Unique Christmas tree toppers – classic and funny ideas to adorn your tree

by Kremy

unique christmas tree toppers creative decor ideas

Have a look at these unique Christmas tree toppers! Some of them feature traditional winter and Christmas symbols while others offer a new and creative look to tree decoration. Very soon, the time to decorate the Christmas tree will come. Many of you will head to decoration stores looking for new ornaments and decorations. When heading to the store or market, do not forget about the tree top.

Christmas tree decorated in white and gold with star topper


When it comes to traditional Christmas tree toppers, there are many options to choose from. Most often the tree is adorned by a star, symbolizing the Star of Bethlehem. Angles, symbolizing the Christmas Angel, are another popular choice. Rosettes, ribbons, bows, snowflakes – these are also in the group of popular tree toppers. However, even these traditional symbols can have a new and unique look. They can be crafted from wire or other unusual materials.

Unique Christmas tree toppers ideas

original customized flag tree topper

People who prefer a more creative approach can top their Christmas tree with almost anything – from hand-crafted jewelry to the most unusual items or even DIY compositions. Nowadays it is fashionable to show imagination and come up with something completely original, if possible – the most bizarre.


beautiful Christmas tree decor with red bow topper

A bow will add tenderness, warmth and coziness to your home. As a Christmas tree topper, the bow will create an atmosphere of light playfulness and softness. Moreover, you can make it yourself from improvised materials.


Traditional angel tree topper Christmas decorating ideas

Angel tree toppers vary in design and you can find cute vintage figurines because the tradition of decorating Christmas trees with dolls of angels has existed for a very long time.


LED light Bethlehem star Christmas tree topper

This is a classic Christmas tree decoration. Surely it is in the home of every family. If not, you can buy it at any store or make it yourself from a variety of materials – paper, polymer clay, beads, wire, felt, or decorative stones.


christmas tree decoration ideas snowflake topper

This option is suitable for people for whom Christmas is the culmination of winter. A snowflake as a decoration of the top of the Christmas tree will emphasize your attitude to the fabulous season.


Santa hat Christmas tree topper red white ornaments

If you want to be unconventional, you can decorate the tree with elements of clothing – ties, socks, bow ties and you can put a hat on top of the tree. A weird hat will be the best choice for Alice of Wonderland themed Christmas decoration. Even if you do not want to push the boundaries that much, a Santa hat on the top of your tree will give it a unique and original look.

unique diy christmas tree toppers ideas homemade ornaments

Check out our collection for inspiration and create your own unusual Christmas tree topper!



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