Fall nail designs 2020: trends for autumn and winter 2020/21 manicure

by Kremy

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the airy summer dresses are being exchanged for jeans and jackets. Slowly but surely fall is waiting around the corner and unfortunately, we have to say good bye to summer. With every change of season, the latest trends that we shall see everywhere in the next few months come to us. But we don’t just have to change our wardrobe and check out the latest fashion trends for 2020. Our nails will also get a new look! While bright nuances and playful nail designs such as butterfly nails were a top choice in the hot summer months, fall nail designs 2020 feature more muted, earthy nuances. So which nail polish colors can we look forward to and which are the hottest autumn nails 2020 trends? Look at all of this and the best inspirations for your next manicure in the gallery below!

Fall nail trend 2020 nail polish colors for winter

As soon as the first leaves change color and fall to the ground, that means only one thing – fall is almost here! The main fall nail designs 2020 trends that we saw on the red carpet and fashion shows were inspired by nature. Earthy and muted shades such as chestnut brown, rust red or rich dark green will be our loyal companions in the cooler months. But calm nail designs do not have to be synonymous to boredom and we are sure that the right trend for you is there with the diverse looks and designs!

Fall nail designs 2020: these are the hottest nail polish color trends

green nail design ideas nail trends autumn winter


Complicated and affordable nail designs do not quite suit your taste and you prefer to keep things simple? Then let yourself be inspired by the nail polish trend colors for autumn and winter 2020/21! If there is one color that we shall see everywhere for the next few months, it is the deep, dark olive green. The color tone is subtle and reminds us of nature and the forest – so it is perfect for your autumn manicure! The nail polish trend works on both short and long nails and can be worn with either shiny or matte finish.

Milk chocolate nails are very popular this year

Nail polish colors trends autumn 2020

Subtle, warm and incredibly elegant – this soft, earthy shade of brown immediately conquers our hearts. Milk chocolate nails were a total hit back in the 70s but are making a big comeback this year. The trendy nail polish color works perfectly with autumn outfits.

The color of the year “Classic Blue” also adorns our nails

Classic blue nail design trends fall 2020

“Classic Blue” is the current color of the year and it is no surprise that the rich shade of blue is also taking fall nail designs 2020 trends by storm. Many trendsetters and fashion influencers have already discovered the trendy nail polish color for themselves and you could even say that blue is the new black for this season. Pair the dark shade with a glittery accent nail in white or silver for a glamorous manicure. Although dark blue nails look too dominant, they are absolutely suitable for the office and give your autumn business outfits a fine and stylish look.

Red nails are an absolute must for fall and winter

Fall nail 2020 trends decoration ideas

Timeless, elegant and chic – red nails are the epitome of femininity and will probably never go out of style. Although light red is also one of the biggest nail trends for fall 2020, many designers have opted for dark red this year. The rich shade looks incredibly classy and awakens cozy autumn feelings in us.

Fall nails 2020 trend: Chrome nails are a real eye-catcher

Chrome Nails Nail art Trend 2020 Fall Manicure Design Ideas

This fall, you can shine with shimmering chrome nails in a wide variety of nuances. The trend originally comes from the USA, but is now also enjoying great popularity in many countries. The best thing about this nail design is that you can easily do them at home. All you need is either reflective nail foil or magic powder. Both are available online and in all well-stocked drug stores. Since the nails are already noticeable enough, you can go for more subtle shades such as gold, silver or dark gray.

Nails that match your face mask

Fall nail trend 2020 rhinestones nail decoration ideas

Wearing a face mask in public places is still mandatory. It is certainly not comfortable, but if we have to wear it anyway, let’s do it with style? It is official – nail design to match the face mask is officially a thing. The nail trend might seem a bit weird and strange at first, but it is still a great way to approach the COVID-19 situation with a positive attitude and have some fun.

Glitter nails make your hands shine

Glitter nail art for short nails autumn 2020 trend nail designs

Shimmering and sparkling nails are an excellent option to add some color to those rainy fall days. With fine sequins and glitter, fall nails 2020 get a chic and glamorous update. Do you think that glitter nails are only meant for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Not, not at all! Whether it is a simple nail design with a hint of glitter, or an intricate and eye-catching manicure in red, glitter nails are a great option to freshen up your style for the season ahead.



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