10 Bridal shower party themes – make it a very special and original evening

by Kremy

bridal shower party themes and ideas

We have selected 10 original and fun bridal shower party themes which will help you have a fun evening with the bride to be and a bunch of friends. The preparation for the wedding is quite stressful, there is so much to be done – to negotiate, not to forget, to buy, colors to match, decorations to order, menu to choose…



The bridal shower party is a great way to release the emotional tension and have a relaxing night before the Big Day! Typically bridal shower parties are thematic and once you decide to host such a party you need to do some planning. Actually, there is nothing that much complicated. You just need to be creative.

Bridal shower party themes and ideas – basic steps in planning the party

bridal shower party themes ideas


When it comes to bridal shower party themes you need to start with the five questions – Who, How, Where, When, What do to.

Who should be invited to the bridal shower party? Obviously, the bride herself, the bridesmaids or the closest friends who would readily help you organize a memorable fun evening. What many girls forget is that a bridal shower is not really a big social event and there is no need to invite everyone you know. The optimal number for a bridal shower party may vary from 3 to 9 people, depending on the idea.

Where and when – the answers of these questions will depend on many factors like budget, free time, planned activities, etc. You can always book a table in a cafe or have a cocktail reception at home. A few exquisite treats and lots of fun – that is what you need! Plan the party maximum three days before the wedding date and not later.

How – now this is the most important question which means that you need to choose a theme and plan the details in accordance with it. For example, if you chose a theme “Little black dress”, make sure the invitations, the decoration and the menu will comply with the main theme.

What to do? You can invite a photographer and make a fun photo shoot, you can organize a dance master class or a make-up or body art session.

The most important for a great bridal party is the good mood. Do not discuss the wedding, relax and enjoy the time with your friends!

Cool and fun bridal party themes ideas

cool ideas for bridal shower photoshoot

When choosing from the numerous bridal party themes ideas you should not forget what the bride likes. As a theme you can choose her favorite film, her favorite music, the style she likes, her favorite flowers. Another important factor is the character of the bride-to-be. You know your friend – would she love a wild night in a bar or a cozy evening at home with her best friends? This is important, since a shy girl may not like the atmosphere in a club while those who prefer big and noisy parties will be quickly bored in a home environment. Here are some party themes to choose from:

elegant bridal shower hollywood breakfast at tiffany theme

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” bridal shower theme is an enduring classic, which is always fascinating and has many interpretations. The legendary movie is a source of inspiration for a festive decor. An ideal place for such an event will be a cafe in retro style. Posters, photographs, newspaper clippings on the walls, antique furniture from wood, a record player – all this will help to plunge into the era of the main character Holly Golightly. The robin egg blue of Tiffany, black and white are the perfect colors for a Breakfast at Tiffany themed bridal shower. The main drink of the evening must be a martini with a few olives. The finishing touch will be a black evening dress, and the song “Moon River” is the perfect choice for the main song of the evening. Think of a breakfast-themed food, a square-shaped cake with the Tiffany blue icing or covered with blue fondant. Think of party favors – for example, mini robin egg blue Tiffany boxes which you can fill with something sweet or some handmade cosmetics.

paparazzi themed bachelorette party

Paparazzi bridal shower theme is another cool idea for a fun night. You can ask all the guests to come with their cameras. You can hang a banner with the name of the bride or a particular theme or set a dress code and all the guests will be photographed on the background of the banner. Another idea is to imitate a professional photo studio, and hang a brick wall photo wallpaper. Such a party can be organized in a club, somewhere you can dance or arrange a tour to several interesting locations for taking photographs. A real fun will be a contest for the best paparazzi picture, for the funniest photo, for the model of the evening, etc.

photoshoot ideas for bridal parties themes activities

Photo shoot bridal shower party is another great idea for a bachelorette party. Girls love to be photographed and besides having lots of fun, you will have great memories with fantastic photos. To plan and organize a photo shoot bridal shower involves some research as you will need to find a good professional photographer. You need to decide the venue as well – it could be a studio or the beach, a beautiful garden, a wild field or any other place that works with the style of your event. You could think of changing outfits, for example – classic and chic dresses, jeans, carnival costumes – which will add to the fun experience. A festive table is a must, as photographing takes a lot of energy and is time consuming as well. It is best to opt for a buffet table with light snacks and beverages.

bridal party boat party ideas

Marine style bridal shower party is an idea which will give you a great day at sea with your friends. A yacht or a boat is the best place, but you need to think of the decoration, music, food and drinks, outfits, etc. When you plan a marine theme you need to be sure that all the people can spare the time and have not problems with sea sickness. Suitable decorations would be ribbons, banners, balloons in blue and white which will harmoniously work with the white boat and blue water or choose nautical party decorations which can be found on-line and in party stores. You can also make a life ring for the bride, he will symbolize that the groom will save her from loneliness and any life difficulties. The good thing about this type of experience is that you do not need to have any special dress code unless you want to. One option is to set a dress code in blue and white, or choose sunny and bright colors which will look especially beautiful on the photos. The menu may include seafood, salads, various fruits, sweets and cakes decorated accordingly to the marine theme and the occasion. Of course, a nautical themed bridal shower can be organized ashore, especially when you have to work on a budget. Just make sure you find a suitable venue with a panoramic view at the sea or if you want to make it really informal – you can organize it as a beach party.

