Bridal shower ideas for the summer – picnic, Hawaiian party and more

by Kremy

We have selected some wonderful bridal shower ideas for the summer which is the most popular season for weddings and if your celebration takes place in the warm season, then the perfect option will be a picnic in the countryside, where you and your girlfriends will be able to relax outdoors. Organizing an event outdoors offers the great advantage that you can get out of the urban environment and get a rest from the hustle and bustle. Yes, there is a chance that bad weather may ruin your plans but if you plan wisely there is no reason not to have a fun bachelorette party.

How to plan a bridal shower party outdoors – useful tips

cool and fun bridal shower ideas for the summer

When planning a bridal shower party outdoors you can choose from different options – a picnic in the countryside, a boat trip, a beach party, afternoon tea party in the garden, pool party and why not a barbecue party. Those options give you ideas for the venue and once you choose it, you have many other options to choose the style and the theme of the event. Here are some great ideas to consider:

Shabbi-chic bridal shower will require vintage decor elements with a light touch of aging, flower arrangements of field and garden flowers, pastel color palette, tender fabrics and elegant decoration.

Country style is very undemanding – the bride and her friends can wear jeans or shorts, checkered shirts and cowboy hats, plaids or burlap can be used and wild flowers, straw and dried flowers will be appropriate decoration for the style.

Boho chic bridal shower can be organized as well and everyone can be invited to wear an original outfit with interesting prints. Colorful pillows, rugs, burlap and lace – you can use one of these or all. The style allows a lot of freedom. Candles, lanterns, bouquets in bright colors and a teepee made of bright fabrics will be the perfect backdrop for magnificent photos.

The retro theme also gives a lot of opportunities – you can choose from the glamorous style of the Art Deco times, Hollywood glamour to the beautiful and playful pin up style – whatever you like!

Oriental bridal shower theme is another great option for an outdoor party. The future bride and the guests can wear thematic outfits and instead of carpets you can use colorful cushions and rugs in Oriental style, scented candles, etc.

Childhood memories is another fun theme for a bridal shower, as every girl has a favorite movie or cartoon character and you can have a Barbie bridal shower or Alice in Wonderland themed party in the backyard and remember the carefree time.

summer bridal shower ideas picnic


Here are a few tips which will come useful when you plan a bridal shower party outdoors:

  • Do not choose a place very far from the city as you may find it difficult to get there. Along with wildlife, you can also give preference to a quiet corner in a park or river bank in the city.
  • Most likely, you will stay outdoors until late, so prepare in advance a small rug or warn your friends that they take light cardigans or jackets.
  • If you go by taxi, specify in advance how you will get there and arrange with the driver to pick you up.
  • Prepare a few warm bedspreads that you can spread on the grass, as well as some pads on which you and your girlfriends will sit.
  • A small folding table for refreshments looks beautiful but if you do not have one you could arrange the plates with treats directly on the rugs.
  • Make sure you have a canopy that will hide you from the scorching sun – it can be a large piece of fabric stretched between the trees or a rented awning. An improvised tent in Boho style also looks very original.

Do not forget about the decor – decorate the surrounding space – hang bright paper garlands and ribbons on the trees and they will be beautifully fluttering in the wind. Arrange small bouquets that not only add to the romantic atmosphere, but also fill the surrounding space with a pleasant fragrance. When it gets dark, you can light candles in interesting candlesticks, which will create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere.

How to organize a bridal shower picnic?

summer garden party bachelorette ideas picnic

One of the best bridal shower ideas for the summer is to organize a picnic. What to take with you on a picnic? What type of food is suitable? Although a picnic sounds as an easy task to plan, we have a list of important things that you should not forget. It will be a good idea to make a list – not only for the people that you want to invite, but for all the details – invitations, decoration, food, drinks, party favors, games, etc. In this way your task will be much easier and you will be sure that everyone will have a good time.

For a picnic in the fresh air, you should prepare not only the elements of “furniture” and decor, which we mentioned earlier, but also a few details that will turn your bachelorette party into the perfect summer outdoor party.

  • A wicker basket for all the food. In addition to the functionality, such a basket will be an excellent props for a photo shoot.
  • A beautiful tablecloth on which you will place all the treats and cutlery.
  • Tableware – avoid plastic! A bachelorette party is an occasion based on beauty and elegance.
  • Portable refrigerator or cooler bag which will keep perishable products fresh. It can be meat, fruits, berries, desserts, as well as drinks that will be kept cool to the desired temperature.
  • Insect repellents and sun protection.

When selecting a menu for a picnic, make sure to discuss the details with your girlfriends. If you have not enough free time, make a shopping list and distribute it among your girlfriends. Let each of them buy everything you need and buy/ or make one light dish for your bridal shower party. For example, waffles, cakes, macarons and other pastries, fruits and berries like grapes, watermelon, peaches, etc. If you plan a barbecue or an open fire, add some vegetables that can be cooked on fire to the list. Cheese, cold meat cuts or fish, but make sure those are kept cool in the cooler bag. As far as drinks are concerned the list includes water, soft drinks, champagne, etc.

