Rustic bridal shower – charming decorating ideas for your event

by Kremy

Those who have chosen to organize a rustic bridal shower can take advantage of the numerous decorating ideas, the adorable DIY projects for party favors, table decoration and centerpieces and much more. The great thing about rustic style is that you can use natural materials, handmade ornaments are welcomed and the design and decoration allow some deliberate negligence which adds tons of character and charm.

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The main idea of decorating events in rustic style is the predominance of natural, rough textures and creating contrasts which accent the delicate beauty of flowers, lace, tableware, etc. The best time for a bridal shower in rustic style is late spring, summer, or early autumn when the bright colors of Nature will add to the magnificent decoration.

Rustic bridal shower – venue and decoration ideas

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What is the best venue for a rustic bridal shower? Having in mind that such events are organized for the closest friends of the bride that means a relatively small number of guests, a country house is quite a suitable venue. Even if the weather is bad, the party can be moved indoors and the preparation will not require a lot of special efforts and expenses. If the budget allows, you can hire a professional decorator or a company to arrange all the details like decor, menu, activities, party favors, but most often the girlfriends of the bride-to-be organize the bachelorette party on their own. Their task will be much easier if the party is held in the same style as the wedding. You can organize the event outdoors and if you are on a tight budget, your own backyard can be transformed into a beautiful venue with some suitable decoration.

DIY rustic table decoration ideas for bridal party

Rustic bridal shower decoration can be arranged easily and you can give flight to your creativity and imagination. Typically the color palette is close to natural colors – brown, green, creamy, delicate colors from the pastel palette can be used as well. Textile features floral prints, stripes, burlap, lace, etc. and you can use tablecloths and napkins from natural fabrics finished with embroidery or lace. Vintage household items, preferably as simple as possible, without painting and varnishing, antiques or accessories with a rustic worn out look also add to the rustic atmosphere. Make sure you use fresh flowers as table decoration – garden or field flowers. You can use lanterns, mason jars, birdcages, old bottles and make beautiful centerpieces, floral arrangements and attractive table accents. Wooden boxes, wicker baskets, hay, a wheelbarrow or even a barrel are popular details giving the rustic look and flavor. Metal or wooden buckets are also appropriate and create a barn or a log cabin look. As you see there are many opportunities to create a stunning rustic décor for your event and you need to be careful not to overdo it. Excessive vintage items and accessories will make your venue look like a garage sale. Remember that rustic style is all about simplicity!

Rustic bridal shower menu and party favor ideas

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The menu is just as important for the overall experience as the decoration and the activities. It is better to choose light food and avoid heavy meals. Make sure the food is tasty and beautiful.

Here are some rustic bridal shower menu ideas which may be helpful:

Vegetables and fruits are always a good choice – fresh vegetable and fruit salads, stuffed or baked vegetables. For example, tomatoes stuffed with cheese and herbs, pears stuffed with soft cheese, etc.

Sweets and savories – there is an enormous variety of pies, cookies and cakes that can be served. Anything homemade is more than welcome. Different types of cheese can be arranged as a cheese bar, for example. Use barrels, wooden boards and an assortment of fresh grapes, figs, honey, nuts, crackers and baguettes.

Alcohol and beverages – choose champagne or sparkling fruit wine. A variety of lemonades and fruit drinks or cold tea will be a good idea on a hot summer day. You can serve fruit or herbal tea as well.

As far as rustic bridal shower party favors are concerned – the options are limitless. The custom of giving small gifts to guests who attended the event gives you a chance not only to express your gratitude but be really original and creative. There are numerous DIY bridal shower party favors ideas and having in mind that the list of guests is relatively short, you can choose from charming handmade items, jars of honey or homemade jam to handmade soap, etc.

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