Retro bridal shower ideas – tips for organization, decor and menu

by Kremy

Retro bridal shower ideas can be helpful to all who would like to host an original bachelorette party and create beautiful memories for the bride to be and the closest friends. The bachelorette party is an event that plays a big role for any girl. This is the day when the bride says goodbye to her unmarried life, so you need to make sure that it will be fun and memorable. If you are thinking how to organize a retro style bachelorette party, we shall give you some practical tips and ideas which will be of help for the perfect event!

Retro bridal shower ideas -choose the venue and create a retro atmosphere

vintage bridal party ideas and themes

When you plan a retro bridal shower you need to start with the list of guests and, of course, choose a venue, suitable for the event. You also need to decide which time period you want to recreate which will also help you while searching for the best venue. It can be a cafe or restaurant with the appropriate atmosphere and decoration. They should remind you of places from the past. During the summer you could opt for an outdoor bridal shower party – a beach or any other place that will carry you back in time will be a good option. The main thing is to feel the spirit of that time so you need to choose the right accessories.

80s theme bachelorette party disco retro style


Do not forget that small details will create the right atmosphere so try to find vintage items or a few antique pieces (even imitations) belonging to the time period that you chose. It can be furniture pieces of the chosen time, some individual details, accessories, appropriate to the style of that era – all this together can transfer you and your friends in the distant past.

bachelorette tea party vintage retro theme

The right music, clothing, make-up and hairstyle will also add to the festive atmosphere of the retro bridal shower party. Avoid any modern music, choose something from the time period of your party. Classical music, a gramophone and vinyl records, etc. Since we live in an age of rapidly developing technologies, nowadays almost any cell phone can be used to take the music with you anywhere. If you have the budget, you could hire a band to perform live which will make the retro bridal party even more special. Special clothing, hairstyle and makeup will not only be fun to wear but are essential for the true spirit of the time gone by. A lot of eras fit in the retro style. Therefore, your appearance will completely depend on the selected period of time. Bright dresses in the style of the 50’s, 60’s, with a lush skirt and open shoulders look most vivid, and you can use various accessories, such as long gloves, pearls and much more.

Retro bridal shower ideas – how to choose a theme?

vintage tea party table centerpieces victorian theme decorations

Depending on your tastes, preferences and fantasy you can choose a completely different time frame for your event. It can be elegant twenties, wild 60’s and disco eighties. We shall look at some of the options and see how you can host a fantastic bridal shower in retro style.

retro style bridal shower ideas

One of the most popular bridal shower party themes is the 20’s style theme. You can choose the elegance of The Great Gatsby theme or Hollywood glamour and will be certain that the party will become a very bright and extraordinary event. Fascinating and elegant evening dresses complemented by charming accessories like feathers, furs, jewelry, hair decorations, irresistible bright red lipstick, etc. will give you the look of the 1920’s. The jazz of the 30s will be the perfect choice for music, games can include poker, roulette, etc. The menu should include champagne, elegant sandwiches, shrimps, etc.

pin up style retro bridal shower ideas

Happy housewife from the 50’s is another fun theme for a retro style bridal shower. This is an interesting period of time when the perfect housewife not only coped with a huge number of household chores, but also looked amazing. Elegant dresses with lush skirts, neat hairstyles and bright makeup are characteristic for the period. Polka dots, bright colors, ribbons, faux lashes, winged eyeliner and a red lipstick will complete the retro look. Get adorable vintage aprons for all the guests. Decorate the table with flowers, vintage cake stands, cupcake trays, and Coke bottles. Prepare milkshakes, baked sweets, and cupcakes. You can make small party favors, for example, decorations, suitable for the theme of the bachelorette party.

summer tea party bachelorette theme ideas retro style

You can organize your event as a retro style tea party. You can choose a suitable café, club or your backyard if the weather permits. Again – stylish dresses, neat hairdos, perfect make-up and stylish accessories will help you create the image of a domestic goddess which is a modern woman as well.

80s bridal shower theme retro style bachelorette

80’s bridal shower party will take you back to the time of disco, bright colors, fluorescent neon shades, leggings and voluminous hairstyle! This is the time of aerobics and Flashdance, so you can choose a favorite movie as a theme or return to the 80s fashion or music idols like Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc. Pay special attention to the décor. It should remind you of music, disco and fashion clubs of the 80’s. Audio cassettes, cassette players, fun party accessories in the style of 80’s will add to the atmosphere.

shabby chic bridal party cupcakes

Of course, you can choose a retro rustic theme or a romantic Shabby chic style theme – there are so many different options which can take the future bride and your best friends to a real journey back in time!

vintage tea bridal party retro style ideas

vintage bachelorette party ideas cupcakes beautiful cakes

vintage style bachelorette ideas

retro style party favors housewife theme

retro style bachelorette party decorating ideas

retro bridal shower cupcakes daisies vintage housewife theme

party favors retro bachelorette party ideas

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50s theme retro style bridal shower ideas

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