Spa themed bridal shower ideas – have a relaxing day with the girls!

by Kremy

Spa themed bridal shower ideas are the perfect choice for those who want to spend some time in a calm and relaxing atmosphere together with their friends, having a laugh and chatting for all those women’s stuff over a glass of champagne or a cup of tea. Organizing a wedding takes a lot of energy and your friend – the future bride – will appreciate a few hours of pleasant rest and feel the effect of the healing procedures. How to arrange a bridal shower party in a SPA salon so that it was not boring? We shall give you some useful advice and tips so that you have a memorable party!

Spa themed bridal shower ideas – how to plan the event

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There are quite many spa themed bridal shower ideas and it is up to you to get organized and plan the party. You need to choose a SPA salon and make a list of invited friends. There are many SPA salons which have special offers for a bachelorette party and you can choose a standard package or add other elements and procedures. It is worth mentioning that many SPA-salons offer substantial discounts, thanks to which it will be possible to host such a party even if you are on a modest budget, so while you are searching for a suitable salon, do not forget to ask about the current discounts. Bear in mind that most spa and wellness programs are designed for a specific number of people. Obviously, this is not a venue for a noisy party, so you need to carefully make a list of 5-6 friends and send out invitations where the date and time of the party will be indicated, as well as the location of the SPA-salon.

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Consider whether and how to decorate the room where the bridal shower party will take place. Live flowers are always a very appropriate decorative element and add to the good mood and charming atmosphere.

Think of the menu – a light buffet consisting of seafood and snacks is advisable. It is better not to choose heavy meals as they are not the best choice when you plan a rest in a spa zone. Some pleasant music is also a good idea. Make sure it is not too loud so that the guests can communicate without having to raise their voices.

Spa themed bridal shower ideas – how to choose the wellness procedures?

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Since we are talking about spa themed bridal shower ideas, when you plant the party you should consider what exactly you are going to do. Typically a standard set of procedures for skin, hair and nail care and includes sauna, peeling, massage, manicure and pedicure. Sauna has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps opening the pores. Check out what types of sauna the SPA salon offers – an infrared sauna, steam bath, standard Finnish sauna and see what is included in the package.

Massages helps to get rid of cellulite and toxins and is another very relaxing procedure. With the help of useful cosmetic mixtures, the skin is saturated with beneficial micro-elements and minerals, which makes it healthy and velvety. Modern SPA salons offer massages with honey, chocolate, algae, mud, rice, coffee grounds, grapes so there is quite a big choice.

Cleansing peelings restore the skin of the face and body and, let’s be honest, this is excellent as a lot of pictures will be taken at the wedding and all girls will want to look in the best way! Usually the peeling procedure includes a facial mask, which moisturizes the skin. Masks come in a wide variety and can be based on honey, milk, cosmetic clay, black soap, salt, as well as other effective elements that make the skin beautiful. Masks after peeling eliminate the feeling of tightness and prevent skin irritation.

Nail care gives a chance to all girls to leave the bridal shower party with a perfect manicure. You can include herbal baths, which are made before the manicure and pedicure and soften the skin.

Optionally you can add a Turkish bath to the program, jacuzzi, anti-cellulite procedures and everything else that your budget allows. As we all know – the more, the better!

Spa themed bridal shower ideas – fun games and contests

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Bridal shower games and quests add to the fun of the experience and help for the good mood of all guests. It is worth considering some fun activities which are suitable for a SPA salon.

For example, you can organize a small contest for the most original complement to the bride as she is your guest of honor. Another option is to ask everyone to prepare a little speech in advance and the most original and funny one is going to be the winner of the contest.

A good idea is to tell fun stories of your friendship – share memories and adventures from you travels, school years, etc. Such stories can be really funny and a pleasant way to have fun in the SPA salon.

Last, but not least, you should think of party favors for all the participants. For example, mini bottles of champagne will be quite appropriate. Scented bath salts, body lotion, cosmetics, handmade soap – all these are a good idea.

A bridal shower in a SPA salon is a pleasant experience which gives a lot of positive emotions. Everyone will feel relaxed and will look refreshed. There is no need to say, that taking a lot of pictures is a must!

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