Candle centerpieces – festive table decorating ideas for any occasion

by Kremy

lighthouse candle holders for table decoration

Candle centerpieces are among the most charming table decorations. Such arrangements are ideal for any festive occasion – from Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas to baby bridal shower, weddings, birthday party, baby shower and even a family dinner.

Nowadays there are numerous options to decorate a festive table. However, everyone understands that it is the warmth of a living flame that can create an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy to any room. Maybe this is the main reason that a romantic dinner is lit by candlelight. A candle is a symbolic object. It is an indispensable attribute of many traditions, religious and holiday rituals. It is a source of light. You will see beautiful examples of table decorations with candles and we shall give you some great ideas for DIY centerpieces which will make your holidays even more special.

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Candles come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some are scented and their aroma adds to the pleasure of the festive dinner. You can use tea candles or tall candles, you can combine candles of different sizes, add flowers, green or dry leaves or other embellishments that will enhance the overall appearance of the table. Of course, a wedding table centerpiece will be different from a Christmas decoration, unless you are decoration a winter wedding table. And this is the beauty of decorating – you can come up with creative ideas for each season and holiday.

Candle centerpieces as a focal point on the festive table – tips and ideas

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Festive decorations for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, wedding or any other holiday transform the look of the home and the reception hall. There are many DIY candle centerpiece ideas but there are some considerations and rules that you need to follow.

  • If you decide to put candles in glasses, vases or glass containers, you should make sure that they are fireproof. You wouldn’t want to ruin your magnificent dinner because the glass contained bursts from the high temperature. And this can lead not only to a spoiled mood, but also to injuries.
  • Avoid using candles near open windows, fans, in drafts or in the wind. A sudden stream of air can throw flames on nearby objects. Everyone knows what the result is going to be.
  • When decorating the table with candles do not forget that they should be placed in such a way that they do not disturb the guests while eating and conversing with each other.
  • Make sure to remove the candles from the candlesticks after the celebration. Wax remnants may drip into the container, and when set on fire, they ignite exactly the same as the candle itself.

Valentines day table setting and decoration ideas in white and red

In terms of design, you need to arrange your centerpiece in accordance with the occasion, theme, color scheme, etc. Experiment with shape and color. You can choose tea candles and arrange them on a mirrored or silver dish, which will perfectly reflect the light of the flame.

festive table decorating ideas for any occasion DIY Christmas candle centerpieces


Candles and flowers compositions look amazingly beautiful. In general, almost all the combinations are suitable. Flowers and candles in lanterns are another great table decoration. Beads, pearls, or themed decor, for example – Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, seashells, sand, etc. can be used to complete the composition.



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