Fascinating womens shoulder tattoos – design tips and ideas

by Kremy

flower tattoo ideas womens shoulder tattoos design ideas

Womens shoulder tattoos look beautiful, original and can attract the attention. So if you are considering a new tattoo and you are not sure where to put it, think about your shoulder. It would be just great to wear an off-the-shoulder-top and show off (or hide) your amazing tattoo. We have selected some inspiring examples of beautiful shoulder tattoo for women to help you find the best design for you.

Depending on the character and desire women choose the theme of their tattoos lead by their personal liking. It can be fabulous flowers, fairies, wonderful birds, cats, snakes, star signs, Japanese symbols, mandalas, hearts, inscriptions, geometric patterns or carefully designed complex images. Some women prefer large tattoos that immediately attract the eyes of other people while others prefer small tattoos which accent on their more delicate personality.

lotus shoulder tattoos for women


Shoulder tattoos for women are very popular among different age groups and different social groups. This place is great for any tattoo, and any size and any style. This body area is suitable for colorful and bright tattoos and in the summer season you can always show your tattoo to others and attract the desired attention. One thing should be remembered, though – getting a tattoo is an important step and it should be carefully considered. It is quite natural that the tattoo should reflect your personality, individuality, lifestyle and most important – to mean something to you.

Do not forget that each image has a meaning and it must be understandable to you. Make sure that the people close to you also like your choice. If you are not sure of the exact design you’d better consult with the tattoo artist who will help you in choosing the tattoo style, the size and of course will offer you some useful ideas for the image itself.


Womens shoulder tattoos – pros and cons


womens shoulder tattoo sleeve mandala ideas

Womens shoulder tattoos have their advantages and advantages. The shoulder is a very convenient body part to place a tattoo – the surface is big and easily accessible. On the first place, a tattoo on the shoulder not only looks amazing but also speaks for the strong character of their owner. Beautiful tattoos for women are also a way to make an impression and some women choose to place their tattoos on the shoulder as a self-expression, while others choose this body part to impress others. Small tattoos on women’s shoulder look graceful, feminine, elegant and charming while large scale tattoos look powerful, challenging and sometimes, even provocative.

The shoulder is a place that can be very easily hidden under clothing. For example, if a woman wants to have a tattoo, but works in some important and official place with a strict dress code, a simple shirt will hide everything and no one will see the tattoo.

Temporary tattoos on the shoulders are also gaining popularity and they look good as well. Of course, henna tattoos are also an option but they do not last long – maximum ten days, but this is a good option for women who are not certain they want a tattoo or are afraid of the pain. Sometimes a temporary tattoo becomes a step towards getting a permanent one.


Women’s shoulder tattoos – styles, motifs and design ideas


shoulder tattoos rose and leaves

As a rule, women’s shoulder tattoos feature feminine themes but not only. As we said, the choice of the tattoo design is personal and strictly individual and may vary from a red heart wrapped in a bright ribbon to skulls or even biomechanics. Heart tattoos in numerous variations is one of the most popular choices.

Another incredibly popular tattoo design is the floral theme – you can see amazingly beautiful shoulder tattoo for women featuring any flower – from lush roses to delicate wild field flowers.

Star signs are another popular topic. Many girls choose the symbol of Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, etc. as a shoulder tattoo. It looks interesting and there is no doubt about the meaning of the tattoo.

Animal images are also among the favorite choice for shoulder tattoos – butterflies, birds, cats, snakes are often seen in numerous designs, sizes and in different styles.

Mandala shoulder tattoos for women also enjoy a great popularity. Like with animal, flowers and any other symbol, mandala tattoo designs have different meanings and no matter what your choice is, you should check the meaning before you have the tattoo done.

Choosing the right style for your tattoo is also a part of the design. There are many different styles – old school, new school, abstraction, watercolor, chikano, blackwork, dotwork, 3D style, etc. – and if you are not quite certain which one is the best for you, consult the experts in the tattoo studio.


womens tattoo vintage deer tattoo

womens shoulder tattoo short sleeve arm tattoos

small heart tattoo womens shoulder design ideas

small bird tattoo on shoulder for women

shoulder tattoos for women mandala tattoo ideas

roses and bird tattoos for women

red roses tattoo for women

pansy tattoo on shoulder for women

original shoulder tattoos for women

 gemini tattoo designs womens shoulder

flower tattoos for women short sleeve ideas

flower tattoos for women

flower tattoos dotwork short sleeve design ideas

elegant flower tattoo sakura motif



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