Games and activities that will be a lot of fun on a picnic and very entertaining usually involve some creativity. For example, you could organize a contest for the most beautiful bouquet or wreath made of wild flowers or for a Boho style bridal party you could be making bracelets or necklaces. A lot of fun is a contest for making cocktails so think of preparing all the ingredients, a shaker and cocktail glasses in advance. Those who prefer more sporty activities would enjoy a game of badminton or launch kites.

outdoor bachelorette ideas garden party picnic ideas

fun hen party ideas garden picnic

hen party ideas for the summer organize a picnic

bachelorette ideas garden picnic decor menu

Hawaiian bridal shower ideas

Hawaiian bridal shower ideas cool and fun tropical style party

If you are tired of the typical bridal shower parties and you dream of something special here is a non-standard theme that will create an original holiday atmosphere. Hawaiian bridal shower ideas include exotic dances, delicious cocktails, tropical fruits and costumes which will help create the festive atmosphere of Hawaii.

The best place to host a Hawaiian party is considered the sea shore. The sound of the waves, soft sand underfoot, red sunset, loud Hawaiian music, create the right mood and atmosphere. Obviously, a public beach is unlikely to be a good place for a bachelorette party, so think if you could rent a private area where you will not meet uninvited guests. If you do not live near the shore of the sea, arrange a Hawaiian party in the backyard, by an outdoor pool. With the right planning and decor, menu and activities, you will be able to throw the best Hawaiian bridal shower.

One of the main elements of the decor are the palm trees – whether real, made of balloons or plastic ones. Tropical fruits are another major element and you can use them not only in the menu, but as decoration as well. Bright floral garlands, wreaths and compositions decorating the buffet, ideally correspond to the Hawaiian party theme. Hawaiian skirts, surfboards, bright umbrellas, coconut glasses for cocktails, candles, torches – all of these thematic things create an additional atmosphere and will also be wonderful details. Do not forget about music, Hula dance – you could invite an instructor for a private class – and enjoy yourselves!

tropical bachelorette table decorating ideas menu

tropical bridal party table decoration ideas

tropical themed bridal party favors ideas

hawaiian party bachelorette ideas for the summer

Hawaiian hen party decoration ideas tropical party

super cool bridal party ideas on the beach

hawaiian bachelorette party ideas tropical decor

fun bachelorette party ideas hawaiian beach party

Beach themed bridal shower party – tips and practical ideas

beach party bachelorette ideas for the summer

As we mentioned, bridal shower party ideas for the summer are an excellent option to spend a few hours outdoors. Beach themed bridal showers are a great option for active girls who prefer a more dynamic party. You have the option for beach volleyball or frisbee, ride water bike or skis, sunbathe and swim and enjoy the warm summer weather.

When you organize a beach themed bridal shower you have the advantage that the color palette includes all shades of blue – from dark blue to turquoise – white, sandy shades, gold – which gives you a lot of options to choose suitable décor. Set a dress code in the color palette or choose a single color – it is up to you. Shorts, vest, stylish striped clothing, as well as mermaid and pirate attributes are welcomed, swim suits and bikini – the options are endless!

You can have a buffet table, book a restaurant by the beach, a beach bar or even organize a picnic on the beach. When you think of table decoration stick to blue, white, red and gold accents, decorative elements like sea pebbles, shells, starfish, driftwood, and if you are on a budget – sand in a jar will do the trick!

The menu should include fish and seafood dishes, sandwiches, salads, salty biscuits. Do not forget to provide a variety of drinks that work well with the selected menu – juices, cocktails – alcoholic and nonalcoholic, mineral water.

Think of suitable party favors – there are numerous nautical items – from an anchor bottle opener, handmade candles, flip flops to jars full of sand and shells or cute messages in a bottle which you can prepare in advance and will cost you virtually nothing.

summer bachelorette party ideas beach party tips

how to organize bachelorette party on the beach

beach themed bridal shower party favors

beach bridal shower ideas DIY table decorating ideas

beach party bohemian style bachelorette ideas

bachelorette party on the beach fun ideas

beach party summer bachelorette ideas

bachelorette party ideas on the beach decor menu activities

bachelorette beach party picnic ideas boho chic style

The bridal shower is a wonderful event before the wedding. Nowadays, a lot of wedding agencies offer different ideas for a bachelorette party and assist with the organization. Such party is a unique opportunity for the bride-to-be to have an unforgettable party with her friends before the wedding. The theme, venue, menu and type of party depend on the desire, financial possibilities, fantasy and even the character and individuality of the girls. There are a lot of great ideas to turn a bachelorette party into an original and unforgettable event.

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