Daisy nail art ideas – cute summer nail designs with floral pattern

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beautiful nail ideas black manicure DIY daisies

Daisy nail art ideas can be real works of art! Floral patterns, in general, are one of the most feminine and interesting varieties of manicure. Despite the fact that any patterns can now be reproduced easily on nails with photographic precision, hand painting remains a separate, completely distinctive kind of art. The flowers emphasize femininity and charm. That is why this kind of manicure is so popular. Many girls dream to create an exquisite harmonious pattern on their nails, but not all are confident in their creative abilities. It is not a problem – you can always turn to a specialist who will draw beautiful daisies on your nails. However, if you are willing to try this decoration at home, we shall help you with ideas and tutorials.


Daisy nail art ideas – tips for a beautiful manicure


easy summer nails DIY flower nails


The delicate aroma and modest beauty of this flower have always attracted people. As the personification of kindness and innocence, the daisy became associated with youth. A romantic daisy will soften the general mood of your appearance and give it a hint of delicacy. Typically, daisies consist of a yellow disk and a white fringing of petals. However, when it comes to daisy nail art ideas you can experiment with colors and choose bright summer shades or colors that will complement your outfit.

elegant nail design with flowers daisies

When you draw daisies, just like with any other nail decoration, it is very important to be careful and patient. Unique nail designs with flowers will help emphasize on the romantic side of your nature and will demonstrate your impeccable taste. Manicure with flowers is always fashionable and daisies have a special place in the plethora of floral patterns as they are exceptionally tender and beautiful.


DIY Daisy nail art ideas and techniques


black manicure with daisy flower nails ideas


Those of you who have experience with DIY nail decoration know that there are some basic rules that need to be followed.

On the first place you need to prepare your nails – clean any existing polish, file the nails and give them the desired shape. Apply a transparent or colorful base. Choose the main tone, on which you will draw the flowers – for this you can use absolutely any color – a light green or gentle blue tone as a main manicure color will make daisies look more interesting. Most easy DIY daisy tutorials feature the use of a dotting tool but you could use a needle or a toothpick, nail stamping tool or nail stickers as well. Either way, the base color should be completely dry before drawing (sticking or stamping) the daisy pattern. If you draw the flowers, let them dry and after that apply a clear protective layer.

Look at the different techniques to draw a daisy and the beautiful nail designs in the gallery, choose the one that you like best and try to do it at home!


DIY summer nails with flowers how to draw daisies

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