How to host the perfect bridal shower tea party – useful tips and ideas

by Kremy

How to host the perfect bridal shower tea party? When you want to organize an elegant and charming event like a bridal shower there are different options and depending on your planning skills, personal taste and budget, of course, you can choose to go one way or another. We shall offer you some creative ideas for this pre-wedding party which will help you organize a stylish event and have fun time with the bride-to-be.

Bridal shower tea party organization tips

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Your best friend will soon get married? Now is the time to do something unforgettable. It is a great occasion for all of her friends to gather, organize and spend some great time, make her feel very special and share this wonderful moment with bridesmaids and girlfriends.

How to organize the perfect bridal shower tea


You can choose from numerous themes and ideas but when you want to organize something really elegant a bridal shower tea party gives you an opportunity to show good taste, elegance and style. You can organize it in secret with the help of two or three of the bridesmaids and surprise the bride-to-be or organize the event together – this is your personal decision.

How to host the perfect bridal shower tea party check list

When it comes to hosting an event, especially a bachelorette, planning the event in advance is the key to success. Yes, it involves some creativity, but after all, it all comes to giving answers to some simple questions like – where, when, who, what. It is a good idea to have a check list which will help you and remind you what is done and what is left to be done. Involving some “assistants” is also a good idea, unless you want to do everything by yourself. Any help is welcome and once you have the idea you could assign some of the tasks to your assistants. For example, one could be responsible for the decoration, someone else – for the party favors, etc.

Here are some useful and practical tips which will help you organize the perfect bridal shower tea party:

The first thing that you need to do is set a budget for the event which will help you plan the costs for decorations, flowers, menu, favors, etc.

Write down the guests list for your tea party. Think whether you want a small, intimate gathering for just the future bride and her closest friends or you want a bigger event where the guests will be able to socialize.

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Choose the right venue for the event. You can organize it as a garden party in your own backyard if you plan a small gathering or choose a restaurant if you plan to invite many guests.

Send invitations to all the people from the guest list informing them for the place and time of the event, dress code (if any), etc. Traditionally, afternoon tea is served at 4 p.m., but you can choose any other time from 11 noon or 1 p.m.

Choose a theme and plan the decoration accordingly. You will find some great bridal shower tea party themes below which will help you with ideas according to the theme.

Plan the tea party menu. A tea party menu can be based on the party theme, for example, but remember that the whole event is very feminine and elegant. Tea, coffee, cocktails, sandwiches and scones, sweets and savories –those are traditionally served. Think whether you prefer a buffet table or the food and drinks shall be served on each table.

Think of suitabletea party favors – jars of honey, tea of different flavors and blends, tea strainers, sweets, etc. and place them by the door so guests can pick their favorites and take them home.

Think of the right music for the party which will add to the overall experience, the kind of entertainment – fun games, would you like a photographer, etc.

Choose a romantic theme for your bridal shower tea party.

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When choosing a theme for a bridal shower tea party something elegant and romantic is best. For example you could go for a Victorian themed party, Downton Abbey theme, vintage, Shabby chic or retro theme. These themes provide a lot of opportunities for exclusive decorations, they are very elegant and feminine and especially suitable for bridal showers.

Alice in Wonderland or Mad Hatter themes are among the most popular choices not only for kids’ parties, but for bridal showers as well, especially when you want to add some bright colors and have a more informal tea party.

You can choose a particular color theme – pink, lavender, pastel colors, etc. and plan the party in a particular color palette.

Race day fashion is a great theme as well – think of hats and elegant outfits, which will add a touch of class and sophistication to your event.

Another option is to choose a seasonal party theme – Spring, Summer or variations like – spring flowers, sunflower, violets, etc.

Whatever party theme you choose, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your time with the bride-to-be and your friends!

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