Pumpkin nail art ideas: 15 Fall Manicure designs to try during fall season

by Kremy

Warm and flamboyant, fall invites young and old to celebrate the colors. The abundant and colorful season is the ideal source of inspiration for fashion and makeup artists around the world. After the fall leaf nail art, we want to turn your attention to another symbol of the season that appears on trendy nails – the pumpkin and we promise you that you will find the best ideas from our selection of stylish pumpkin manicure designs!

original autumn manicure ideas pumpkin nail art

Pumpkin nail art looks elegant and attractive. It can be made in the fall to emphasize the mood of this charming time when the pumpkin is one of the main symbols of this time of year. You can arrange a fall themed holiday or a party and have pumpkin manicure or even make nail art with a pumpkin for any occasion or for no reason. Pumpkin nail art designs are hugely popular for Halloween as well.

Pumpkin nail art ideas for every nail length and shape

pumpkin nails manicure stickers original designs


Unusual and really nice, pumpkin nail art is suitable for all nail lengths and shapes. Ideal for a chic and discreet manicure, the pumpkin pattern adds a note of warmth and charm to your fingertips. Likewise, this type of nail art allows more daring and creative designs which give you the chance to use your imagination. With that in mind, you can enjoy pumpkin manicure decoration no matter what type of nail length and shape you have and in different manicure styles – French nails, Nude designs, Moon nail art, etc.

What colors of varnish to choose?

nail art ideas elegant bordeaux with matte finish and pumpkin decoration

Fall nail art allows experimenting with varnish colors. Keep in mind that the choice of colors is, above all, a matter of personal taste. With this in mind, you should select the nail polish trends that suit you best, not hesitating to be inspired by the novelties that are shaking up the world of manicure. In fall, we usually prefer to wear warm shades that celebrate the splendor of the season. Among the most preferred varnish colors are:

  • Khaki
  • Nude
  • Taupe plum
  • Beige, burgundy, navy blue, graphite gray, metallic gray, black.

As for the finishes, you have the choice between matte and glossy one. Dark matte polish looks very chic on both short and long nails. If you prefer shiny varnishes, fall 2020 allows you to experiment. Whether your favorite nail polish is glossy or matte, nothing stops you to experiment with an original pumpkin nail art.

DIY pumpkin nail art ideas

pumpkin nail art tutorial

This type of manicure design is ideal for starting the fall in style and also for welcoming the Halloween season in a fun and original way. On the technical side, you can use acrylic paint, stickers or even stamping pads. The choice depends on your preferences and the result you want to achieve. If you don’t have time for an elaborate nail decorations, it is better to use stickers which guarantee you a flawless result in no time. The stamping technique is just as easy to work with and promises a professional looking manicure. If painting is your passion, all you need is a fine brush and a little acrylic paint and you can get creative.

fall nail art ideas pumpkin and leaves

The decoration can be done on a single nail or on all nails as long as it does not fall into excess. Whatever it is, it is better to choose more discreet patterns. Do not hesitate to use the pumpkin pattern with negative space manicure or half-moon style. The combination of these techniques and a pumpkin nail decoration promises a most original and elegant look.

half moon nude nail art with pumpkin decoration

Pumpkin nail art is an awesome nail decoration idea for fall. This pattern isn’t strictly for Halloween, so if you don’t fancy the party, choose a delicate design to honor the colorful leaf season.



pumpkin nails ideas fall manicure

red manicure with pumpkin stamp nail art ideas

pumpkin nail art fall manicure ideas stamping technique

fall manicure brown varnish pumpkin nail art

orange manicure fall colors pumpkin design

nail art halloween fall designs with pumpkins

moon nails fall manicure designs

halloween pumpkin nail art idea original manicure designs

gray manicure with orange pumpkins

creative nail art autumn manicure orange stickers pumpkins



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