40 Fall table decor ideas – how to set the perfect table for your feast?

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Fall table decor ideas are amazing and you can find gorgeous settings in any style. A fall table is a real focal point in a hospitable home that gathers the family members and friends. Autumn pleases us with the richness of bright colors, the velvet touch of the sun’s rays and the generous gifts of nature. So why not create an autumn fairy tale in your home? Simple decorating techniques and gifts of late autumn will help us!

beautiful Thanksgiving table setting festive fall decor

Decorating your home for the fall season means that you will highlight the festive mood of abundance and variety while creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth that would brighten up the cloudy days. And good mood, warmth and comfort are invaluable for family dinners and friendly gatherings. The ideas for a festive dinner table setting are as diverse as the time of the year itself and have a unique charm.

Thanksgiving table decorations in traditional fall colors


Due to the fact that fall is the season of abundance, the ripening of all the fruits, the harvest and, on the other hand, is the time when trees shed their cheerful green foliage and we are preparing for winter, you can choose a theme, color or particular style for your table decor that reflects the character of autumn. For example – Fall, leaves, Harvest party, Fall colors, Hunting season, Farmhouse decoration, Rustic style decor, etc. Another option is to focus on a particular fruit, vegetable – apples, pears, pumpkins and create the decoration in accordance with the theme.

Fall table decor ideas – choose a color palette

fall color palette DIY home decor ideas

Every season is interesting and can be a great inspiration for home decor. What colors and harmonious combinations can you choose for your festive table setting? Seasonal décor comes in many shades inspired by Nature and not all of them fit equally well into the fall palette. When you choose the palette for your fall table decor, you need to keep to more muted tones. Here are some ideas for you:

Natural palette

Thanksgiving festive table setting ideas

Try to arrange the table setting in the colors of nature – gray, woody, beige, golden, gray, black and white, pale blue, brown and green. To do this, use natural materials such as linen and cotton, ceramics, nuts, laurel and olive branches, parchment and feathers, etc. Items with reflective surfaces look interesting against a matte muted background, for example glass containers, vases, glasses or metal accessories like candleholders, figurines, etc.

Pomegranate color

fantastc fall table decor Thanksgiving color palette ideas

A fall table decor in pomegranate color looks impressive. The shape and color of this fruit allows you to avoid unnecessary efforts in decoration as they are self-sufficient. For special occasions, you can paint half of the fruit with gold and silver paint or wrap the pomegranates in foil. Pomegranates with the names of invited guests carved on the crust look spectacular, next to large dishes and as the main round shapes in the central composition. In its natural color, pomegranate blends beautifully with all types of wood and creates bright color accents against the background of light textiles.

Wood, gold and silver

simple fall centerpiece with white pumpkins thanksgiving decor ideas

One of the most popular solutions this fall is the combination of glossy and wood surfaces. The main thing is to keep a sense of proportion. For such a table, choose a minimalistic or classic set, transparent colored glass, white or gray tablecloth, candlesticks and vases with simple geometric shapes. Several gilded or silver items will become the main characters.

Brown shades

festive tablescape and place setting Thanksgiving dinnerware

Brown, as a main color for a fall table decor, should be diluted with neutral, but much lighter tones to avoid a gloomy feeling. In addition, it is advisable to use several tones of brown in different textures. Cinnamon, saffron, chocolate, coffee, caramel – all of these are suitable for your fall decoration.

Red color for the fall table decor

elegant Thanksgiving table setting and decoration

Red palette includes bordeaux, wine, ruby, pomegranate, coral, burgundy, terracotta, etc. Fall red color palette includes sensual muted and deep tones. They are complemented by natural browns, cream, champagne or rosewood tones. It is advisable to use the off white shades instead of pure white.

Yellow color palette

Thanksgiving table setting festive dinner ideas

Yellow is a sunny color and is usually associated with summer and sun. However, when combined with browns, grays and blacks it looks autumnal. Ocher, corn, sand, honey, wheat are the shades to opt for.

Green colors in fall decor

Fall table decor festive dinner setting ideas

Green is the color of spring. However, the palette is rich enough and offers shades like olive, pine needles, khaki, jade, wormwood, etc. Green looks autumnal exactly in warm muted shades, perfectly in harmony with any brown, dim yellow and light gray.

Choose the style of your fall table decor

fall tablescape decor green copper DIY centerpiece

Every home has its own individuality and stylistic concept for the interior. Choosing an appropriate style for your fall decor is important as it will determine the general idea, materials and colors. Here are some guidelines that will help you decide which style is best for your home and festive table.

Rustic style

fall table decor DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece leaved candles pumpkins

Rustic is an independent style used in interior design, and in interior decoration. This style is a great choice when you want something special but, at the same time, understandable and sincere. A rustic decor emphasizes the essence of fall, the end of the harvest season and the human desire for nature and naturalness. It uses only natural materials, natural colors and textures of wood, metal, wool and cotton. The overall color scheme of the decoration should be in earthy brown-beige or fresh white-green tones with splashes of bright color – yellow pumpkins or red berries.

