Teapot centerpieces – Romantic inspiration for your festive occasions

by Kremy

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Teapot centerpieces are an original touch the festive table decoration for a special celebration such as a wedding or a birthday, bridal or baby shower, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Decorating with flowers is truly art and we often see amazing floral arrangements created by talented florists. However, nothing is impossible and you can get inspired from the images in the photo gallery to arrange your own teapot centerpiece.

teapot centerpieces floral arrangements for your party


There is no better natural air freshener than fresh flowers. You can easily create magnificent arrangements and make your table décor unique. Floral centerpieces are universal for any festive occasion and if you think about it, there is no need to wait for next holiday, birthday, anniversary or mother’s day. All you need is a bunch of fresh flowers, a teapot and a couple of free minutes.

Teapot centerpieces ideas to decorate the table with fresh flowers

vintage teapot centerpiece floral centerpieces table decor ideas

The truth is that the teapot, as an item, is quite decorative in itself. If you have any old teapot, or a vintage tea set, surely you would like to showcase them. Yes, using the teapot as a vase changes its original function but what could be a better way to display your beautiful porcelain? If your teapot is large, use only one and then complement it with beautiful flowers. If the teapot is small, you can put several and thus create wonderful sets that harmonize with the rest of the table decoration.

If you want something simple you can improvise by placing a small bouquet of fresh flowers with the short stems in a small teapot. You can place such flower arrangements on tables, side tables, even on the window sill.

brdal shower table decoration ideas DIY centerpieces floral arrangements

When you plan to decorate your table and use teapots as vases, you need to make sure that they blend harmoniously with the overall style of the decor. This is especially valid for weddings, tea parties, bridal showers and other events. Typically, a wedding is decorated in accordance with a chosen theme, style, colors, etc. Teapot centerpiece can be a brilliant addition to Alice in Wonderland or Beauty and the Beast themed decor, to rustic, Shabby chic or vintage style parties.

DIY wedding table centerpieces floral arrangements in metal teapots

You can find teapots at flea markets, home goods stores and there is no need to buy the most expensive ones. Porcelain teapots with floral patterns, for example, are very delicate and beautiful which makes them the perfect table decoration for tea-parties and romantic weddings. Colorful polka dot teapots will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Metal teapots add vintage glam and chic to the table decor, so you have different options to choose from that will blend with the overall decoration idea. You should not be worried that you haven’t got enough matching teapots for each table. Just use a different one on each table. The important thing is to create the right mood! You can even combine a teapot with a sugar pot or a teacup to increase the visual appeal.

What flowers can you use for your teapot centerpieces?

awesome teapot centerpiece festive table decoration ideas

There are no limits or restrictions for creativity and fantasy. You can use any flowers – seasonal, field flowers, you can combine them and add beads, sequins or other decorations suitable for the theme and style. Carnations, chrysanthemums, hydrangea, roses, alstroemeria, eustoma, spring flowers like daffodils or tulips, roses, the list is endless.

For a more refined table setting with flowers, try to pick flowers to match the candlesticks, for example, delicate orange roses and glass candlesticks on a white tablecloth and white dishes will look amazing. Small delicate pink roses do not need a selection of color combinations and are suitable for almost any table and any style. Bright red and burgundy roses usually attract all the attention so it is better to leave the general background neutral – white or cream shades will be perfect.

teapot with flowers mothers day gift ideas

If your flowers are not bright enough and get lost on the background of festive dishes, use contrasting colors to highlight them. For example, yellow flowers will become brighter on a violet background, orange – on blue, pale pink – on green. Use colored napkins, draperies, candle holders to create a contrasting background around the bouquet.


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