making a big comeback and making our hearts beat faster! Looking for inspiration for your next manicure? Then browse through our picture gallery and prepare to fall in love with the fairy tale nail designs!

Acrylic Nail Summer 2020 Butterfly Nails

After Kylie Jenner showed off her cool Butterfly Nails on her Instagram last week, it’s only a matter of time before those gorgeous nails become the latest hit. The designs are fresh, fun, incredibly feminine and flatter all nail lengths and shapes. No matter whether you want a subtle nude look or want to wild with rhinestones and neon colors – the butterflies always guarantee a unique look and make your hands shine.

Acrylic nails summer 2020 – DIY butterfly nails

Butterfly Nails Design Trendy Summer Acrylic Nail ideas Rainbow colors

There are numerous ways to get the trendy look. The most popular and of course the simplest option is to use nail stamps. So if you are not good at drawing, but still want a spectacular and trendy manicure, you are in good hands with Butterfly Nails! Would you like to develop your artistic side or are you feeling creative? Then just try to paint the pretty butterflies yourself. All you need for those colorful summer 2020 acrylic nails is a dotting tool and a fine brush.

  • First, the nails are painted with the base color you want. To make the Butterfly Nails really stand out, choose colors that contrast with each other, but also naturally go together.
  • Then paint a thick L rotated to 45 degrees and then use the brush to make the outlines in black.
  • Use the dotting tool or a toothpick to make fine dots on the outline.
  • Now you can be creative and decorate the butterflies according to your own wishes. Think of glitter, rhinestones or bright colors that give the nail design a personal and modern touch.

French manicure with elegant butterfly nail art

Butterfly Nails manicure trend Acrylic nails Summer 2020 French Manicure

Colorful butterflies are an exciting and easy way to add a fresh and modern touch to simple classics like French nails. It’s a subtle yet gorgeous way to feel your way around the trend and wear those pretty acrylic nails for summer 2020.

Jelly nails are still all the rage

Trendy Jelly Nails Designs Acrylic Nails Summer 2020 Butterfly Nail art

There is hardly any other nail trend that screams so much for summer and the beach as the funny jelly nails! If you want a glamorous and eye-catching manicure then this nail design is for you! The fine glitter particles complete the look perfectly.

Purple butterfly nails look chic and incredibly elegant

Summer Nail Trends Butterfly Nails

Do butterfly nails always have to be bright and radiant? Of course not! Now that summer is slowly coming to an end, we all prefer to turn to slightly darker shades and colors. Purple is one of the hottest colors for autumn / winter 2020-2021 and not only for our clothing, but also for our hands! Paint 1 or 2 nails in a light color like white for a great and interesting contrast.

Acrylic nails summer 2020 in white for a subtle and elegant look

nail design ideas acrylic nails summer 2020 butterfly nails trend white nail polish

Romantic, airy and extremely elegant – white is the epitome of summer. Add a fun and playful touch to your manicure with a few butterfly nail stickers. The colorful butterflies make your hands shine and always put you in a good mood. Whether for the office, for the beach vacation or to a wedding – you can’t go wrong with this nail design!




manicure ideas red and negative space with butterfly nail art

Summer nail trends acrylic nail 2020 butterfly nail designs

Stiletto nail trend acrylic butterfly nails summer 2020

short pink acrylic nail design for the summer butterfly nails

short acrylic nail design ideas summer nail art trends butterfly nails

Pastel pink nail design ideas butterfly nail art summer

Pastel Pink Butterfly Nail Designs

Nude nail design ideas butterfly nail art summer 2020 acrylic nails

Neon nail polish summer manicure trends butterfly nails

Nail decoration ideas summer acrylic nails design butterflies

Jelly Nails Trend Acrylic Nail Summer 2020 Butterfly Designs

Jelly Nails Acrylic Nail Summer 2020 Design ideas

Acrylic nail Summer 2020 Butterfly Nail art ideas

Acrylic Nails Summer 2020 Butterfly Nails are the latest hit




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