French country

DIY table centerpiece Thanksgiving decorating ideas

If you are a fan of Provence or French country style, you will surely enjoy decorating the fall table with dry bouquets and ears of corn. They create a cozy and nostalgic rural feeling. For such bouquets you can use wheat, for example, or dry fragrant herbs like lavender. The main thing is to choose strong branches and carefully tie them to each other. Add bright ribbons or fresh fall flowers and you will have a beautiful centerpiece.

Farmhouse style

farmhouse fall table decor ideas candles copper and greens

Farmhouse fall decor is hugely popular. Such decor looks beautiful in traditional and modern homes and adds a feeling of warmth and coziness. The neutral color palette is essential. Choose colors that have a bit of a vintage or antique feel to them – earthy shades like grays, tans, and browns.


minimalist style fall table setting

It would seem that the colorful fall decor and the philosophy of minimalism are incompatible. Nothing like this! Try using one item on the table – a small pumpkin, a pomegranate, an elegant branch with several berries, or an autumn leaf – and the table will become a work of art, attracting all the attention of your guests.

Simple and easy fall table decor ideas

fall table decor how to choose a theme and color scheme

Using the gifts of Nature for your fall table will not only decorate it, but also help save money. When decorating a fall table you can use everything that makes you think of fall.Pine cones, pumpkins, berries, vegetables, fruits, flowers, colored leaves can be chic arrangements and create an incredible atmosphere. The main thing is to organically combine all the components on the dining table. To arrange a bright centerpiece composition, choose contrasting combinations. For example – orange pumpkin, brown cones and red physalis or rose hips, and so on. You can use interesting old boxes, flower stands or wooden cutting boards, glass containers, ceramic vases, copper or gilded accessories, etc.

Pumpkin decorations for the fall table setting

Purple and green fall table decoration

The pumpkin is not only a symbol of fall and Halloween, but also a wonderful vase for fall bouquets. Small pumpkins can be used as candlesticks, decorating them with twigs and leaves. Decorative pumpkin varieties of miniature sizes can be beautifully laid out on a table or a large plate or used in numerous fall compositions.

Fruits and vegetables compositions

quick last minute thanksgiving centerpieces table setting ideas

A wonderful decoration of the table in autumn is a composition of ripe fruits and vegetables. By showing imagination and choosing the most decorative vegetables, fruits and berries, you can decorate the room in an original way. Apples or pears can participate in a spectacular fall bouquet. Combine them with flowers or ears of corn and create a beautiful fall compositions. You can decorate fruits with rhinestones and beads and if you want a quick DIY fall table decor idea, keep to the traditional basket filled with apples and use it as a centerpiece. In addition to apples, any fruit available this season is suitable for decorating the table.

Fall leaves table decorations

DIY centerpiece with colored leaves fall tablescape ideas

Leaves are the gold of autumn. Fortunately, these gifts of nature are always in abundance and cost nothing. Perhaps this is the most popular natural material for fall decorations. Leaves can be used in numerous ways and it will not be difficult to assemble a composition of multi-colored leaves and tree branches. Such a composition will stand for quite a long time and can decorate not only the table, but also any open shelf in the house. Leaves can also decorate dishes or cutlery.

Flower arrangements and bouquets from fall flowers

thansgiving table decorations fantastic centerpieces

Fall flowers will hardly leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, they are always a great table decoration for celebrations and family dinners. Their rich colors and fragrance gives the atmosphere a unique charm. Why choose fresh fall flowers? Because they create a warm, inviting and festive atmosphere in the home. Having a bouquet or wreaths of fall flowers is the best way to spice up your table. Flowers in vases can be placed anywhere: on mantelpieces, on coffee tables, on window sills. Dahlia, Chrysantemum, Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, Verbena, Dianthus, Rudbeckia, Alyssum, Marigolds, False Sunflower – the list goes on and on. Physalis, with its bright and rich orange color, is a very popular plant for fall decorations. Typically, it is used as a dried flower and you can not only decorate the festive table with it, but make a beautiful composition that will please the eye all winter.

The gifts of the forest as fall table decor

diy fall table centerpieces autumn centerpiece ideas with natural materials

After the red-orange leaves and pumpkins, pinecones as well as chestnuts and acorns, are the main sign of late fall and a gift to the decorator from Nature. These decorative elements are in abundance under the feet of those walking in parks and forests. Acorns, chestnuts and cones can be combined in a glass container with a pillar candle in the middle. Cones can be laid on napkins near each plate or you can create a coniferous composition in a basket, tray or glass container.You can use cones and nuts as they are or you can paint them in different colors with spray paint. A family trip to the park for gathering materials is just an additional bonus. You can have a workshop with the kids as all children like to collect and paint cones.

Candles for romantic atmosphere at the table

Beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces fall table settings and decor ideas

Candles are a universal decoration for any room and any celebration. As an ornament for fall table setting, look for candles in golden, yellow, bright orange, mustard, burgundy, chocolate and cherry shades.



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