Fall leaf nail art: chic manicure ideas to start the season in style

by Kremy

If you love to decorate your nails, the arrival of fall is the perfect opportunity to experiment with designs and colors. Treat yourself to a picturesque manicure and look at these inspiring fall leaf nail art ideas in adorable colors. In this article, we show you how to do fall leaf nail art to start the season with a trendy and seasonal manicure.

Autumn leaf nail art: lots of wonderful ideas for stylish manicure

ombre nail design with red maple fall leaf decoration

Very soon we will all have to adapt our wardrobe to the cooler season. Fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion trends have already been revealed. There are only a few finishing touches, fall fashion and beauty novelties that you need to know so that you can complete the trendy look. These include the manicure, a fashion accessory in its own that cannot be overlooked. In order to adapt it to the colorful season, you simply have to choose an autumn leaf nail art. If you’re looking for some fall nail art ideas, here is a selection that will blow your mind.

fall nail art ideas autumn leaves manicure


Before starting decorating your nails, it is best to think about the color of the polish you want to wear. There is an unwritten rule that the perfect nail polish in the fall is the one whose color embodies the glow of the season. With this in mind, the preferred colors are:

  • Red, burgundy, scarlet
  • Yellow, saffron, orange
  • Bottle green, khaki
  • Brown, beige
  • Navy blue, purple, lilac
  • Black

It is recommended to avoid vibrant colors and instead bet on muted shades. These are perfect to wear during the colder months.

Which leaves are the prettiest fall 2020 nail art?

nail art fall ideas autumn leaf lilac glitter golden leaves

The maple leaf is among the most popular fall nail art designs, and with a good reason. The recognizable shape and vivid palette of red, orange and golden yellow that the leaves are adorned with during fall make this an excellent nail art design symbolizing the beauty of the season. This fall leaf nail art idea pairs beautifully with nail polishes in the red/orange/yellow/lilac /dark blue/khaki range.

The oak leaf, which is characterized by a ovate shape, also has a place in the list of the most common nail art designs. In fall, the leaves of the oak are adorned with shimmering colors which offer our eyes a marvelous spectacle. To achieve your autumn leaf nail art, you should prefer the typical colors of the season: red, burgundy, orange, yellow and brown.

beautiful fall leaves nail art stickers

The beech leaf is among the easiest leaves to draw. Oval, toothed and alternating, it delights our eyes with its silvery green color in summer and its bronzed and golden ornaments in autumn. In nail art, the beech leaf can be made in different colors such as red, yellow, green etc.

What techniques can you use to create an autumn leaf nail art?

nail art fall leaf ideas orange matte polish

Nail decoration is an art in which creativity has no limits. Most often, we get inspiration from painting techniques, such as watercolor and one stroke. The stamping , the 3D and foil technique are also popular because they are easy and the result is quite a professional look.

fall nail art maple leaf umbrellas rain drops

The one stroke technique is based on making drawings based on different paints, the objective being to create gradations and to obtain volume and depth. The contrast gives life to the chosen pattern. Thanks to this technique, one can create beautiful floral patterns. In the context of fall leaf nail art, you can mix yellow and red to get a nice orange gradient. To create one-stroke patterns, you can use either the flat of a nail art brush or the edge of it (to make fine lines). You can even lightly tap the brush, to create relief in the drawing.

Watercolor nail art is ideal for gel nails. To create the watercolor effect, the paint is diluted to create soft colors and almost transparent gradations. The rendering depends on the amount of water used and the way to dilute the color.

fall leaf nail art techniques stamping matte gray and copper varnish

Stamping is one of the most popular nail art techniques. It is thanks to a stamp that we can make a pretty decoration on natural nails or false nails. The stamping technique consists of transferring a pattern engraved in a plate onto the nail using a stamp and a stamping varnish. For an impeccable result, the varnish must be very pigmented and opaque.

The foil technique consists of sticking a film with a very fine metallic finish on part of the nail or on the entire nail. We are looking for a metallic effect. The film allows you to create several decorative effects and combines wonderfully with other nail art techniques.

fall branches and leaves berries nail art burgundy white polish

Now that you know the key elements of fall leaf nail art, all you have to do is get creative. Experiment with the different techniques and colors of varnish and decorate your nails in unison with fall.

yellow nail art leaves autumn stickers chic manicure ideas

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stylish and chic french manicure ideas nail art fall leaf

nude nail art autumn leaves ideas minimalist style

half moon nail art maple leaf manicure ideas and tutorial

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fall nail art french manicure brown and gold

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fall nail art elegant blue black ombre manicure with autumn leaves

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step by step fall leaf nail art ombre effect tutorial

elegant french manicure fall leaves nail art on pastel base

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