Glamour nails ideas – fascinating manicure designs for special occasions

by Kremy

glamour nails art design black and gold manicure

Glamour nails ideas will be of help to all women who would like something special for a festive event like a wedding, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, anniversary or any other celebration. Beautiful and well-groomed nails are a guarantee for excellent mood and self-confidence.

Modern women pay attention to their appearance and spend time for maintaining their haircuts, manicure, pedicure, they are interested in eyelash extensions, hair removal … and these are just some of the procedures in the list! Long gone are the days when doing your manicure in a salon was considered a luxury. Nowadays, regular visits to a beauty salon are already an ordinary ritual. It is not a secret for anyone that when you meet unfamiliar people the hands can tell you a lot about the person.

Nothing is impossible nowadays and if a glamorous lady goes to a nail technician and asks to have her manicure decorated with rhinestones or diamonds, this is not an extravagance or eccentricity and no one is shocked or surprised from such nail designs. We have selected some striking glamour nails ideas which will help you feel irresistible and will add to your unique look for your special occasions. Look at the photo gallery and you will see that nail art can be a real work of art.


Glamour nails ideas – begin with the basics


Glamour nails ideas stylish elegant manicure


What women often misunderstand is that glamorous manicure is not necessarily nails piled with pearls, rhinestones, applications, glitter and decorations. Yes, all of these can and should be used but moderately and with good taste. You have seen many examples of nail designs which cause more bewilderment than admiration and nails shaped awkwardly and polished in the most insane colors. However, it is the basics that you need to keep in mind when you plan your festive manicure.

The first and most important factor for a beautiful manicure design, besides healthy and well groomed nails, is the shape. Oval, round, square, almond shape, with smooth tips have always been and will always be fashionable. Extra long stiletto and coffin nails may look even vulgar and when combined with an elegant evening dress or a small black dress, the visual effect may not be quite flattering for you.

The length is another important factor. As we mentioned, very long nails should be avoided. Short and medium lengths are strongly advisable.

Nail extensions are especially popular and when done properly, with a good shape and length, acrylic nail designs can be really eye-catching and especially beautiful. Gel nail polish which gives the nails strength and makes the nail design more durable is an option for those who prefer not to damage their nail plates, as with the extension, and in addition, it looks more natural.

Choosing the right color and decoration for your glamour nails – this is essential for a great manicure. Of course, the choice of color will depend on the color of your outfit, but keep in mind that neon colors are not a good idea. Depending on the particular occasion you can choose a classic red nail design, white, black and white, burgundy, nude nail art, pastel colors, original negative space nail designs, stylish manicure with rhinestones and crystals, etc.


Glamour nails design ideas – original and creative nail art for special occasions


glamour nails ideas glitter powder festive manicure

Glamour nails design ideas feature numerous ways of creating spectacular nail designs. We shall look at some of the most interesting techniques which guarantee that you will have a stylish, elegant and glamorous manicure.

french nails ideas black manicure with crystals

French manicure is the most popular nail design all over the world. Perhaps, there is no woman indifferent to the French manicure due to the simple fact that it looks incredibly feminine, tender and gentle. Nails of natural color with clear white tips are always elegant and beautiful. To add a touch of luxury to the French manicure you can decorate it with beautiful drawings, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and so on.

winter moon nails brown polish beautiful patterns


Moon nail art is versatile and is a suitable choice not only for your daily manicure but it is the perfect base for many glamour nail designs as well. Moon nails are often described as the opposite of French manicure, but modern nail designs often combine the two types. An addition of small crystals or glitter polish on the tips of the nails transforms an ordinary looking manicure into a festive one.

beautiful festive manicure ideas purple glitter

Glitter nails art is one of the simplest and easiest ways to add a festive touch to any nail design. It comes in almost any shade and works with nude nails, French manicure, geometric patterns, negative space manicure and, of course, it can be combined with any nail polish color. When using glitter, just like with rhinestones, you need to make sure you are not overdoing it. You will see beautiful examples in the gallery how to use glitter as an accent and as a complement to your nail design.

glamorous wedding nail design with rhinestones long nails

Nail designs with rhinestones and crystals are among the most popular choices for glam nails. Crystals look especially festive and make the manicure luxurious and very festive. One of the best nail art ideas with crystals are the ones where the stones are used on accent nails or as a decoration of moon manicure. Often a single crystal is used in flower nail art or images with butterflies as an additional decoration to the drawing.

original nail design ideas pink nails with glitter geometric patterns

Of course, these are just some of the options. You can choose chrome nails, beautiful marble nail art, stylish gradient manicure, combine matte and glossy finishes, original negative space nail art designs combined with glitter and so on. Enjoy the gallery and find the glamorous nails that you like best!




wedding nail art with rhiestones and flowers

shattered glass nail art chrome and nude manicure ideas

nude nail art with gradient glitter

glitter nails festive manicure ideas

nude and glitter nails geometric pattern

glamour nails ideas blue manicure with pearls

glamorous nail art designs for short nails in black and gold

festive red and silver glitter nail art designs

Elegant fashionable manicure ideas glamour nails designs

black and glitter nail design geometric nail art



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