Square Nail Designs: Save these pretty short and long nail ideas for your next manicure!

by Kremy

You will certainly agree with us – it’s a wonderful feeling to walk out of the nail salon with a new and chic manicure, isn’t it? Beautiful fingernails ensure a well-groomed appearance and round off our outfits perfectly. In addition to the color and length, the shape of the nail also plays a decisive role in the appearance of our hands. Whether round, oval, pointed or square – the selection of shapes is now huge, so we often feel lost and have a certain nail shape our whole life. Flashy stiletto nails or almond nails are not for you? How about some cool square nail designs? Square nails are more popular than ever this year and leave plenty of room for creativity. Whether bright neon colors, classic French nails or metallic nails – here you will find the most beautiful ideas for your next manicure!

Filing square fingernails: It’s that easy!

Short square Nail Design ideas Marble Nails Trend Fall 2022

Sporty, chic and totally hip – square nails are more popular than ever this year and a more practical alternative to the popular almond nails. The shape of the nail makes our hands look slimmer and is perfect for both long and short fingernails. The nail shape looks very noble and elegant especially for narrow nails or those with a thin nail plate.

square nail design ideas marble nails nail trend fall winter 2022


Would you like to file square fingernails at home? Then follow our quick step-by-step guide:

  • First, file the nail walls straight.
  • Place the nail file on the edge of the nail and file it horizontally from the outside inwards.
  • If you wish, you can then subtly round off the corners.
  • And you’re done – it’s that easy to file square fingernails!

Which square fingernails varieties are there?

Square nail designs long ombre nail polish color trend 2022

Before we start with the coolest nail designs for square nails, we need to make one thing clear – nail shapes come in many varieties. The classic angular fingernails are still known as “Square Nails” and look really elegant both short and long. And then there are the slightly more extravagant “coffin nails“, which are also called diamond-shaped nails or ballerina nails. The nail edge is still straight, but the nails themselves get a little narrower towards the top. The nail shape is particularly effective with long nails, but is also perfect for making short fingernails appear longer.

Glitter square nail designs

Wedding manicure for short nails glitter design

Glitter and rhinestones are a timeless classic and continue to be among the coolest nail trends for fall 2022. The sparkling details exude pure glamor and have the power to transform even the simplest square nail designs into real eye-catchers.

Nail design short square nails trends fall 2022

Whether you go for an accent nail depends on your own taste. Choose any shade of glitter and combine with a nail polish color of your choice for a modern nail design for short nails. The combination of glitter and pastel colors in particular, looks very elegant and literally makes our hands shine in the cold autumn and winter months.

Black nails for more drama

long nail trends fall 2022 black nail design square nails

The grunge style is socially acceptable again this year! And what is the easiest way to get a feel for the fashion trend? A matching manicure, of course! We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with black nails as a nail trend for fall 2022. The rich hue exudes a timeless elegance and is perfect for a striking nail design for square nails. Whether with glitter, rhinestones, in an ombre look or as black French nails – black is simply part of it in the cooler season and there are endless ways to wear black nails.

Square nail designs in neon colors

Glitter nail design how to file square nails

Bright neon colors are only for summer? But we see it differently! Neon French nails are totally “in” this fall and are guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood. Whether neon pink, yellow, green or blue – these square nail designs immediately catch the eye and makes a real statement. And if you like it even more striking, you can complement the manicure with sparkling rhinestones.

Geometric shapes for a subtle manicure

black nails trend fall 2022 short nail design ideas

After being a total hit this summer, the popular swirl nails have plenty of competition in the coming season. Simple, elegant and a real eye-catcher – straight lines as square nail designs are trendy and the manicure impresses us with its simplicity and sophistication. The delicate lines can be drawn in a variety of shapes and the style works equally well on long and short fingernails. Especially in the matte look, the nail design is a unique eye-catcher and makes a good impression.

Marble nails as a nail trend in autumn 2022

which nail shape suits me square nails design

Marble nails will continue to be a nail trend for fall and winter, and for a good reason. The ways to wear the nail design are literally endless and there are absolutely no limits to our creativity. Sometimes subtle in nude colors or in royal blue – marble nails can be designed as you wish and always look fairytale.

Nail design in blue and gold

Nail polish colors trends autumn 2022 short square nail designs

Blue and gold are always a great option for a chic manicure. But this galaxy nail design for square nails really takes it to a whole new level. The little stars and details ensure a playful, but still very chic look and let our short fingernails shine in a unique way.

The most beautiful ideas and cool square nail designs

minimalist nail design square nails short nail trends fall 2022

Small hearts and neon colors ensure a good mood in the cold winter months

Ombre nail design square coffin nails trend 2022

Jelly nails will also remain a nail trend in fall 2022

Jelly Nails manicure Trend Fall 2022 Square Nail Designs

Square nail design in the trendy colors orange and blue

Orange nail polish color trend fall 2022 long square nails ideas

Pastel blue ombre nails create a romantic look

Blue Ombre Nails Coffin Shape Nail Trend Fall 2022

Neon French Tips are great eye-catchers and very trendy

Neon French Nails Trend 2022 fall

French nails and little hearts for a timeless and chic manicure

French Manicure Trends Fall 2022 Nail Designs for Square Nails

A square nail design in neon colors makes a statement

Neon Nail Polish Trend Fall 2022 Long Square Nail Designs

And if you like it a little simpler, you can’t go wrong with a manicure in shades of brown

nail polish trends autumn 2022

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