pin up style bachelorette party theme

Pin up bridal shower ideas will be a good idea for those who love the vintage atmosphere. It is one of the most suitable bachelorette themes as it provides opportunities for a very naughty and flirtatious and sexy atmosphere. Of course, when you plan a pin up party you need to know the basic characteristics of the style and possibly do some research if you are not well acquainted with the hairstyle, fashion, etc., which were typical for the 1940-50s. The good news is that you can find a lot of information and you can print out images which you can use as decoration, party favors, banners, etc. Pin-up fashion and hairstyle include pony tails, buns, the iconic Marilyn Monroe wavy curls, you can decorate your hair with a bright silk ribbon with a large bow. Clothing may include sexy swimsuits, adorable dresses, seductive skirts and tops, but do not forget that all this should look incredibly feminine. Red lipstick, black mascara, false eyelashes will give you the retro look. It will be great if you could rent a jukebox, perhaps one of the friends has a film camera, an old radio or a gramophone. Decorate the place in bright colors – curtains, tablecloths, napkins, artificial flowers can be in red, yellow with accents of turquoise, sky blue or juicy green. The menu for this theme is American cuisine but since the pin up is all about the ideal woman in every sense, you’d better not choose fast food. Make it elegant and tasty. Place a large ice bucket or a refrigerator bag near the table and put bottles of Coca-Cola in it. Make homemade lemonade or a punch. Replace labels on bottles with alcohol with thematic photos. Remember to take lots of pictures as those are going to be some really precious memories!

slumber party pajama party bachelorette theme ideas

Sleepover pajama bridal shower party is a suitable theme if the-bride-to-be does not like wild and noisy parties but would love to spend an evening in privacy with close friends. In addition, this could be a budget-friendly way to throw a bachelorette party or simply spend some quality girl time. You can rent an apartment or even host the event at your home. You can order funny pajamas just for the occasion or ask everyone to come with his most colorful pajama. There is no need of special make up and hairstyling unless you plan a photo shoot with a professional phographer. There is no need of any special decor either. Pillows, cushions, plush toys – this is all you need! Do not forget that this type of party is about relaxing and it is important that everyone feels comfortable. You may plan some games or fun activities but if you cannot follow the plan – just be cool! For example, organize a beauty evening and buy facial masks, make-up in different colors, nail polish to try – all those girly stuff that you do with your friends. Of course, a fashion show defile in pajamas is a must. It will be fun to practice some cat walk and model poses, wouldn’t it? And you will have the funniest photos ever!

cool and fun bridal shower party themes wild wild west

Wild Wild West bridal shower party is a cool and original way to say goodbye to an unmarried life. You can organize the event in a farm, in a ranch or a park, near stables and you can have real fun while riding and enjoying time outdoors. You will need plaid shirts, denim shorts, jeans, hats, shawls, leather bracelets, rough belts, booots, bandanas and everything that you think works with the Wild West theme. Do not forget to take some cowboy stuff – a lasso, small bales of hay (maybe there are some at the venue but find out in advance), horseshoes, toy revolvers, playing cards, etc. In such places there is usually a cafe where you can have fun and a bite or you can take all the food with you and have a picnic with the girls.

boho chic bridal shower theme decor menu

Bohemian bridal shower is an excellent option for nature lovers. It is informal, fun and you can organize it on the beach, as a picnic, on a lake shoreq even in your backyard! The best thing about bohemian themed parties is that you can enjoy a lot of activities – boating, swimming in the lake and watching the sunset by the fire and all these do not require much expense and special design but allow you to relax and have fun. Such an informal bachelorette party is a great idea for brides, whose girlfriends are not familiar with each other and the relaxed atmosphere and intimate conversations perfectly bring together the company. Build a simple tent made of branches and fabrics in natural colors which can be decorated with lace. Place a tablecloth on the grass, if there is no table. Use flowers to decorate the table and you will have the best decor for your party.Choose suitable outfits for yourself and your girlfriends – light dresses with a bright pattern and floral ornaments. Decorate your hair with wreaths, leather ribbons, beads, etc.

hollywood star bridal shower theme

Hollywood star bridal shower is an option for those who are looking for an evening party. For once every girl wants to plunge into splendor and luxury, to be the center of attention, to feel like a star! Invite your girlfriends to dress up in the style of Hollywood stars or just wear gorgeous evening outfits and go to a restaurant. The future bride can wear a sparkling diadem. Rhinestones, feathers glittering jewelry – all this will give a special glamor to your party. You can also arrange a film or an Oscar ceremony. The bride can decide who will receive a statuette for being the soul of the company, who is the most stylish girlfriend, etc. You can choose different themes – “Red carpet”, “Hollywood glamor” or select some of the favorite movies of the bride as a main theme. For example, the “Red carpet” theme will be a great pleasure for lovers of stylish, spectacular clothes and those who love the work of famous fashion designers. It is a great opportunity to treat yourselves with a tour at fashion boutiques and shop for glamorous outfits. Retro glamor of the 50’s is the ideal solution for romantic, sensual natures, who want to appear in elegant feminine outfits. The key moment are light flying fabrics which give a delicate erotic flair to the appearance. Choose pastel pink or turquoise palette combined with beige tones and, of course, gold.

the great gatsby bachelorette party ideas

One of the most popular Hollywood bridal shower themes is “The Great Gatsby”. The elegance, chic and sophistication of 1920-30-ies and the atmosphere of luxury, jazz and art deco are an ideal opportunity to organize the most memorable and glamorous bridal shower party and make dreams come true. The main idea of this theme is luxury and sophistication. Focus on gold, crystal, rhinestones, pearls, feathers, black and gold art-deco style. The best venue for a Great Gatsby bachelorette party is an interior photo studio where you can arrange a photo shoot, dance and have fun. Another option is to book a small hall in a restaurant which can accommodate the guests of your party. A buffet table would be a good idea – glasses with champagne, exquisite appetizers and exotic fruits will add to the special chic atmosphere as well as candles and music.

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