October nails 2022: Fall’s Biggest Nail Trends To Copy Immediately!

by Gabby

The leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder, we already took our sweaters from the bottom drawers and put them on top, we prepared the boots and the cozy blankets – yes, autumn is here, and I honestly love that. There is nothing more soothing than going under your warm blankey with a hot beverage in your hand. Now imagine also watching your favorite movies and lighting up a candle that will make your place smell like a pumpkin with a hint of chestnut and cinnamon. I really enjoy this transition from the hot summer to the sweater-weather. Changing our closet is not the only preparation us girls do. If you are like me, and you love to match your nails to the current season, I prepared a few ideas with the trendiest October nails 2022 designs. It is time to forget about the summer colors for a while and enjoy the warm tones that the autumn offers. You are going to welcome fall season with lots of style!

pumpkin decorations autumn nails

What color nails should we get in October 2022?

Autumn is all about the earthy tones and colors like green, orange, burnt red, brown, and cool toned yellow. We can never go wrong with simplicity, and by that, I mean choosing to combine those colors to create the most beautiful pattern on our nails. Picking the classic red color with a hint of burnt orange can also be the perfect autumn manicure. It is certainly very feminine, and the classics are always trendy. Most of the trends are coming back from the past, as we see in many things in fashion, which is also reflecting the nail art designs.

the 60s trend nails october 2022


One of these nail styles is the 60’s twist. You can make it with soft fall colors, or you can go the other way around and make it fun by adding burnt red, orange or green, mix it up however you like it. We love vintage and retro styles here!

hailey bieber glazed nails pearl brown color trend

Speaking of the trendiest nail designs, we cannot avoid mentioning the icon itself, Hailey Bieber, who turned the donut glazed nails into a huge thing. The entire internet was obsessed, and with good reason. I mean, look at those shiny, feminine and beautiful nails. This was one of the biggest moments for nail art as we saw many people tried it and loved it. When this trend was first introduced by her, her nails were in a pretty pearl color, however she showed us later on that the glazed look can be achieved with this delicious and soft, chocolaty brown. I think for autumn it is the perfect choice.

color of the year very peri nails trend

The color of 2022 announced by Pantone is Very Peri, and it is this really standing out purple. For my girls that love that pop of color and are brave enough, I would suggest trying it. It goes with more autumn shades than you would think. With a pearly violet like that one, you do not need any decorations. It is magical on its own.

october nails 2022 trends ballerina coffin shape

What is the trendiest shape in October 2022?

When it comes to trends in shapes, I usually never follow the rules, because I do not like all the shapes on my hand. My all-time favorite is the pointed almond shape. According to the nail specialist Gina Edwards, the trendiest nail shape for this year is the ballerina or the tapered coffin. Those type of shapes normally requires longer nails. If you prefer short nails, you can try square or rounded, and you will feel the most comfortable, however still chic and feminine with those autumn designs. I made a little something for you girlies that are still figuring out your nails shape. This is a visual representation of the basic nail shape form.

nails shapes trends autumn 2022

What nail decorations should we do during fall season?

decorations for nails october 2022 different colors

Decorating your nails can be so much fun. You can personalize them, draw different things on them, add little sparkling stones or make them extra shiny with glitter. During fall time you can decorate them with little pumpkin stickers, ask your nail artist to draw leaves or even tiny little coffee mugs. The secret is to enjoy it. If you want to follow trends, this fall the marble nails are making a comeback. Also, any nail designs with golden foil will make you stand out. Golden foil goes really well with all the autumn colors.

october nails 2022 ideas for halloween

Let’s not forget that Halloween is almost here. If you are a fan of this holiday, why not showing it with a cool Halloween nail art? There are so many creative ways you can go about it. Run to your local nail salon and ask your nails’ artist to draw your favorite monsters, mini spiders, scary pumpkins or little ghosts.

October nails 2022 designs: Photo Gallery

earthy green nails autumn trends 2022

The marble trend is coming back as I mentioned earlier and here’s why! It is stunning and it is giving a royal vibe!

Gold and green are the perfect combo, but try adding those milky colors and you will get this majestic design! 

gold and green nails design trend

Simplicity is always the key! What do you feel like eating when looking at that picture ? Chocolate! 

french tip nails chocolate colors october trends

Animal prints are here to stay! It is definitely adding some spice to the nails. 

decorations nails october trends coffin

Is there a more autumn thing than a pumpkin? I don’t think so. Look at this cute nail design, it screams “Fall is here!”. 

pumpkin decorations nails trend october

Brown, earthy and sophisticated-yes! Do not walk, run to the nail salon! 

october nails 2022 ideas earth tones brown

Classic red nail polish is the symbol of boldness, passion and fire. Flame red? It is even spicier. 

nail trends burnt red october autumn

Ombre can never go out of style. That combination of fall colors with the splash of gold is something worth trying on. 

ombre autumn nails design with gold foil

If Halloween is not the time to experiment and go all out with your nail design, then I do not know when it is!

halloween nails design drawings ideas

Pumpkin spice and something nice! Cute and stunning! 

autumn nails design coffee pumpkin and colors

Blue is my favorite color, however the greyish blue combined with beige… I cannot resist! 

simple nail design autumn colors grey blue and beige

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