Christmas table setting – simple rules for your festive dinner

by Kremy

the best christmas table setting ideas traditional red and gold

Christmas table setting and decoration is a responsible task. A festive decor should look harmonious and this is valid not only for the Christmas tree. Every housewife wants to create an attractive atmosphere in their interior and the festive table setting should reflect not only your individual taste, but the love and care for your family and friends. A proper table setting is the key to a successful holiday dinner. It will be a good idea to think over and plan your Christmas table decoration in advance. We shall help you with basic rules, tips and discover some secrets that will allow you to create a warm, cozy and elegant atmosphere.

Christmas table setting – choose your style and color

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Every year we see spectacular Christmas table setting ideas and each one amazes with taste and elegance. Yes, you can improvise on Christmas day and choose “the last minute” approach.  Even if that is the case, it is better to keep in mind that there are a few traditional serving rules that will immediately help create a joyful Christmas mood.

the best Christmas table setting and decoration ideas

Look at your interior and its color scheme. Choose several harmonious shades for the table decor as well as an accent (contrasting) color. Keep in mind that to make the table look truly sophisticated you should not use more than 3 colors in the design. The classic Christmas palette is based on a warm combination of red and gold or navy blue and silver. Tablecloth, napkins, tableware and decorations should match in color, patterns or style. You can arrange a table in white tones and break the monotony with a splash of gold, red, green or blue. Christmas tree ornaments in transparent containers, candles in beautiful candlesticks or napkins can serve as color accents.

Christmas place setting table decorating ideas with natural materials

If there are plenty of colors in your interior then it is better to use neutral shades for the Christmas table – gray, white, black. Yes, the festive table should be full of bright colors but this doesn’t mean that the overall impression must be of a riot of colors. Feel free to use a calm palette which will balance the brightness of your interior. The festive atmosphere and comfort will be created by burning candles and elegant accessories.

glamorous Christmas table setting ideas red and gold

If you want something festive, but at the same time versatile – choose gold and silver shades. This is a win-win option, where the main thing is to maintain balance!

easy Christmas table setting ideas DIY centerpiece

For the festive table decor you can choose any style that you like and that complements the interior of your home. Rustic style is very popular. It is based on natural tones, materials and decorations. Linen tablecloths and napkins, pine cones, evergreen branches, wooden ornaments, etc.

Holiday table setting gold Christmas ideas

If you prefer something more glamorous, choose crystal, brass, silver and gold shades. Tall candles and exquisite centerpieces, gold or silver rimmed dishes, beautiful candelabras – such elements will make your table exceptionally elegant.

Christmas table setting – basic rules that you need to know

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When you decide on the style and color, you need to think of accessories and elements like light, dishes, glasses, place cards, etc. Before going to the store or before ordering online, you can make a simple drawing of your idea for the festive table. It will be your guideline and will not allow you to move away from the chosen style. There is no need to say that it is necessary to set the table as carefully as possible for the festive Christmas dinner or lunch. The tablecloth and napkins should be clean and ironed. Glasses, plates and cutlery should shine and stand in their places. Also, do not overload the table with decor. One centerpiece is enough when chosen properly.

Use Christmas symbols

festive table setting Christmas decorating ideas and tips

To create a festive atmosphere, Christmas symbols must be present on the table. It can be snowflakes on plates, Christmas tree ornaments on napkins, small decorative compositions with pine cones and tangerines. One of the simplest and most effective ways is to use a tree ornament as a place card holder for each guest. Scatter beads or Christmas themed sequins on the table, make a centerpiece with a small sledge and fill it with small gifts, etc.

Light candles

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Candles add not only a warm glow and reflect light. They can set the mood and change the appearance of your table. Decorative candles go well with needles, cones, Christmas ornaments, glass, etc. Still, do not forget that candles are open fire, and you need to be extremely careful with it, especially if there are small children and pets in the house. The safest option is floating candles, which can be placed in a large transparent container in the center of the table.

Christmas aroma

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It is the aromas that can create an unforgettable holiday feeling in a matter of moments, which is why fir branches are so popular for Christmas table setting. You can make one large composition by placing it in the center of the table, or several small ones. Branches of conifers look great in bouquets with dried flowers as well.

Pay attention to serving rules

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Serving rules are important, especially if your dinner is formal. You need to start serving with plates. Only after that we lay out a number of cutlery, and then glass or crystal. There are rules for placing the napkins, spoons, knives and forks, glasses, etc. Details matter greatly so look for more information about formal dinner table layout.




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Christmas table setting simple rules for your festive dinner

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