Boho living room ideas – colorful and vibrant interior designs

by Kremy

Boho living room ideas are hugely popular this year. If the bright 80s returned to fashion design, the boho style is a leader in interior decoration. As you know, boho is a mix of colors and styles, decor and accessories, which creates a unique, colorful and festive atmosphere. This style is perfect for the living room, where you gather with family for holidays and celebrations and entertain guests.

boho style in home interior design basic rules

A boho living room, first of all, should be comfortable. It should be warm, colorful, eclectic, relaxed and invite you to rest and have a pleasant pastime. This is an interior style based on feelings and emotions, not logic. Within the bohemian style, several directions stand out. Classic boho is a combination of ethnic and vintage. In this style direction, not as much decor is used as in others. Boho chic is reminiscent of the art deco style. The décor is catchy and shiny. Handmade textiles with sequins and beads are widely used. The main feature of boho hippy is the use of Indian and Native American motives in the decor at the same time. The furniture is low and can be easily carried from place to place. While classic Bohemian decors include a variety of colors, textures and patterns, boho chic is more subtle, more neutral, with just a few eclectic touches to the interior of the room, with a muted or neutral base palette and a few wild patterns. Such interiors look absolutely stunning.

Boho living room ideas – how to balance the riot of colors, patterns and textures?

boho chic living room with leather ottoman armchair coffee tables


The main principle of the style is that each item has its own place. There are so many different details in the interior decor that any rearrangement can ruin the balance. To combine so many elements into a coherent composition, it is necessary to maintain a color balance. This style uses all the colors of the rainbow so you need to know how to use them. When you look at boho living room ideas, pay special attention to the color palette, the details, accessories, wall art, plants, furniture, lighting, etc.


Bohemian style home decor ideas color palette tips

Some people think that boho style combines all shades and colors without obeying any rules. Of course, the gypsy boho style features spectacular and eclectic combinations of shades that you will not usually use together. Blue is combined with orange, green – with purple, etc. These shades beautifully and harmoniously fit into the interior, delighting every day with their original combination. However, boho has no place for acidic, neon, artificial, and flashy shades. We can say that the colors of this style return to nature – lush green leaves, blue skies, golden fields, orange and red autumn leaves. Therefore, the variety of colors does not irritate, but returns to naturalness. To create this style in the interior of your living room, you need to define a few basic contrasting colors, adding a couple of bright but natural accents. If the room is too colorful, it can be balanced with neutral tones. For example, a cream or white wall will highlight bright interior items and textiles. Another important point is to avoid massive black (or dark wood) pieces of furniture as they contradict the concept of airiness and lightness in the interior. You can use one or two darker elements that will anchor the design room.


boho living room ideas wooden coffee table plants in flower pots

Synthetic materials should not be used in Bohemian interiors. Natural materials are a must – wood, granite, marble, stone, brick, leather, linen, cotton, silk, etc.


boho living room design ideas how to mix colors patterns and textures


An abundance of textile in the interior is recommended. It is good if the textiles are not matched in color, composition and texture. For example, linen can be combined with velvet, cotton – with satin, burlap – with chiffon. Sofa covers, bedspreads, poufs, area rugs, carpets and blankets – do not be afraid to mix and match! Curtains can be with an oriental motif, they can have Indian or African patterns. They should be as loose as possible, with abundant waves and drapery that echoes a canopy. You can layer rugs which is an excellent opportunity to mix patterns and colors and add texture to the room.


bright colors in boho living room armchair and floor cushions

Combining a variety of textures is one of the main features of Bohemian style. How can you add texture to your boho living room? There are numerous ways to do that. Use textile – curtains, blankets, upholstery, throw pillows, colorful Persian or Turkish rugs, baskets and planters, macramé wall decorations, artwork, handmade accessories, wood furniture, etc. As you see – there is no lack of options. Unlike minimalism, Bohemian style motto is “More is more”.


low seating furniture in boho living room

Patterns are essential in boho decor. Of course, despite the fact that boho style allows a lot of freedom, you need to balance them so that your eyes can have a rest. The best approach is to mix patterns with solid colors. On the first place this will create a harmonious balance and in addition, you can create focal points in your interior. For example, if you love colorful throw pillows, then choose a sofa in neutral color. If you selected a colorful carpet as a focal point and color statement, choose furnishings that will not attract the eye.


low seating furniture in large living room decorated in boho style

Most often, boho style furniture is made of wood, it is massive and decorated with carvings. However, it should not be glossy. When furnishing a room, you can combine classic models and furniture pieces in other styles. For example, a French country wardrobe, simple Scandinavian-style wood surfaces, leather sofas – all of these can be found in a boho-styled home. It will be great if you can use vintage furniture. If not, you can buy artificially aged furniture. Keep in mind that low-level seating is typical for Bohemian style. A low sofa is one of the main components of the boho style living room interior. A neutral color sofa can be decorated with bright, multi-colored and multi-textured pillows. If you want to replace the sofa, you have many other options for low-level seating – floor pillows, poufs, soft ottomans, bean bags, etc. If you live in a small apartment, give up large furniture pieces that visually overload the space.


modern living room design ideas bohemian style interior

Lighting is an important element of the interior not only in boho, but in any decor style. It should be natural and soft. Boho style lighting is created by mixing different light sources. Combine a crystal chandelier with handmade lighting fixtures, bead chandeliers and natural fiber pendants are ideal for boho interiors.


how to choose boho style furniture for your living room

Plants add a natural vibe in any boho interior. Plants in pots, hanging plants, cacti and succulents, plants with rich foliage – the more the better! Plants add a lot of texture, color and visual interest to the room and in addition, you can choose original and interesting planters to complement the philosophy of the style.


bohemian style in home interior living room design ideas

The unique and eccentric boho style is created with many details. Wall decoration includes macramé wall decorations, feather decor, crochet dream catchers, floral wallpaper, etc. When decorating your boho living room, make sure that you use handmade accessories or items that you love. Photo frames, favorite books, vases, boxes, books, mirrors in fancy frames, lamps and candles, candlesticks and candelabra, antiques and vintage items – these will help you create a true boho look!

awesome boho living room ideas low sofa with blue upholstery

It may sound as if boho living room ideas are a jumble of different items and accessories but that is wrong. A balanced interior should be carefully planned and you need to think of the concept and the idea for your interior design in advance. Choose one or two pieces of furniture that will be the main ones. The rest of the furniture and decor will complement the concept you have in mind.



open plan living space decorated in Bohemian style

living room interior design ideas Bohemian style decor

living room design ideas boho style decor

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Boho living room ideas colorful and vibrant interior designs

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