Glitter nails ideas for a festive and glamorous manicure

by Kremy

Glitter nails ideas are one of the most popular designs as the manicure always looks spectacular and festive and it is just impossible that the people around will not notice your beautiful nails. Glitter is an interesting material for creating a beautiful manicure. It allows you to make diverse designs, create a gradient or just make your nails shine. Glitter nail polish is easy to buy at any nail art store and it is not very expensive which means you can use this technique at any time without spending a fortune in a nail salon.

glitter nail art ideas fantastic nail designs

One of the best things is that glitter nail polish comes in almost any color, it can be applied on both short and long nails and it is very easy to work with. Besides the lacquers, you can choose powder for the decoration of your manicure. We shall look at the different techniques how to apply glitter and you will see that this is one of the easiest DIY nail art techniques.

glitter nail art ideas geometric manicure white beige colors


Glittering manicure has several obvious advantages:

It always looks festive and therefore even the simplest design will highlight your hands and attract the admiring glances of men and women;

Shining nails are great for a festive dinner, for a party and even for a wedding. Shining manicure can be worn every day but in this case it is very important to keep a sense of proportion and not overdo the decoration. Using it moderately as an element of geometric nail art, for example, will add just a touch of glamour which is more than enough for an everyday design.

Glitter nails ideas – DIY methods and techniques

nude nails with glitter easy DIY manicure

There are many awesome glitter nail art ideas but before you choose some of the magnificent designs that we selected, you need to decide what type of glitter you are going to use for your manicure. As we mentioned, it comes in two main varieties – nail polish and powder. Using glitter nail polish is the easiest way to create a brilliant manicure. The liquid lacquer already contains a sufficient number of sparkles and all you need to do is apply it on the nails evenly.

glitter powder nail design ideas

Dry glitter is the other option which is offered in cosmetic stores. It is sold in special jars and can be found in different colors, sizes and shapes or in the form of dust. In general, the technique to do glitter nails at home is not very difficult. First, select the material you want to use. It can be glitter polish or dry dust. You will also need a base color, a brush and a top coat.

Step 1 – Prepare your nails

Even the most beautiful manicure will look bad on chipped nails, so shape your nail plates, file them and trim the cuticles.

Step 2 – Apply a base

When you plan to use a polish in a strong and bright color – red, black, dark blue, burgundy – it is better to apply a thin protective layer of transparent varnish. Let it dry and apply a layer of colored nail polish. Before it is dry, use a brush to apply the powder on the nail. You can cover the whole plate or parts of it. Make sure you decorate only one nail at a time. Remove excess grains of dust and allow the varnish to dry.

A variation of this technique is paint-dip-brush method which is quicker but is suitable only when you want the whole nail to be covered in glitter. After your nails are prepared, you apply a layer of colorful polish and dip the nail into the powder. With the help of a small paintbrush or makeup brush, remove the excess.

Step 3 – Finish the nail design

Apply one layer of top coat to seal the glitter to your nail. If there are remaining particles of glitter, wait until your nails are completely dry and wash them – the water will wash away anything that remained on your skin.

Festive and elegant nail art ideas

Nail glitter silver powder awesome manicure ideas

We have selected some of the most interesting nail art ideas with glitter.

glitter nails ombre effect stylish New Year manicure

Glitter ombre nail art is one of the simplest techniques. You can use either a polish or powder, whichever is more convenient for you. Whether on a transparent or colorful base, you will have a fantastic manicure. A reverse ombre pattern is also an option for an original nail design which looks very interesting.

black moon nails with glitter stylish nail designs

Moon manicure with glitter is a fashionable way to decorate your nails. You need to paint your nails with the base color and wait until it dries completely. Then apply the glitter on the crescent on the bottom of the nail plate. Remove the excess and apply a top coat.

minimalist manicure ideas with glitter

French nails with glitter are simply exquisite! This is the perfect nail design for those who would like to add some festive shine to their manicure. You can experiment with different variations – apply clear geometric lines on the tips of the nail or opt for a smooth gradient, where the sparkles start from the tip of the nail. Obviously, you can choose a glitter of any color which will add to your festive attire. In any case, you will be satisfied with the result of your work.

diy nail art black manicure with silver glitter

Decorating individual nails is a great way to create a beautiful and stylish and festive yet restrained manicure. This design will certainly attract attention. You can choose glitter in the same color as the basic polish or select contrasting colors. The same design allows you to use glitters of different sizes and shapes. You can decorate one or two fingers and the visual effect will be stunning.

Look at the gallery below and see the inspiring nail art ideas for your glittering manicure so that you are ready for the next festive occasion.

original white and blue manicure

glitter nails pink moon nail art with silver glitter

glitter nails ideas pink manicure

glitter nails ideas christmas sparkle nail art design

festive nail designs moon nails with glitter

festive manicure rose gold nails with glitter

DIY nail designs ideas geometric nail art with glitter

black and sivler nails with glossy finish


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